Micro-Cryo Ablation of the Spermatic Cord


@Tim I see Dr. P again in less than two weeks, for my 90+ day followup on the cryo. Because I have been taking the Gabapentin and Meloxicam, I thought it would be a good idea to kind of get a gauge on my current pain levels (since I do feel better as long as I’m taking them) without the medication. So, as of yesterday, I have stopped both. I want to find out how bad (or good) I am without the meds…as I really would like to be off them. So we’ll see how it goes. But I will talk to him about the other drug to see if it might be an option.


@Don_H, You’ve been through an awful lot the past few months, my heart goes out to you. I pray you find the relief you seek. In thinking about your question of where you go from here, I seem to recall from the Yahoo group that your testicular pain was not vasectomy related but has some other origin, possibly unknown? I was going to ask you if you had a reversal but then it occurred to me that you may not have had a vas - sorry I can’t remember.


Dear all & Don,
There are some other options - botox blocks and we are looking into PRF (pulsed radio-frequency) low voltage as another option. Recently saw a study out of Turkey with some good results with this modality. We are looking for other alternatives and will always be here for you.
Hang in there & do not give up hope


@mar2k, thank you for the kind thoughts and prayers. And you are correct in that my pain did not stem from a vasectomy, but rather with a bout of epididymitis about 12 years ago, and then a re-infection again about 5 years ago. Ever since then, I have been in constant pain, but it got worse after the second infection. I will say this, however, my pain levels have been decreased since the cryo, which was done at the end of January, more like the pain I was in after the first infection.


Thanks, Dr. P, I appreciate your help. I’m doing my best to hang in there and hope that this nightmare will someday come to an end. It’s been tough, but I have not given up hope. See you soon!


I thought I’d update you all on my cryo ablation follow-up with Dr. P yesterday. We had a very nice, long discussion regarding the pain continuing afterward, which is back to original level prior to any treatment IF I stop taking the prescribed meds. I tried to get off them, and that was a bad idea, but at least it gave us the answers as to whether or not the cryo was effective, which it turns out was not. Therefore, we scheduled a botox block for the end of June (I wish it could be sooner, but as you can imagine, Dr. P’s schedule is VERY full). Then we discussed the likelihood that orchiectomy would probably be the next step when the pain returns after the botox block. He is very optimistic that I will not suffer the “phantom pain” which is the reason that orchiectomy fails in a lot of cases. He based this on the very positive responses I had in the previous cord blocks, and the localization of the pain being ONLY in the right testicle and nowhere else as has been reported by some others with pain travelling along the cord, abdomen and radiating to other locations. My pain is only in the right testicle, so removing it might be the answer. I’m praying that it will solve the problem, and have placed my trust in God and the hands of Dr. P.


I just had a cryoablation of my left spermatic cord on September 29th. I had an orchiectomy in February of this year. So far the pain in minimal. I just flew home today. Other than bruising and some minor swelling from the procedure, I feel good. I hope this works. Dr P has been great.


Best of luck man. I hope it works out for you. Keep us posted how recovery is going and how you’re feeling.


Hope it works out for you Z.

Did you have that orchietomy with Dr. P? Was the orchiectomy a result of vasectomy related pain? Did you have any other procedures prior to the orchiectomy?

Sorry for all the questions.


It started with chronic left groin/testicular pain since a left side varicocele repair in 2008. I had 8 total procedures since then due to pain. Dr P did a neurlysis of the cord on 2008, however due to severe scarring and loss of blood supply to the left testical, it wasn’t successful. He then removed my left testical in February due to pain. I was pain free for a month and then developed scar tissue again leading to the cryo procedure this Monday. It’s been a tough road for me, but I have a lot of faith in Dr P.


Sorry to hear about your troubles. Pain free living is a goal I achieved only temporarily after my reversal but it was enough to convince me life can be only be truly good when pain free. Welcome to the board. Please let us know how you’re doing in your recovery.


Good luck on your recovery !


Hi Z, I certainly am praying for a successful outcome for you. I do have a couple of questions though, hopefully not too personal. I have also discussed with Dr. P the possibility of orchiectomy in the event that my pain ramps up again, and he said that his technique for removal would lessen the chance for phantom pain. I assumed that meant an inguinal removal, where the spermatic cord would be ligated higher, up toward the abdomen. Is this the type of orchiectomy you had? If so, where was the cryo done, above the inguinal ring? Mine was on the right side, and the cryo was on the side of the scrotum, just above the testicle.


I did have an inguinal removal and Did not have any phantom pain. The pain I was getting recently was at the end of the cord where it was cut. I developed scar tissue at this site. Dr P felt that the pain was from the overexcited nerve fibers in the cord, thus the reason for doing the cryo procedure. I have two small puncture sites right below the incision from my orchiectomy. I am 3 days status post. I have some swelling and bruising at the site, but no pain. I hope this lasts.


Don, I know your post is from 2014 but please tell me you are still on here. I have had pain in both testicles for 8 months now. It always seemed to be more pain on the left so we did denervation of the spermatic cord on the left. No relief so 6 weeks later we did a left epididymectomy. Guess what? Nothing. I flew to Florida on Tuesday and had the cryoblation done by Dr. P on Thursday. It is day 3 and I still have the same pain as always, please tell me this is normal? What you finally did to cure you? Thanks


Hey, D_money,
So sorry to hear about your situation, I certainly know the agony and frustration involved. The cryo didn’t have much of an effect on providing relief from the pain I had, but didn’t make it any worse . So Dr. P scheduled me for the Botox injections, which were done with the idea that there would probably be subsequent Botox treatments to follow. However, the first treatment did resolve some of the pain, and in the two+ years since then, I’ve not needed any more Botox injections as the pain did not come back. It was not a total cure, and I still have constant pain, but not to the extent I had before. But I don’t think about the pain all the time like before, so for me, I think the Botox did something to ‘turn off’ the severity of the pain impulses that the nerves were sending. Hope this helps, and although I’m not here often, I do sometimes check in from time to time.


Thank you, I live in Louisiana so it’s hard for me to get back and forth to Dr. P. How often did you go for the Botox? And was both testicles hurting for you? Both of mine hurts bad but not at the same time. When I grab the top of the ball it feels like I’m sending a shock through my whole body. You are the only other person I have found with this similar probablem so if you can tell me anything that would help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Don Please respond. Is there any way I can have your email or number to ask you a few questions?


Now its years later Don and it would be great if you could share your outcomes. I am a bona fide sufferer. After 3 years of gradual pain escalation due to long commutes, intense sex with new lover, and lifting doing yard work pain finally never went away in both testicles, mostly the left. After 2 yrs of Ibuprofin, my urologist had the offending left testicle removed–months later pain just moved to the right! Only got one left, man.

Three yrs later I then had the denervation and epiditimis removed—after months of bedrest, its now 5 yrs later–and ‘0’ efficacy. At 56 I had to go on SSI disability. I am now 65 and old age is adding insult to injury.

How can phantom pain occur during things like sex or exertion such as lifting a gallon of milk? Phantom pain should not be cause/effect–it’s just random correct?

So I have no answers–I live on 300 mgs of Lyrica and take too much Ibuprofin, 800 mgs a day, just to take the friggen edge off. I cannot sit in a chair, which means air travel is murderous, take two days of bed rest to dispel pain from 4 hr flight. Quality of life sucks. Thank heavens I live in a beautiful place, CO, so my life is about lying down and taking in the view when not reading or Netflix. Sorry situation–how about it Don, still suffering after Cryo?

Any thoughts out there? Botox?



My son (17 years old - living with chronic testicular pain for 2+ years) has tried botox ablation and cryoablation with Dr. P, and neither one worked for him. I believe he had the most post-op pain with cryoablation. I won’t let him try that again, for sure. His pain levels went down to 5 out of 10 from 6-7 out of ten with 100 mg of Lyrica three times a day. We are still searching for an answer, and we are currently looking at David Hanscom’s book called Back in Control. My son is a very brave young man. He recently tried pelvic floor therapy, but he was not tolerant of the invasive nature (to him) of it. One thing he hasn’t tried is dry needling. He even tried Dr.P’s low-dose Cialis, which didn’t help him. Good luck to you - everyone is different.