Minimal Pain, but Urinating problems


Evening… Not sure if this is the correct place to post this. Apologies if not. But, I’m ten days post vasectomy. Not alot of pain really, and the incisions have almost healed, but since about day two or three I have been experiencing urination problems. A frequent urge to urinate, and urine leaking out after urination. like a slight burning sensation and the feeling of the urine creeping up my penis to come out. hard to describe without sounding stupid.

Just really wondering if anyone else has had these issues, and did they subside?

Many thanks for your time.


Sounds like a possible infection in the first instance to me, you will need your family doctor to diagnose if it is something like that, and work it through with you. All being well then its hopefully only going to be a course of antibiotics job or similar.


I thought that myself, but I went to a drop in centre about 5 days post vasectomy and the nurse tested my urine and said there was no infection. did say however that there was a tiny amount of blood in the urine.

Suppose I’m wondering if it’s just a case of the muscles/nerves being damaged /irritated in some way? I’m just abit scared if I’m honest. And hoping that it’ll settle down.

Many thanks for replying to my post, by the way.


There have been posters on the board who have reported having urination problems, but I haven’t any experience of that myself.

I would get retested for an infection in case the 1st antibiotic did not hit it, after that it’s probably worth getting to an andrology clinic or a urologist to see what they make of it. Hope you get a resolution!


yes I’ll get retested, its possible the infection just didn’t get picked up the first time.

Thanks for your input.


Np, sorry not to be more help.

It might be worth searching for similar threads on the board.


This is very common i have it and lots of others do to. It gets bit better but never normal.


Thanks for replying.

Thanks for the information. I’m going to remain positive and realistic and assume it’s going to take a good amount of time for me to heal fully and it’s possible some muscle/nerve has become irritated/damaged as a result of the operation, and this is affecting my bladder/urethra in some way. I would never say never though.

Thanks again.