Is all burning pain 100% nerve pain


Hi All,

Recently last 4 weeks,I get a burning pain radiating left or right or sometimes both sides out into My groin or sometimes above my penis.

This doesn’t tend to last too long (ie a couple of hours over a 2 day period then will go away for a week)but is worrisome on top of all the other issues I’m having.I tend too have a sore testicle feeling all the time not really bad all the time mainly 1-2.Mainly at the top of my testicle.

I also seem to have delayed epidimal swelling 1-2 days after sex which had made me cut down to once a week sex wise.This tends to keep the epidimal swelling at bay.

All my testicular issues are left side.


“Is all burning pain 100% nerve pain”?

My answer would be no. IMO, all burning pain isn’t generated by purely neuropathic pain (nerve damage, etc).