Marshmallow Root Tea..........try it


If you are one of the many that developed “Prostatitis” symptoms right after vasectomy then do yourself a favor and give Marshmallow Root Tea a try. I am talking about the real stuff that you steep on your own…not pill supplements. Find a store that has it…drink it twice a day. Give it about three days. It is cheap as shit too which is awesome. Let me know how you feel.


It really is astounding how this tea is working magic in my body. I really want people here to try this…please. The taste is not horrible…but not fantastic either. It is a bit earthy. You will see the slimy looking part of the tea swirling around inside, and to be honest it makes me smile when i see it as I stir.


Anyone gotten their marshmallow root yet?


Nope, but thanks for sharing this conservative treatment. If you search for marshmallow root on the engine here, its probably been suggested in the past. Maybe not tho.

Based on the last half of your previous post, I’m wondering if it has a buzz to it, ha-ha.

Glad it seems to be working for you.


I’m sure people will find your post useful over time. May take a while tho.


I searched it and surprisingly there were zero hits. That was kind of awesome though because it gives me hope it is something new that will help people.

Haha! No buzz but that would be awesome. I have booze for that!


Just to add I am going on day three or so absolutely free of any symptoms I have been having for a little over a year.


Woke up this morning and went for a three mile run. Beautiful day. I know I sound like a dick, and it is intentional. If I can get one person on this board to benefit from this that will make my day.



I remember someone on here saying one time that the Prostatitis name we get for symptoms…they believed was just IC. Would explain why Marshmallow Root Tea works.


Man I really figured there would be some responses by now. If you have tried a bunch of stuff…why not try one more? If you are desperate…why not?


A lack of response isn’t a sign of a lack of interest


True. Just hopeful for others.


@fj23 It’s not something commonly sold in stores so I had to order some off Amazon. It’s going to take a couple days to get here. I’ll update a week or 2 later.


Hell I will mail some to you. Make sure you get some quality stuff.


hey @fj23 can you elaborate more on this? What kind of store did you find it at? I’m not familiar with steep process. Does that mean you put the root in a tea bag and hot water?


Absolutely! It is just as it sounds. You can get critical and boil water, but honestly I just microwave for 2 or 2 and a half minutes then drop the tea ball in the glass and leave it for five minutes. I will lift it and drop it and stir it in between. Then drink!


Oh sorry the store was Harmony Foods. It is basically a local store that sells naturally supplements, food, herbs, etc. Very small place, but it is five minutes from my house.


@fj23 I thought I’d follow up. I’ve been drinking a couple glasses a day over the past week. I can’t say its done a whole lot for me. However, I actually like the taste and will keep drinking it. It’s interesting how if you let it steep for a long time that it thickens up kind of like a thin gel. I guess that’s the stuff that’s good for you. I’ll update if things change.


Thanks for following up man! I appreciate it. Sorry it has not had a
productive outcome for you. That is interesting…the slimy stuff
is definitely cool to see swirling around. How longg do you steep yours?