Is chronical muscle spasm a cause of pain?


Hi everybody!
My name is Stanislav, I’m from Russia, I have 6 years of orchialgia now.
I didn’t have vasectomy. But this forum is full of people who has same kind of suffer
I was looking for any story about spermatic denervation when I found this forum. Well, I read a lot of sad stories here. I am dissapointed.
Last year possibility of denerevation was my last secret weapon which I was going to use, If other treatments is no effect. Looks like it doesn’t work.

I want to ask, have any of you heard about dr. Wise and his protocol of treatment? Also, I mean book: “Headache in the pelvic” which explains pain issues as a result of long-time chronic muscle spasm.

Could you share your experience of manual therapy against this pain?


Welcome to the group.

I don’t have any insight for you on Dr. Wise but others do. I DO believe from other aches and pains I’ve suffered that pain begets pain. Meaning, if you’re in pain, everything tightens up, and that increases pain. Besides, other than the cost, what harm can come from massage or PT. I do all kinds of groin, hamstring, and hip stretches now. Don’t know if they help, but they can’t hurt.

No doubt, the men on this forum are, as a group, not pro-denervation. Anecdotally, it would appear that it’s not working for men with post-vasectomy pain.

I’m skeptical of drawing that conclusion based on the contributors here. First, the most active contributors are ones currently in pain (like myself). Once the pains resolve, people tend to get on with their lives. So, I think it’s possible that many guys have been helped and stopped posting. I wish we could get a bio on every member and do some real statistical studies, not just go by who shouts the most or loudest.

I also wonder if some men’s pains are so severe and so prolonged that denervation isn’t sufficient. Maybe it doesn’t work on vasectomy guys but might in your guys. I’m not stating a fact or even opinion, just wondering aloud.

As with anything, I also wonder if some surgeons produce better denervation results than others. I bet there are some that do a few every week while others do 1 or 2 per month. I bet the surgeon’s skills and experience are a huge variable in this.

Again, I’m not lobbying for you to go get denervation. One guy here was made substantially worse. He seems to recommend orichectomy. If your pain is all on one side, that may be another option, as gruesome as it sounds.

Best of luck.


I’d agree that in this forum you are hearing more from people like me for whom Denervation did not help, but we may be a minority. I think the more specific the pain is to one testicle, as opposed to affecting both or being a more general pain across the whole area, then the better chance that Denervation can help.

I would ask your doctor about risks and complications, for example damaging other nerves, and see how he responds.


Thank you for you response.
Your words seems to be true. When a problem has gone, why should we remind about it?
As for me, someday when I become healthy, I want visit all communities which a had visited before and write about my story and how I resolved it.

I do a lot of stretches too. I don’t know does it help me, but I must to do something) And, by the way, keep trying to find a clue…

Sincerely, I glad to find people who have same “fortune”.


Thank you for you advice. In past I trusted doctors. But life shows that you have to manage your treatment and be very very attentive when you speak with doctors.

Two years ago when I was enjoying my dull ache in left testicle one doctor found that I have varicocele and advice me to do surgery. Summary, I got superhiper WOW sensitivity of my left ball (don’t touch it!), however other pain still with me as early.

I know that you understand how I was surprised)))


I still want to hear is there anybody who get some relief by manual therapy?


I think the Wise Anderson protocol is horseshit. Don’t waste your time or money on that. It will not help you at all.

I would consider saving your money and going to see a respected reversal surgeon that does nothing but reversals or close to nothing but reversals.

I did this with Sheldon Marks and it was the best money I ever spent. Prostatitis went away and horrible burning pain at night went away immediately.


So the varicocelectomy is what made your pain worse? It started with a dull ache and then got very sensitive after the surgery for your varicocele?

If so maybe botox, denervation, or orchiectomy would help. Have you had a nerve block?

What I would question a urologist about would be that since you’ve already had surgery on the blood supply to your testicle would denervation be advisable since that’s already potentially been compromised by the varicocelectomy?


Thank you, MikeO! Nice to hear that someone was successfully cured. Tell my please, what surgery have you had? Do you still need to use meds for maintaining yourself?


I am going to write email to the surgeon. I’ll ask him about all of that. Thanks for advice.

Yes, recently I had a block and I was free from pain. But that evaporated so fast…


I don’t think Stanislav ever had a vasectomy.


Hello Stanislav! Tell me, do you have a solution to the pain problem?