Increase in pain due to the weather conditions


Has anyone noticed change in pain due to the weather? It’s been pouring down today and got colder than it was for the last couple of days, and I’ve been more achey than usual. I’m not only talking only about pvp but also old injuries and broken bones seem to ache more.


Yes, absolutely. I get more lower back pain that correlates with major changes in atmospheric pressure. I’ve even notice I get more lower back pain around the spring equinox, which “could have” something to do with changes in the magnetic field of the earth.

Far as having an effect on my pvp/s, etc, yea, I get some of that to, but not on the same level, not nearly as obvious, or noticeable, but I am considerably further down the road than you, and several corrective procedures later.

I will also note that in my case, I recovered way better from surgical pvp/s corrective procedures during warm summer months than cold winter months.

Just FYI, there’s another thread on here that got few replies that hit on the same thing you are talking about (title of your thread).


Thank you for your message Ringo. I had a few broken bones in the past, can feel them aching today like crazy. Also been diagnosed with hernia not that long ago, and that flared up today too. Yes searched for that thread, other guys said pretty much same thing. Have a nice weekend!