Marshmallow Root Tea..........try it


At night, I make one cup and let it steep in hot water for ~5minutes, which I drink immediately. I also, make a separate cup that I pour hot water over and then let it steep in the fridge overnight and drink it in the morning. The cup in the morning is where you really see it’s mucilage properties. I looked up how to get the most benefits and that method was recommended to get all of the gel like properties out of it.

It’s a bummer anytime something doesn’t work, but considering my problems seem to be more neuro musculature and epididymal in nature, I’m not surprised that it didn’t. That being said I’m going to keep drinking it as it supposedly can help with some other issues (ie vriuses, colds, stomach problems, etc), I’m going to keep drinking it. Maybe it will help over time. I’ll add another post in a week or two to follow up.


Awesome. Thanks man!


I wasn’t having any severe prostatitis types of issues, just a constant urge to urinate even though I was empty. Around 1 week in, I used the marshmallow root tea twice a day for about 5 days - I’d boil water then let it steep for roughly 20 minutes then drink. After 5 days, my symptoms were greatly reduced and soon after that they were gone. I only used it for those 5 days, so I can’t say with certainty that it was the reason my symptoms cleared up or just coincidence. All things considered, I’d suggest it’s worth a shot if you’re having any of the prostatitis symptoms.

And FYI, all of my tests were negative, so it wasn’t an infection that I know of.


That is awesome! Glad to hear it!


I’m going to give this one a positive review. It’s not a cure for me, but I do seem to get some short term relief from my pelvic pain symptoms after drinking this. I wonder if there’s some sort of anti-inflammatory component here.

Does anyone else get a bit of a coffee-like buzz from this? It doesnt have caffeine, but it does give me a short warming feeling. Maybe it’s just drinking hot water that’s doing it. I like the taste, so i’ll keep on drinking this twice a day for the time being.


Great to hear this news!


Anyone else try this? Was thinking of buying the extract pills instead of making tea.