Latest update (post GF Ablation)


It’s been 5 weeks since I had the GF ablated. The specific pain along the spermatic cord above the testicle remains gone.

I’m convinced that this WAS a legitimate pain source that’s been resolved OR, more probably, cross talking of nerves from another root cause.

I’ve had a ton of perineal and groin pain. Pelvic PT insists I do not have clinical PN (said I’m nowhere near her real PN patients in pain or limitations) but says my left-side pelvic floor muscles, internally and externally, are extremely tight. Yesterday, thankfully, she spent 45 minutes all external massage and used some metal tools (Hawk brand if that means anything). Rough on the skin, but man-oh-man, I could feel knots releasing. Walked 30 minutes on the treadmill and 22 on the elliptical last night with no pain until the last 4-5 minutes.

I talked with her at length about my case. She’s uncertain about the vasectomy’s role in this and is really intent on laying blame on bicycling. My knots are right where the seat meets the pelvic floor.

Anyway, I’m getting some relief from Pelvic PT, and the pain remains outside the scrotum. I still think at some point, though, I may have to face the potential of having a perineal nerve removed.

I spoke with Dr. Dellon’s protoge, Dr. Williams, and he suggested that Dellon frequently removes branches of the pudendal like the perineal but that the base pudendal is very, very hard to treat.

Time will tell, but at 19 months, I’m getting frustrated.


Dr. Dellon removed the perineal branch of my son’s pudendal nerve last December, but it didn’t seem to help. :slightly_frowning_face: We are planning to see Dr. Williams in January. I am glad to hear that PT is helping you. Hundreds of dollars later, and it didn’t help my son.


@raising4girls - I have a ‘hotspot’ if you will, on the top of my right testicle where it meets the cord.

Like you, I also have groin pain, pelvic floor tension, etc. and have been doing pelvic PT for the past couple weeks - I do get a big reduction in pain for a few hours after my PT sessions, and although she hasn’t been able to find any motor or sensory deficits, she has found a few internal trigger points and a PILE of pelvic floor tension. In fact, she said my tailbone doesn’t move at all, and that it should move 30*. That might explain why I’ve had some low back pain for most of my life.

Anyways, sorry for the thread hijack, but it just seems like we’re in a VERY similar boat and I might follow in your footsteps with ablation, depending upon how my nerve blocks go next month.


Thanks for the input @SPEDRED. I’ve watched your account of your son’s pain journey. It’s a very sad story, and I admire your persistence as a father in trying to help him. If you wouldn’t mind, would you please PM me and tell me about how Dellon tested your son and how he concluded that removal of the perineal branch might help. Also, I’d sincerely appreciate how you dealt with the finances since Dr. Dellon doesn’t accept insurance, specifically if you were able to get insurance to provide. I’ve spoken with Dr. Williams twice and am duly impressed with him, but to date he hasn’t expanded his service to include much with the pudendal nerve, though he said he plans to have Dr. Dellon train him before he retires.


Yep, I think it’s only natural that many of us develop pelvic floor tension. I’m having a hard time distinguishing what is (might be) simply tension, what is (might be) neuralgia, and which caused which.

I did some walking and elliptical yesterday along with stretches and feel no tightness or tension today, just the sharper nerve pain that I believe is pudendal/perineal and not in the scrotum. It’s SO hard to isolate because I feel it most when sitting, and I don’t sit around naked when at work or even at home. But, the longer this goes on, the more I’m convinced my pain is adjacent to and below the scrotum, not in it.

Let’s stay in touch. No worries on hijacking the thread. This forum is great for all of us to compare notes.


@raising4girls I am going to PM you. I am actually the mom. My son is going to see Dr. Williams at the end of January.