Is my PVPS actually a suture allergy? (vicryl)


When they did an open-ended conversion 5 months after the initial vasectomy the sutures (vicryl) were still present and brand new. The pain dropped a little after the open ended conversion where they removed half of the sutures. Couldn’t it be that I have a Vicryl allergy rather than that it is true PVPS? It only really hurts if they press on the end of the vas that still has sutures. I have 1,5 degree fever all the time and ibuprofen helps but that also works as an anti inflamatory. After an infiltration I couldn’t feel my nuts anymore but the pain/irritation stayed. The pain is mostly in the groin area and nothing except pressing the end of the vas to the the prostate hurts. So no extra tenderness of the balls/epididimys.


I dont think its a allergy this is just vasectomy pains in a wide range of symtoms. I have had the sick feeling ever since vasectomy and had every blood test possible, modern medicine is fucked. Like one of the guys said we are all stuck on this island together. I dont think theres a simple cure in our lifetime.


Once my sutures were out I had a lot of relief. I posted a picture on here in the past of the vasal segments that were removed. They had clumps of non-desolvable sutures attached. One of them looked like a dagger. Once they were removed for reversal I never had the same level of burning pain again.

My reversal surgeon criticized my vasectomy docs technique. He said when you do that sort of overkill with sutures and cautery the end can actually just die and break off.


Wallerian Degeneration

I looked it up, did dr p give you a simply breakwon of what that is?


37.9 degrees fever today and please don’t hijack my topic to start a religious discussion.


The allergy thing is an interesting discussion. I had serious relief early on from taking Benadryl so of course I wondered about it. There’s a few different ways to look a this. Suture is possible but not likely. Suture allergies are really easy to test. Put a suture through your skin and watch it. There’s research showing silk suture allergies causing interstitial cystitis, which causes very similar symptoms.

I’ve also wondered about a sperm allergy. Women get them all the time. A vast majority of sperm is made of protamine and protamine is almost guaranteed to cause an allergic reaction. In fact, protamine sulfate, a commonly used medication in heart surgery, is actually contraindicated in men with vasectomies. Anaphylaxis is very common and there’s plenty of research to back it. What I find interesting is protamine sulfate is contraindicated in men with vasectomies yet they aren’t concerned about these same men having a systemic reaction to the constant and continuous exposure of protamine as a result of sperm leakage. Further, protamine by itself induces histamine release so even if you aren’t technically allergic, it’ll feel like it from the elevated histamine levels in circulation.


Sperm allergy is very plausable and what you say above makes good sense. Ever since my vasectomy i have been in pain yes but i have been feeling sick to. Not running high temp like @derberlinersmurf but like a small infection all the time.


Alan Frazier had the same theory. You can get tested for sperm allergy. However, if you already have antibodies, you’ll most likely get a false positive for a true allergy. Medicine knows about this, they just don’t think it’s significant or relevant.


if you had an exceptional large number of anti-sperm antibodies perhaps this would offer some insight maybe?


What I got from the lab:
Sperm antibodies
22% for tail with MAR (semenplasma)
(IgG contra) 100% for full spermatozoom with MAR-test serum


What’s the interpretation of these? Are these out of line for vasectomized guys? I NEVER attribute my allergy problems to my vasectomy (12 years ago) especially since it was reversed (11 years ago).

I know my SAs right after the reversal showed the anti-bodies but I was told they should drop off. Since my pain went away, I figured they weren’t an issue.

I get what are called “seasonal allergies.” Sounds like yours are more constant, correct?


I will have an appointment in the next 2 weeks to see if there are still sutures in there (or that they used the wrong type of sutures since I already had rejection of suture material after other operations).


I read somewhere that another gentleman proposed that the body can also go after the denatured proteins that result from the use of cautery. To state again, once my sutures were out I felt a lot better. A LOT.

It’s also interesting that Sulfa drug sensitivity is mentioned here because I never remember having a sulfa allergies in my life but I have them now. I can’t take Bactrim now or I get sores in and on my mouth that look like cold sore/herpes outbreaks. If I stop Bactrim they go away.


I now know no painkiller or infiltration can supress the feeling and that there is not much left to try before thinking that I’m going insane.

Hypotheses that I got left:

Allergic for sutures that are still present
Allergic to own sperm
An infection that is still present after 3 runs of anti biotics
I’m going nuts (pun intended)

Anyway I’m not sure if I can live a lot longer with this ‘pain’…


Hang in there. Allergies can be tamed with all kinds of wierd therapies if your immune system gets out of whack.

You may want to look into something like helminth therapy if you suspect immune system response is causing you illness.

They opened up your distal vas but what about a redo of the proximal vas? Did they remove the sutures up there? If they did not then you are only half way done. Think about it. If that part is still cauterized and closed with sutures then that is likely where your irritation is coming from and I suspect that’s where your inflammation has always been coming from. Have a doc go in and resect the proximal vasal ends and reclose them with dissolvable sutures. That might fix your discomfort.

How on earth could anything done on the distal vas affect your prostate? There is a huge air gap there. When they do an open ended conversion they probably don’t even mess with the proximal vas (cut end closest to your prostate). Having your own sperm flowing again might shut down the pain too.

My prostate issues vanished almost immediately as soon as I got a reversal.

Your problem will be finding a surgeon that will do it. I would do that before suicide if I was you.


I still don’t know what to think about the allergy hypothesis. I guess you could take Benadryl for a few days like I did and see what it does. I discovered it by accident while taking Tylenol PM so I could sleep. That stuff was a godsend in the early months following my vas. It’s essentially just acetaminophen plus Benadryl. Try it out, test your theory. If anything, you’ll get a good nights rest.


I’m taking the Benadryl in to my to try list together with cialis and papaya seeds.


I tried cialis and levocetrizine without any difference so far. Will try it for another week to see if it helps. I have an appointment for a 3the procedure the 1st of June.


still no improvement after taking cialis and levocetrizine for 4 days


I met another great doctor today. Dr. Gunter De Win of the Antwerp University Hospital. He found that my left vas is swollen and very painful. Tomorrow they will open me up to see if they can find the cause of the inflammation.