I'll take what's behind door #2....going for reversal


I waited the recommended 14 days, and I didn’t miss much time. Unfortunately at the beginning the movement made my wound stay open, and it didn’t close for two months. I have a bit of minor ache at the wound site but that feels like it will resolve with time.

I have had a comfortable five months, most of which has had zero or very little pain, but of course just this past week has been the worst since reversal. I feel some right side congestion type ache. My wife basically accused me of having Munchhausen syndrome since I just learned the SA results had zero sperm. I swear I am not faking it. I do kind of feel like just snipping off my right nut sometimes!

I’m about to start the mobic/steroid, so hopefully that nips it in the bud. Maybe the epi is just swelling some more to accommodate more dead sperm then it will level off.


@Robert if it seems like re-doing the reversal isn’t usually done (for us), what is the point of a SA?


I think the SA is to measure progress and to take measures like steroids or anti-inflamm’s to try to prevent it from closing up.


In a vasovasostomy,

  1. Clips are used to connect the vas deferens? What are these clips made of?
  2. How long does it take to have an epididymus blow-out/rupture after a vasectomy?

I am a few days past the six month mark after the vasectomy, and considering a reversal about a year and a half later (when work may permit time off).

Reason for reversal – primarily, orgasms are not the same and I do not feel that I get as hard as before.



What was your reason for getting a reversal?


@Hopeful pain heaps of it. Testicle, cords, abdominal, flank, basically everywhere you name it. My orgasm was fine but volume diminished to nothing. But that didnt worry me continous pain did. I cleaned the lines out today first time since reversal 3 weeks. Man the volume was 4 times the amount it was ridiculous. I could be a pornstar now. Lol. But early days sadly am doing it tough see other posts, hematoma, and this IBS crap it will be a long road for me.


Thank you Loz. Hang in there–as people have shared, it will be a year before you begin to see significant improvement. It is good to know that at least in it’s early beginnings your body is behaving more similar to what it used to be.


I would attribute the amount of ejaculate described here to abstaining for 3 weeks, not because of your reversal. IMO, it’s to early for it to be because of so much sperm in your ejaculate.


Ringo yes and no. Because i have abstained before and never that amount. Done it 3 times now. I think things are moving already as colour was off with blood etc in it. Also its not common but reversal people have gotten their partner pregnant in as little as 2 weeks. Its in fertility forums.


@Loz, Yes, I understand this.

A lot of people read this forum, and I don’t want anyone that doesn’t know any better to beleive your ejaculate has changed substantially in a matter of 3 weeks on the premises of a major return of sperm/fluid already.

No need to explain a whole lot further, I’ve experienced some of what you are describing myself.

Far as I’m concerned, having your vas’s repaired is a good feeling. You can definitely tell a difference, or, I definitely could anyway. It was far more so the second time around on my redo reversal which was a success far as fertility.

I could feel the energy surging through me within weeks of my redo reversal. I wasn’t recovered yet, but I felt great. There was no doubt in my mind I wasn’t shooting blanks when I had my first SA second time around.

I’m looking forward to hearing your SA numbers. My redo reversal SA numbers peaked around my second, or third SA.

All the best with your recovery.


It takes a couple SAs for the numbers to come up. It took me about 5 months and my numbers exploded.


I was around 50-60 million - 80% motile - my first SA on my redo reversal.


Hi everyone just a update i am 4 weeks today post reversal. I wish i could give a fairytale story like others that were on road to recovery but no. I dont want to sound negitive as i realize i got a long road ahead and dont want to scare future reversal guys. I am still doin it tough hematoma, hydoceles, and your normal bad post op pain, testicles, cords , abdominal. Also am still struggling with this gut thing. I am going for small walks and doin stuff around the house. Tried hopping in pool to just do a bit of gentle treading water but it was to much so stopped. I am 100 percent with @Choohooo there is much more to this than just meds wrecking my gut. My hipps are twisted and my back is out of straightness and over the last 10 months i have gotten a huge lower beer gut. I dont eat much and dont barely drink alchol. Its like my musscles in my abdominal have given up due to all severe cramping over time. 11 months ago i was a fit 50 year old that swam 7km per week. Anyway i do realize lots of reversal people take 6 months so i will stay positive. Thanks to everyone on this forum i have learnt a lot over 10 months you have been somewhere for me to turn to especially the old timers.


Keep you hopes up Loz. Four weeks is relatively nothing compared to the type of surgery you have undergone. Due to work obligations, the earliest I would be able to do my reversal would be in Jan 2017. Was your doctor one of the several mentioned in this site?


@Hopeful ,my doctor is not mentioned on forum. I am in Australia. We dont have much choice here. He is the biggest high volume reversal doctor in Australia for fertility and helps us poor buggers out doing reversals for PVPS. He does about 350 reversals per year of those 2 to 3 percent are for PVPS. He has done the best he could but like others i was pretty fucked up. Like others say on forum progress is done in weeks not days as its very steady. His name is Dr Robert Woolcott fertility doctor, you can google it. He was nice enough to reverse me quickly as i was getting worse at 9 months not better. If i didn’t make a move i couldn’t handle life like that anymore, my councilor get me in quicker. I got work to but life was bad the way i was. Hope you have relief with reversal, i cant help you with answers i am to early and still in recovery mode. All the best with it.


@Loz, thank you and stay positive.


@elmer, thank you Elmer, and keep us updated.


Hang in there. 1 month for me was not great. I had a sharp reduction in one type of pain but that’s it. It’s a lot of reconfiguring. I did not start swimming again until month 5 which caused a setback so I waited until month 6 and resumed and had no problems. It’s not linear and you’ll have setbacks. If you have hematomas still you are no where near steady state. I would suggest walking if you need to exercise and then listen to your body on anything else. No lifting of any kind for 3 months would be smart and when you do listen to your body.


@MikeO thanks for your advice buddy. I was concerned about hematoma because now its getting smaller its rock hard. So got ultrasound and it just doing its thing got to wait it out. Also something interesting is the girl doing ultrasound could still see sutures which are not disolved yet, they are pinching me sometimes. Also on my good side i have a bit of round lump where joined up. Do you reversal guys have this?


Yes absolutely. I had the little round lump on the right which became a big round lump after I bumped it 9 days out. That will probably go down too.