Is my PVPS actually a suture allergy? (vicryl)


Good luck. I hope they can figure out what’s going on for you and take some corrective actions.


Couldn’t they sew some into your skin and see if there was a reaction before looking into directly by cutting u open?


They took away another piece of vas that was inflamed but no sutures anymore.

They didn’t suggest to test the allergy no.


For now it seems like the right side (which they didn’t touch yesterday) is hurting more than the left side which they opened up and cut a part of my vas from. Let’s hope it was that and we just have to repeat this on the right side.


15d after the surgery. 15 days ago they cut away another part of the vas that was hard and thick. It was sent to the lab and they said it was fibrosis BUT the part they cut was on the side that didn’t had sutures in the first place (open ended part). This is quiet disturbing since it is also the case for the right side and this could mean that new fibrosis would make this a never ending story.


Dr. Ellis on the old Yahoo board frequently cited fibrosis as a cause of our inflammatory-based pain. My layman’s understanding was that he was saying the same thing as Dr. P. when he talks about Wallerian Degeneration of the nerves. It sounds like you’re saying the fibrosis is in the vas itself (along with the nerves it has), not just the nerves.

I tend to believe I have what you have. Thanks for posting and keeping us up to date.


Are there other people who had a neuroma and got it successfully removed without denervation?