Little to no discomfort for 2 weeks post op, now suddenly pain on right side


Hi All,
New to this forum and here for obvious reasons; though counter intuitive but heartened to know that post vasectomy pain is quite common. While was aware of consequences, don’t think I would have changed my mind in getting the surgery done. So here I am living with its’ consequences.

Situation: Had my vasectomy (no scalpel) 2 weeks back, had a bit of discomfort for a couple of days, but walked a couple of kms a day around in town just to keep moving. Have been driving and traveling by air for the last 10 days quite a bit.
Decided day before to masturbate to see how the pipes are working and how the feeling of ejaculation is, it felt ok and 8 hours later thought I’d give it another try to test libido - that is when I felt a lot of pain durin ejaculation and had an uncomfortable sleep. Since then there has been a constant pain and discomfort. Pain ranging from 2/10-4/10 when I am sitting or lying down to 6/10-7/10 when I do some activity including walking around. Its mostly on the right side and after reading some of the threads I checked for lumps etc. and felt hardened tissue/lump on the right side base of penis/behind testicle. Took Arcoxia as pain killer but seems to not have made much of a difference except maybe pain while lying down has reduced.

Question: How come I get this pain 2 weeks in and how come ejaculation triggered it? And what can I do to reduce it. I am not wearing jocks or tight underwear (but will purchase it, as I am on the road for the next two weeks)


Ejaculation triggers pain because the lining of the epididymis and vas contain muscle fibers designed to move things along during orgasm. This puts extra pressure on the already backed-up system and can trigger anything from a dull ache a few minutes afterward to immediate sharp pain. I have PVPS and I frequently feel quick little pinching pains in my left testicle during orgasm. Honestly, I’m sort of used to it now. I’m just happy if there’s no burning for the next 3-4 hours.


Thanks Bert. Seems like most of us men have some or the other side effects of vasectomy and yet millions under go the procedure. Learnt from my surgeon that the no scalpel procedure was invented by the Chinese and they didn’t share it with the world till much much later. … the constant slight pain is an annoying reminder, hopefully in time as you said I too will get used to it…