I'll take what's behind door #2....going for reversal


@vasregret Its way to early cant tell yet soreness is worse everywhere at moment.


Reversal recovery for me was rough. Way more bruising and swelling. Don’t do squat for at least 2 weeks. You will be tempted to do stuff. DON’T. I look back and I did some really dumb stuff. I felt pressure from my wife to do stuff. I was laying in bed and I remember after day three or so her parents were in town and getting a dirty look from her. I was messing with Christmas lights at one point. No ladders but using my knees to pick stuff up from the ground. Just really dumb. However I was good about icing. I iced they way you are supposed to.

The one thing you can’t underestimate is how easy it is to bump that area. I gave myself a hematoma bucking my hips up to reposition myself under a heavy wooden laptop tray in bed. I was so freaked out and upset and the pressure from the swelling hurt like hell. God knows how it affected my eventual healing on that side but I’m sure it wasn’t good.

Expect a month before you feel better from surgery and then you will likely improve gradually over the next 6 months up to a year.


Based on Roberts, thought, blood being restored after v-reversal, does anybody have any research on blood and the vas deference?


Just a small update. Day 5 reversal, severe swelling, severe bruising, and plenty of pain. Still iceing and doing nothing. Yesterday day 4 i began my journey home in brutal pain, 3500km, train, fly, and drive. I was in so much pain i wandered if i have done damage. My journey home was a disaster from begining. Check in machine wouldnt work stood in line half hour to see flight desk for ticket. Then had to be searched. After boarding a passenger went nuts on take off and had to go back to airport he got arrested. Then on my way home got done by a random speed camera in parked car in middle nowhere in the country driving home. I still am positive as its early days and way to early to judge yet. I knew this wouldnt be a walk in the park considering i was bed ridden after vasectomy. Also i had my nuts taken out of sack because he wanted to be super thorough so yes its going to hurt more than normal reversal. I wont post pics because i feel its not a good thing to do because the people getting reversed would freak out at severe bruising. The only thing i am doing is just walking around house a bit. Anyway shall keep updating regularly.


Yes my nutsack was quite unsightly.

Here is my advice.

Ice ice baby…


Good luck Loz. I was one of the very fortunate having one of the few PVPS-conversant urologists practicing in my backyard. I had just a 20-mile car ride from the hospital to home, and I felt every bump. I cannot imagine a 3500km journey involving airline or train travel. The worst is probably over. Best wishes on healing.


LOZ good luck man. I am considering a reversal but I have a lot to research to do on the subject first, it has been five months since my vasectomy. I do not have pain but I just do not feel right, prior to vasectomy I could get turned on just by seeing woman showing…my wife could wear sexy clothing and that would turn me on…not any more…she has to touch me to turn me on and keep stimulating to keep it up. I felt alive before, like a man…I do not know if this will improve within a year, but I do not think so, as result, I am thinking of to returning my body back to the state it should be in. It will never be the same but it will be the way it should be. I am just scared of all the possible complications…I have glanced a lot here regarding the spermadic cord, denervation, etc. Let us know how you progress.


Well its day 8 post reversal i wish i could say i am better but am not. For some of us its the hard road all the way. Wound slowed down leaking and bruising subsiding. If it was like my right side which is good now i would be ok. Different story on left agony i have a hematoma size of a medium egg. It starts at top where i was jouined up and runs all around my testicle and is hard as a rock. Every movement it pulls on sutures pure agony. I know this isn’t like some horror story’s hematoma but its plenty of pain. The people that have had a hematoma i have a question. Can the external bruising go away and still leave you with internal rock hard hematoma?


My hematoma made my recovery much harder and it was self inflicted. I bumped myself at day 9. At it’s peak it put pressure on everything and made my miserable and anxious. Good news is it didn’t affect my status patency wise. It will seem like nothing is happening and then it will dissolve. I have heard it can take a year but mine went down after about a month. I think yes, the discoloration can go away and you can still have the internal lump.


Sorry to hear that loz… be patient and rest up mate


Thanks @ljtomono1, also @MikeO thanks for explaining. Yes bruising going away but have that rock hard left nut full of blood. I will patiently wait cant do nothing else. Lol.


Well, my reversal has failed for fertility - zero sperm now after very few dead ones 6-7 weeks after the procedure. My reversal by Dr P was only 14 months post-vas, and was a VV/VV. My left side was clear fluid, the right side had no fluid. So, the if it was for fertility, the right would have been VE.

The good news is that I’ve substantially improved, 75-90% better. My ejaculate also resembles pre-vas more, as it is more viscous. I think some fluid may be passing through, but no sperm. I haven’t had pain above a 1 out of 10 since reversal.

However, after talking to Dr P recently and thinking about the reversal results, I still have some aches on the right side - like today. It’s a dull 1/10 pressure ache on one side, probably since that side never opened up. Left side feels great. I believe thinking about this stuff makes my balls hurt.

I’m disappointed by the results, but at least the reversal helped me a lot. I think removing the clips and associated scar tissue was good - a “mini-neurolysis”



That’s great to hear. I have never believed patency is required for pain relief. If I had been presented with the option for a cleanup prior to my bout of epididymitis, and having the wisdowm of hindsight, I probably would have gone that route as I think just getting the margins cleared did me the most good. I almost believe that any sort of minimally invasive reconstruction of the spermatic cord that removes clips and scar tissue would help most men.
Stay positive and grace us with your presence from time to time. Good outcomes like you are good for men to see.


75-90% better and still infertile sounds like a great result!

Better than even chance I’m going the reversal route eventually too. Your story helps. Thanks.


@Robert good to hear about your pain. Is fertility failure kind of rare? Wonder why that would happen. What kind of “steps” were you taking?

My reversal is about a month out. I’m going to be soliciting advice for recovery and best ways to achieve pain reduction post reversal.


Unfortunately it seems that failure is not rare. Dr P said it was more common in the first year, but eventually, he thought the long-term scar over rate would maybe be half, he didn’t know. I had heard from Dr Marks a figure of 2% per year.

I never had a robust sperm count. I suspect I had some deeper blockages as well, based on the findings during reversal. I probably had some tissue damage in the epi, and I could just have a block of dead sperm debris that has clumped together. I could also have a scar-over at the anatomastis site.

I followed guidance to a tee. I would generally ejac every day and avoided hot baths, used scrotal support, took the steroids or anti-inflamm’s as well.

My recommendation is to do as little as possible for the first couple months. That’s what I did, and I pretty much had a painless recovery. I just hope that the small aches I have now go away totally and don’t get worse.

I am about to take a steroid course plus meloxicam. Dr P didn’t think it would restore fertility, but it is a standard course of action. If it reduces inflammation to produce a better long-term outcome, I’m happy.


Thanks @Robert. When you mean 2% per year, do you mean 2% of reversals fail per year? I’m fairly sure I was very potent prior to vasectomy, but I guess we’ll see.


@Robert glad your better. I am 17 days post reversal and without getting into it am doing it hard at moment recovery has been tough. Can not tell how things are due to left hematoma giving lots of pain. Also as stated in IBS post am getting smashed with this gut thing from maybe all the medication i took. Mate i have a question for ya. If you are pretty well infertile that tells me your blocked or partially blocked maybe. Shouldn’t volume have barely have increased at all. Because if it has increased it tells me your not blocked? Also how long did you wait till cleaning the pipes? I was told 30 days. All the best buddy.


Your story is a good example of “fertility isn’t required” to get positive results from a reversal. Glad it’s helped you on the level you say it has.

I’m not thinking you ejaculate has changed because some fluid is getting through. If fluid was getting through, IMO some sperm would be to.

In your case, I’d put my bet on your ejaculate has gotten better because your nerves aren’t irritating your prostate, prostate area, etc anymore.

Not to throw a monkey wrench into your thoughts here, but Dr P did my first reversal at 4 months post vas, and it was a failure to. There was a lot of talk about blockage, etc, etc. Things were different back then, and there were no “old timers” with vast first hand experience either.

I went to Dr Marks a year later, and he got me going no problem. I remember him saying, “you are just a baby in the timeline far as blockage”.

I’m sure you know, my redo reversal only lasted about 24-26 months. It might have lasted a whole lot longer if I had went Marks the first time, idk, hard to say one way or another. Every time you have your reversal redone, the success rate drops considerably.

I think your results sound positive far as your recovery, and pain levels go. I’m sure you plan to ride your recovery out indefinitely, and that’s what I’d recommend as well.

Good luck


That’s great news @robert.

It’s really interesting that you’ve experienced pain relief, even though you’re closing up.

I think most guys who get relief from a reversal are benefiting the most from a sort of mini neurolysis perhaps.

It’s funny that a lot of people mention getting the scarring and clips out for pain relief - I used to think that was required too, and when I met with Jarvi for my pre-op appointment, I was pretty disappointed to hear that he doesn’t do the full cleanup - but - his pain relief rates are the same as all of the other PVPS/reversal docs.

So why is that? Who the hell knows.