Is Spermatic Cord cut or moved during vasectomy


I was under the impression the SC was pulled and cut to get to vas deferens during vasectomy but after doing more research this may not be the case. It appears the vas deferens are separated from SC and are the only thing pulled out and cut. Can anyone confirm? Secondly, why is SCD done if the Spermatic Cord is not touched during vasectomy? Wouldn’t you just want to concentrate on damage to Vas Deferens. Maybe I am confusing myself?


As I understand it, THEORETICALLY, SCD involves severing anything that could conduct pain signals in the cord. That includes branches of the GF AND the vast itself. In a typical SCD, they cut it, in effect, doing a vasectomy and making you sterile. They offer the option to strip the nerves off the outside of the vas to keep you fertile.

I don’t think the II/IH or branches are cut during SCD, not sure.


During the original VAS is the spermatic cord cut or altered or is it just vas deferens? The reason I ask is because I was not properly given anesthetic on my pain side. He actually missed the vas deferens originally which he stated 5 minutes into the procedure. I am guessing when the peri-vasal nerves where clamped and no anesthetic this caused my issues and have not calmed down or the brain is not able to forget. If the damage is on vas deferens my theory is to try to repair vas deferens with reversal first and hopefully clean up damaged peri-vassal nerves.


Just the vas (if done right, of course). Here’s the cord contents from Wikipedia




The vas deferens is part of the spermatic cord.

It’s like the bone in you arm. It’s part of your arm but is inside of it.

You can’t get to the vas without opening up the spermatic cord and the scrotum.

Vasectomy is an industry because they are cheap and easy to perform so it can be a fairly imprecise rough operation. The means to isolate the vas deferens is by feel. No fancy equipment or training is needed. The vas is isolated by feel and yanked through the scrotum and the cord. There is no “looking” or careful dissection.
The other thing about vasectomy is doctors have incentive to create damage. The more damage they create the less likely the operation is to fail. This is why a chunk of vas is removed which creates more damage/disruption. The other obnoxious thing done, mostly for the doctors, not for you, is something called fascial interposition. They will leave a severed, burned and sutured end of the vas hanging out of your spermatic cord to minimize the likelihood of the the ends spontaneously becoming recanalized. Add in cautery, the burning of the lumens in the newly opened ends which damages more vas.

So in addition to the vas deferens you can see there are multiple places where tissue disruption and damage occur in the spermatic cord that can be the source of pain.

As @raising4girls said, the idea with SCD is to try to sever all the nerves upstream so pain signals can no longer travel up the cord.