Looking for S.F. area success stories


I have been living with PVPS fror 20 years now and was wondering if there was anybody out there that was cured within a 100± mile radius of San Francisco? Or Sacramento (which is where I live). I had a reversal 4 years ago with a local Dr. that went very poorly … He ended up making it worse and I am loosing my will to continue. I thought I chose a Dr. who would work with me if it didn’t go well, yet he just called me overly sensitive and now my insurance is such that he is about the only doctor in the area with any talent. And from what I’ve seen I doubt if we will click. If you have had a success story in either of the areas above, and the Dr. was willing to keep working with you until he found an answer please leave your story here. I know that there are great and caring doctors out there but I am very concerned about traveling too far in case I need more work, help etc. I am considering doctor Marks because it would be such a short flight yet I don’t even know if he would take my case on yet. This is driving the life out of me and I just dont know if i have the energy to travel long distances for follow ups etc. I am considering a complete testicular revoval it has gotten so bad. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you all.


Did anyone see this topic.? I’m not having much success starting a topic and was just wondering if i placed this in the right place or not. Could someone just acknowledge if this topic can be seen? If not I guess i’ll change my name to NoLuk…ha! P.S. If anyone knows what the topic is called where the best names of doctors who treat PVPS are please point me in the right direction. I feel a bit overwhelmed with this pain plus life, etc.thanks



I am not in your part of the world, but there is an index of PVPS docs posted here:

You may want to see who is near you, but most U.S. forums posters have gone to the clinic in Winterhaven Florida from what I have read here.

I would ask about a specific doc, also people tend to rotate through the forum, people who manage to get their chronic pain mostly fixed become much less frequent posters!


This library could certainly use an update.

Reversals certainly aren’t all about congestion (vas to vas specifically). I am proof of that, and so are several other members here. Several top tier pvps reversal surgeons would tell anyone the same thing.

I can remember back in my early days when neurolysis was being recommended for just about anything, congestion, sperm granuloma, nagging pains, nerve damage, varicocele pain, and so forth.

@IamHurtin, I didn’t miss your post. You already know of the top guys in the bay area, some of whom you have seen already.

I could recommend a well rounded pvps doctor somewhere in north America as easily as the next guy. Given your situation, and in general, I don’t recommend. The way I look at things is, if you get messed up, or your treatment is a failure at my recommendation, you may hold some sort of animosity toward the person/people that recommend you go there.

If there was a simple answer to any of this, many of us long term veteran readers, researchers, victims, etc would know what to do, where to go, what procedure is best, etc. Beleive me, if I had all the answers, or knew what we all should do, I would’ve spilled it a long time ago.


Thanks @ringostar and @atlanticcoast. You wouldn’t believe the lack of effort and authentic concern the surgeons spend diagnosing your actual problem here…nuthin! It seems unreal…and I pay bookoo bucks for this awful Blue Shield (B.S. Nice acronym, accurate…we’ll have you do all the computer work we used to do and charge you more! Thanks B.S.) But then again that is what i really need. An accurate diagnosis who isn’t afraid to spend some time and money using real 21st century machines!. Then i may go to Dr. P on the east coast; but I’m keeping an eye on what a cancer surgeon could do for me, and listening to the guys who have had them taken out are saying. If I could find a realy authentic helpful person to spend time to diagnose properly, that alone would be a god send… But a surgeon who does regular extraction for cancer victoms who have had more practice. I’m fed up with these guys who are fighting a group that is at the same time covering up that the problem even exists. If i can get someone to take tem out … Thats the way i’m leaning. Thanks i needed the location of that list though.


Well said @IamHurtin.


@IamHurtin, all at the same, you have to find someone you feel you can trust eventually.

Theres only so many people, or organizations in this world that have a chance in helping you, and unfortunately, urology is one of them.

I think you have a decent understanding of what your options are at this point. From conservative, to surgical, they will always be your choices.

I know I have tried to teach you a few things, and had you read a few stories here to get an idea of what’s going on out there. I’m not sure what else I can do.

I wish you the best of luck brother, and I hope you get sorted one way, or another. Keep us posted.