Medical Cannibis


Hi all, to the ones out there that have tried everything, you should try medical cannibis. The only thing that has helped me when I am in a lot of pain is ice, but I just got a prescription for mc and I must say it helps even more with pain levels. All the pain medication I tried did nothing for me.

Just wanted to pass this along. It could be helpful, especially those times when you are in need of pain relief quickly.


It’s amazing to me that medicines made from cannabis are not more widely accepted for pain management. It would be nice if you could easily try any approach to pain control, the least toxic and having the least side effects possible, without feeling like a criminal. I may end up working for the Federal government so I have to worry about it.

Please share with the folks here considering medical marijuana the steps you took to get a script. I am in Maryland and I understand it starts by going to an approved practice/provider with evidence supporting a diagnosis of chronic pain (i.e. medical records/history etc…).


I’m from Canada and it is now approved here. You would have to check with your government/physician to see if it is possible where you are from. I got my prescription from my family dr.

If you don’t like smoking (which I don’t) you can buy a vaporizer and it is much easier to take.


Never going to happen in Kentucky, unless the whole US legalizes it. Would be happy to have it as an option.


What strains do you find the most effective?

Have you tried edibles?


I haven’t tried edible…just a vap. You want a strain that is high in cbd content.


@changeneeded Was it difficult to get the marijuana script from your family doc? Did the doc suggest it or you?


No it was easy here in Canada. I suggested it and he was definitely for it. I think one day it will be legal everywhere as it really does work well for pain purposes and the strain I use doesn’t get me high or anything.