Levaquin Removed From Market Quietly Amid Concerns Over Side Effects of Antibioitic


Hi everyone, I just saw this report that Levaquin was removed from market, which is good news as it has some awful mental, nerve, and tendon side effects which can be permanent. It is in same class as Cipro and others, which are still in the market. Google Levaquin or Cipro lawsuits for some examples of the issues it has caused people, even after just 1 dose. Urologists love to prescribe these types of antibiotics, and I’ve had them prescribed to me several times over the years (I have always asked for alternatives though).

I know Cipro has its place, but everyone please be very cautious with these type of antibiotics and ask your Dr. about alternatives if possible. Doxycycline is one alternative that I have used in past. In my view, it is not worth the very real risk of adding more pain on top of PVPS, especially when it is so avoidable.


If I’m not mistaken the big one with Levaquin is the high incidence of tendon tears/ruptures that occur to people taking it.

There are a lot of horror stories about quinolones on the internet. Doxycycline is a good safe AB IMO.

I would always feel like hell after about a week on Cipro. It got to the point were I refused to take it.