My Bilateral Orchiectomy Journal


@vasregret inspired me to do a similar post for my Bilateral orchiectomy. As has been previously discussed- so far so good. No regrets. I decided to go bilateral in one operation, despite advice to do one at a time, under the reasoning that since both my nuts were killing me even if i did one and it didnt work thats no guarantee the other would not work, and vice versa- if it did work thats no guarantee the other would or wouldnt work. So i figured what the hell lets just go all in (or all out!). Another thing, i did get a cord block before which provided no relief of pain. Because of this my doctor was more hesitant to do the procedure. He said that the chances of it successfully reducing pain dramatically decreases if no response to cord block. I listened to my gut though and just knew it would work since all my pain was coming from balls. Remove balls-remove pain was my logic.

So less than 72 hours post op i no longer have nut or cord pain. Only pain felt is tenderness and soreness from incisions and around my pelvis/groin. After a couple days doctors recommend walking a bit to get blood flowing. Just got back from a walk around the neighborhood and it felt pretty good. After my reversal it took me a couple months to do the same walk and my balls were screaming at me the entire time. I felt zero ball pain/no phantom pain. It was a very surreal experience. Only discomfort was groin soreness. Another thing is my scrotum has some swelling. Its kinda wierd cause they look like i still have balls but shrunk down and more elongated. Now i will say the soreness and tenderness from my incisions is no walk in the park but its a good pain though that i know will subside. In fact it already has a little. Night before last was rough trying to sleep in comfortable position but last night was a bit better. SOOO nice to experience non chronic pain healing as the days go by. I will continue to post as days, weeks, months go by. The 20th i have my first post op appt and first T injection.


Thanks for posting this. It sounds like you made the right choice. I’m really happy for you.

Although I haven’t had this done, I did have an open (shouldice) hernia repair done about 7 years ago, and it would probably be in a similar spot to your incision. It was a big-ass 3" or so incision in my left groin with stainless steel thread internally and staples, which were removed about a week later. It sucked, but if there’s one thing that helped, it was being in a recliner or sleeping at about a 45* angle. The incision felt weird for a long time after that. To be honest, I think it was about a year before it didn’t feel all tingly and gross to the touch.

I’m 72 hours post op now and can walk around the house, but that’s about it. This is the last time I go into the scrotum and if this doesn’t get me a big reduction in pain, I will most certainly be following in your footsteps.

Obviously it’s too early to tell, but please let us know if there are any sexual side effects.

Man, maybe you could sue the doc who did your vasectomy, I mean, with the AUA guidelines not being told to you and ultimately losing your balls, I think you’d have quite the case!


Do you know if you had inguinal orchiectomy or scrotal orchiectomy? This study makes a distinction between the two. I think I will ask my surgeon for denervation first (less drastic), but if that doesn’t work I will ask about orchiectomy. I’ve had problems in the past with synthetic T, though, so that’s something I will have to work on.


He had inguinal removal. Inguinal is the only way to go, especially for pain patients.

This way, if the cord is damaged from the vas, then it’s removed entirely, and you don’t have to open up the scrotum again, it’s all removed from the groin, no more damaged gf nerve fibers.

If my reversal doesn’t give me significant relief in the next year, I’ll be having my right testicle removed inguinally, no doubt.


It does sound similar to a hernia surgery. I may sue. Gonna send my docs to a lawyer soon actually to see if i have a case. I had my vas through a major medical corporation found throughout west coast so may work in my favor.


This is such fantastic news on the surgery! Best wishes for a speedy recovery. My son has been robbed of his high school years by the unrelenting testicular pain, so your news gives us some hope that this is a route that might work for him too. So far nothing else has, including several different nerve blocks (and devervation, two nerve surgeries, cryoablation, botox ablation, pelvic floor PT, acupuncture, most recently, nerve scrambler therapy). His pain is on the right side.


Im so sorry to hear that. I really feel for you. Ive often thought to myself the only thing worse than dealing with ball pain would be having to witness one of my sons go through it. I feel like ive missed out on the last two years of my kids lives because of this. Have you been able to identify the source of the pain? If its anywhere within the spermatic cord- testicle, epi, vas, nerves, tissue, etc. theres a good chance orchi would work. Also, it doesnt sound like youve gone into the scrotum with previous surgeries which is good since everytime you cut open scrotum you develop more scar tissue which created issues. Since i had three scrotal surgeries pre orchi (vas, vas redo, reversal) the doctor who performed my orchi said i had 75% of my cord tissue connecting to surrounding scrotal tissue via scar tissue from previous surgeries which meant more cutting. The cleaner the seperation the better, unfortunately for me that was not the case but it still relieved the pain.


I hope that you quickly get back to being fully involved in your children’s lives! My son had another surgery after the denervation, and Dr. Dellon found a lot of scar tissue from the denervation, and he freed up the spermatic cord at that time. My son reported that he felt a lot less pulling once that scar tissue got cleaned up. Our guess is that there is a lot of scar tissue in his scrotum due to the permanent sutures left behind from the torsion surgery (he was diagnosed with bell clapper syndrome). I am concerned that an orchiectomy surgery will involve a lot of cutting in the scrotum due to the sutures in there. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. We are all rooting for you!


Thank you! I am rooting for you and your son as well!


Recieved my pathology report last night. Both balls had highly inflamed epididymus along with scarring along both vas. This confirms my supposition that when i had bilateral epididymal blowout I severely damaged my nuts beyond repair. #HappyEunuch!


Keep up the positive posts. Sometimes the extreme answer ends up being the best answer. Happy for you.


@thissucks how are things going?


Great! Just got back from my first real date with my wife in a year and a half- and I didnt think about my balls once!!! Lol. I still have quite a bit of swelling and tenderness in pelvis/groin but getting a little better day by day. I also have a two lumps on each side of scrotum which im assuming are hematomas or inflamed tissue but its no biggie. I have no reason to think it wont resolve itself. Sounds alot like what alot of TC guys get. Looking forward to when all the swelling goes down. I figure it may take me a little longer than TC guys since i had more scar tissue/cutting done in scrotum. I have my first T injection tomorrow.


Glad to hear this.

Are the T injections like a depo shot, as in they release over time or are you going to be all bug-eyed and sweaty the days you get your T shots? Lol.


Well im scheduled for a once a month shot. I kinda want to wait a bit to feel what its like to have no T. I might do the gel though since i hate shots. Not sure yet. Who the hell knows. Im entering uncharted territory lol


Don’t wait to know what no T feels like. It’s basically been what you’ve experience since your vas minus the pain. Get your shot and try to move on with life.


Started on T gel this morning. Holy crap I must have been low on T bc shortly after i took it i got a boost of energy. I think ive just been so used to chronic fatigue from fighting pain that no T after surgery felt normal. Anyways, so far so good. Should be having sex soon. Interesting to see how that will feel.


Did you ever get your T numbers prior to your orchiectomy? Just curious. It may be you feel more like a man sans nads now that your juicing than you ever did post reversal. That’s a good thing.


You are probably right Mike.


Im continuing to improve. I still have swelling and numbness from incisions down to my groin. I have a couple hematomas i think. The right side especially has a fluid filled sac that is gushy and feels like a water bed. I think its a seroma. Not worried about it though as they dissolve over time. Went on a two hour hike up Mt Baldy the other day. Felt great. Cant wait for my scrotum to shrink up and swelling to go completely. Havnt had sex yet. Ill post when i do. Curious how that will feel. I gave my brother my case of condomns since hes never getting a vasectomy after witnessing what ive gone through. Glad ill never have to wear those hefty bags again!