Lyrica and counselling helping


I have been on Lyrica now for around 3 months and on 300mg per day… i have also been going to counselling once/twice a month for the same amount of time. I have to say i am feeling much more positive nowadays and off the anti inflammatories for the first time in 15 mths. Relationship with my wife is far far better, i have been able to go on holiday and be reasonably active with the kids and i have even started jogging again (tip from @vasregret has helped and also additional padding support in my crotch). I had previously tried Amitriptyline and Cymbalta with no success. Its been 15 months since my vasectomy, 6 months since my redo and i feel that the pain is no longer the centre of attention in my life which is a fantastic feeling!:slight_smile: I want to be drug free in the new year but not at the loss of this renewed life i have.


Glad to hear you are making some positive headway.

Progress is progress no matter how you look at it.


I have come to believe that in some cases a redo or vasectomy cleanup is the least invasive and best option to fix PVPS. You are not radically altering the spermatic cord and you are removing scar tissue that can be the source of pain. I think fascial interposition, sutures, clips, aggressive cautery can create a mess that will never heal. You are not radically altering the length of the spermatic cord or changing the lie of the testes. I’m glad it is working out for you. Keep us posted.


@ljtomono1 I think getting your life back is the most important thing for all of us. I’d definitely consider it a win, even if you have to take a med. I wouldn’t worry to much about the Lyrica, especially since you seem to be in a good place. Glad to hear it.