Just had Bi-Lateral Pulsed RF Ablation of the Pudendal Nerves


Really?! They can do that? I remember suggesting that once but I didn’t think it was a real thing. How about that.

One ball yellow and another ball blue.

If you spooge green your wide open.

It’s amazing to me that just injecting with a needle can cause infertility but still many performing vasectomy remove a segment, perform cautery AND fascial interposition. What overkill. I suspect that if a minimal approach was used there would be less incidence of chronic pain.


My name is Iliya, I’m from Ukraine. From the middle of June, 2018, I started to have pain in the left spermatic cord, with not a lot of pain in the left testicle. Treated in hospital for inflammation. They gave many different antibiotics, physioprocedures, performed two blockages of the spermatic cord (they generally did not become better). The hospital was discharged with severe pains. Passed more than one time ultrasound, magnetic resonance tomograph, computer tomograph, there are no organic injuries, except for a large varicocele on the left. Doctors say that such varicocele can not give such pain?!? In general, after the hospital, the pain was at the level of 7-8 out of 10, ibuprofen was discharged, which did not help much and was sent to the therapist. I began to study the issue of pain in the groin itself, found this forum. I learned a lot, I had a Skype conversation with Dr. P))). I described the situation, he immediately proposed denervation and remove the varicocele immediately. Unfortunately to Dr. P, it’s very long time for me to fly and go from Ukraine (((I also received an invitation to inspect and denervation from another country. Unfortunately, it’s a very long time for Dr. P to fly to and from Ukraine (((I also received an invitation for examination and denervation from another country.Our urologists only in theory know what denervation is … and so only they can perform according to the indications - epidemiectomy and orchiectomy … pain management clinics we also almost do not have, one center in Kiev only. I contacted them, they suggested on the spot to look and think about what they could help, as I understand they can make blocks of nerves around the thigh, maybe I’m wrong. Currently, the therapist wrote me 75 mg twice a day and amitriptyline 25 mg at night, I also drink Zyflamed (in your messages I saw information on this drug). It became a little easier, I even started running and doing light physical exercises. Since the time has passed almost 3 months after the onset of pain, I do not know whether it is possible to consider it already chronic?!? There is a question for you, about the blocks, you’ve already done a lot of them, it’s worth trying with the clinic of pain … blocks II, IH, GF.
And if it does not help to go completely into urology, do they have blocks of spermatic cord in them, although every injection in this area can lead to deterioration?!?


[quote=“Iliya, post:22, topic:2710”]
except for a large varicocele on the left. Doctors say that such varicocele can not give such pain?!?[/quote]

I’m not a physician, but I believe varicoceles can, indeed, be very painful. That was one of the items my docs looked for AS a pain source. I’ve not ever shown on on imaging but if one was there, I’d certainly consider having it removed.

I try working with Pain Mgt. in Kiev and I would fly to the US to see Dr. P. or others before entertaining epididectomy or orchiectomy. IMO, many of us were damaged by surgery, so avoiding another surgery is a good idea.

I’ve been nursing this bout of pain for 2 years plus 5 months. While chronic, I’ve not determined it’s permanent because I still DO get relief, even if temporary, from injections. I keep hoping it will go away.


Many thanks, in fact there are a lot of things on this forum that ordinary urologists do not even know … unfortunately)


Chronic does not mean permanent, something I used to be confused with when I was told I had a chronic pain.

I dont believe nerve blocks are useful for anything other then temporary relief or for diagnostics. I also think they are used by alot of uro’s to pass the buck when they dont know what to do.


Many thanks for your advice and messages.