Interesting article about TENS unit


I get very temp relief of testicular pain when I press into my lower abdomin so I wondered if a TENS unit on the lower ab could help disrupt the pain. I found a supporting study online. Going to try it next week when I get home.


Hello there, Seeing your post made me remember a trial I subjected to about 9-10 or so years ago. And just wanted to let you know that there is a procedure that neurologist does do where they put electrodes lead wires like in TENS unit but inside your spinal column. This treatment is usually used on patients who have lost a limb and have phantom pains in their extremities or ends where they had limbs before.

After much debate and thought with my lovely wife and my Family Physician, then a required sit down with a Psychiatrist (to make sure I wasn’t just doing self “mutilation”/harm) I had a trial done, before I would make a full permanent commitment. It was done like so – In a trial a small incision was made in my lower back over spine region then a small steel rod was placed inside the spinal column hollow space with 2 wires coming out the back to a controller (like TENS unit) towards front my hip area. Being this was trial the rod was free floating inside my spine and not fastened with some clips as it would be in permanent procedure and controller be under your skin inside abdomen( what I was explained). Controller was then tuned to be able to “vibrate” my whole belt region, just groin region, my left inner thigh down to about past my knee and then all regions together.
Went home and I was still very worried how a metal rod was free floating inside my spine, I was actually doing little bit of welding back in those days and Doctor did assure me that it wouldn’t zap me or drop me like a fish out of water if I let’s say electrocuted myself by accident. It was not very pleasant feeling to have unit on and just turned up. Because from time to time I would rise form couch or chair and get weird jolted. I was still barely getting any relief from the unit running full setting.
So after calling on day two the Salesman/Rep for the Unit wife and I met him at local hospital to let him “tweak” settings I explained to him that sadly I still had no true relief. Just a weird feeling like my groin been vibrating for hours. Anyway, so about two more days later I was ready to yank this rod out my spine. Wife called the Neurologist office and we met at his office to remove this. IT was a FAIL. After reading the Controller the Rep did say I should have ran it longer periods I might have gotten better results. So its like saying I should have had it running 16 hours non-stop, yeah No thank you.
So take it with a grain of salt…Might or might not work, plus depends what kind of Unit you thinking about trying. For me whole experience was not very pleasant and very unforgeable. I do see this as treatment for patients with amputations and phantom limb pain but not for groin. I recall telling that to the Rep


I’ve been using the TENS unit for about a week so far and have noticed significant improvement of pain symptoms. I wear the device for 30 minutes at 100hz but with a modulating pulse width. I had been having pain that I’d rate 2 to 3 for about two week prior to using the TENS. Since I’ve used it it’s come down to mostly 0 with a casual 1 briefly. I will continue to use the TENS and up activity level. I’ve had short bike rides so far, but would like to try jogging soon.


Where are you placing the electrodes? Assume not directly on the scrotum but in the groin.

I used a TENS for my perineal pain. It definitely helped.


Upon reading the article it appears they go on the super pubic area. That’s the area below the belly button. At first I place them not low enough and I could feel my lower ab flexing. Not a good feeling. Then I went just a little lower and that worked. I used it every day last week except today, and my pain was at a 2 and 3 today. I’m going to use again first thing tomorrow morning.they should be about 5 cm apart. I did my best.