Is the Phrase Post-Vasectomy Pain Helpful?


I’m pretty sure it’s the II nerve on the right side causing most of the issue while I do have other pains. The II is the most concerning since it impacts lower rt stomach, rt hip, and lower rt back. This also the side I had the issues during the procedure and was in intense pain. It also hits inner thigh sometimes. I spoke to PM and I plan to do II block this upcoming Friday. I see the block as a minimum risk and have not seeen people get worse after a block. Please correct me if I’m wrong.


Agree with you. I’ve had 5 blocks (2 GF, 1 II, 2 Pudendal) plus pulsed RF of the GF and pudendal. Oops make that 6 since I had a cord block, too. One of the GF blocks created some pain at the injection point that lasted several weeks. The mus cle tensed up like a rock. Otherwise, no negative impact from any of them. Definitely IMO the way to go before attempting surgery.


I had good relief from the first II block on May 4 and had some very low to pain free moments. I had a second yesterday. I had some good pain relief while the initial local anesthetic was applied and today not to bad. Waiting for the steroid to kick in next day or so. The second block was ultra sound guided and much easier. First one they used floroscopy and was not as easy. They also injected lower to groin the second time. I am not sure if the II is the total issue. I would guess first block reduced pain by 75% overall. I have a third block scheduled at end of May if I get relief from this one. I may also ask to get GF block to check that as well. Today is 60 days post vas while my pain is between 1-4 it’s difficult to sit or stand for long amount of time. My pain is in rt lower stomach I would guess in cord and several inches below button and right lower back mostly. Sometimes I have pain in the rt hip. If the blocks work I want to do pulse radio frequency without ablation but not sure if this will impact a potential reversal down the road if needed. In talking to Dr P he said he has seen good results with reversal and refered pain in back. I do get occasional ball aches but it’s not daily. I seen the post about Dellon institute and treatment of hernia patients basically cutting the nerves and putting them in a muscle. Has anyone on this site tried this with success or heard of someone trying this method?


I had a second II block and again saw a 75+% decrease in pain especially in right stomach and lower back. Do you know when PM considers a block a success and looks at other options? @raising4girls Did you get good results from the two RFA’s you did?


My pudendal RFA definitely worked. I had it done on January 2nd and haven’t had any perineal pain since a few days afterward. WAY less pelvic floor tension, etc.

I’m not sure if the RFA of my GF last fall worked. I was still bouncing between problems back then. Fix pudendal, scrotal pain re-appears. Fix scrotal pain, pudendal pain re-appears.


Good to hear it worked on prudendal and is something to consider as a option if you can pin point the nerve or nerves causing the issues.


Yes, absolutely. Certainly before any surgery. Might even try another GF block and/or pulsed RF before surgery. For now, I’m opting for Dr. P’s spermatic cord block with botox, but yes, I wouldn’t hesitate to try pulsed RFA. I’ve done a good amount of research on it, and it seems safer than conventional RF or cryo based on my read.


I have no issue with the phase PVPS except that people you tell it to have no idea what you’re talking about or they say your full of shit. I think it was a created phase to lump people into who Uros had no idea what was wrong. They like to do that. Come up with names for things cause either they’ve never heard/seen it before or they wanna be famous and known for finding something first. I wouldn’t be surprised if PVPS is a combination of all of it.


That’s why I tell people I suffered painful nerve damage and hormonal changes due to vasectomy.