Increased pressure 17 days after reversal


After waffling back and forth for a long time, I had a reversal done with Dr. Marks 17 days ago. I had been seeing Dr. Turek in San Francisco, but elected to go with Dr. Marks, simply because he performs so many more reversals. (Dr. Turek and Dr. Marks have published papers together, and have similar success rates.)

Dr. Marks and his staff have been lovely, and the process was very smooth. It was V/V on both sides, the incision healed without any issues, and I’ve had minimal pain at the incision and reconnection sites. I’m able to walk, exercise, and run with no discomfort.

Unfortunately, starting the day after the surgery, I began to have feelings of pressure in my testicles, especially on the left side. My left side has been my worse side, and these feelings are identical in character to the feelings of pressure that I had before the reversal, and are in fact worse. I had the vasectomy 2 years ago, and I had extreme feelings of pressure initially, which slowly tapered off. They never tapered off completely though, and I continued to find it very distressing. The pressure that I’m experiencing now feels like I’m back at the 3 or 4 month mark.

Dr. Marks found a granuloma on the left side, and additionally remarked that an unusually large amount of the vas on the testicle side on the left was scarred and had to be removed.

My current theory is that the reversal failed on the left side, and that there is now less of the vas to relieve the pressure. Additionally, if the granuloma were indicative of a leak, that too might have been relieving pressure, and could also explain the increased pressure.

Dr. Marks had me on celecoxib after the surgury, and switched me to prednisone a few days ago. I think the hope is that the vas could be closed off due to inflammation. I desperately hope that’s the case, but honestly it feels like a shot in the dark. Technical failure on the left side seems much more likely.

I’m really hoping that someone reads this and says, “Yeah bro, I felt crazy pressure after my reversal, but it went away and now I’m 100%.” but I know that’s just wishful thinking :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Has anyone experienced anything similar?

I wish I could say that I’m feeling stoic about it, but I’m miserable. The pressure I was experiencing before the reversal was intermittent, maybe once a day, and bearable but annoying. I was hoping for a full recovery, and the idea that it’s worse is just awful. I’ll know when I get my first semen analysis in 10 days, but if the right side is open know, I might also be fertile, which is not a bonus.


Don’t panic. It’s been over 12 years since my reversal, but I remember some dark and down days that first month, even through the third month post-reversal. Every guy here will tell you there are ups and downs with some days post-reversal worse than pre-reversal.


Thanks man. I’m trying my best! It just feels so weird that I would feel this pressure if it was a success, especially since there haven’t been any surgical complications.


I’m nearly 2 months out of reversal, and had all sorts of weird pains straingt after, still ache daily, but things are calming down a bit every day. Had pressure feeling too. Unfortunately there will be more pains to come so be mentally ready.


@alex, your way to early to be assuming so much IMO. The majority of guys experience all kinds of weird sensations, new pains, you name it post reversal.

I appreciate reading the feedback regarding the findings during your reversal, thanks for sharing that. FWIW, I’ve read several post reversal stories that reported the same findings as yours. Pretty crazy considering you were only vasectomized for such a short time.

Keep your chin up, things will likely resolve over time. Incase you missed it, total healing time on the inside on a vas to vas reversal is 18 months.



You are 17 days out. This surgery causes a lot of tissue disruption. 17 days in for a reversal is nothing. Takes a good 6 months to a year to achieve your final state and for some of us a little longer. Try not to characterize the pain as being due to this or that.

Have you started to masturbate/have sex yet? Follow the doctors orders and make sure you do what you can to get and keep your pipes open. Just relax until you get your first SA done.

Mark’s did my reversal almost 6 years ago and I still have sperm in my ejaculate. He’s one of the best if not the best in the country.

Btw, Do not take the prednisone and Celebrex at the same time. I’m sure they told you that.


Dr. Marks made is sound like it wasn’t natural scarring, but trauma caused by the original vasectomy, i.e. that it was sloppy or unnecessarily rough.

Thanks man, good to hear a longer-term perspective.

Thanks, this is really good stuff to hear.

Yup, thankfully. Those two weeks of abstaining were rough >_<

Fingers crossed!


That’s interesting, and that’s certainly a possibility. I’m not sure what’s going on in general considering I’ve heard of these findings on numerous occasions. I remember another guy that reversed with the same surgeon around 3-4~ months post vas, and was told he was scarred out like he’d been vasectomized for several years. No mention of unnecessary trauma though.

The quote regarding 18 months came from your surgeon as well. I heard it straight from the horse’s mouth.

Good luck