I'll take what's behind door #2....going for reversal


@Robert how are things going for you any updates on reversal?


Sure, it’s at 11 weeks now. I’d say in general I am much better so far - I still have some niggles but overall I would say I’ve had a 75% pain reduction. My pain is a dull ache and I have not had the kicked in the balls feeling. I’m now working out without any problems.

The only medicine I am taking now is the Dr P special of Cialis and Oxytocin. I’ll take it every other day, and I notice the positive effects.

When I do have discomfort, it is usually my right side that probably has some sort of deep blockage. I think I blew out there my first ejac after the initial vas - it hurt a lot and made me shake uncontrollably.

The wound finally closed up at 2 months.

I’ve had a good result so far and I am happy I had the reversal. Although I am wearing a jock strap most of the time to remind me, I don’t think about it so much. I will go a few days a week without any pain, so I am hopefully my pain will go away eventually.

I get another semen analysis at the end of July.


Guessing you have cleared the pipes? How was that?


Better release - skin is still sore on wound site on scrotum, so I need to be gentle. My right pipe may still be blocked, but in general, it’s been good.

I had some premature ejac and watery ejac before reversal. Consistency has gone back to pre-vas. Maybe that is the testicular fluid?


Glad your better my day is coming very soon. I remember your wound did take a while to heal good to hear its better. Sounds positive.


So, I’m at 3.5 months now. I’m feeling very good.

I’m down to niggles (pressure, dull ache) on the right testicle a few times a week. It doesn’t last too long. I feel some pressure on the testicle once in a while after ejac as well.

The wound site skin is a bit sore if it’s moved around. I also need to continue with supportive briefs and I often wear a jock when I exercise. I feel like my left is now a bit higher and forward than my right testicle, but nothing too odd.

All in all, I’m not in the situation I was pre-vas, as the occasional discomfort and need for support is there. However, I’m very happy so far that my nuisance pain seems to have gone away. I have not felt the “defecate from my scrotum” or “tapped in the nuts” feeling unless my kids accidentally tap my balls.

I have an SA in another month and a half and I’ll post another update after I get those results.


VERY happy for you Robert! That’s awesome!!!


Thank you for the update. I am very happy for you. Best of luck.


Really awesome news!


fantastic news. great to hear!


That is great to hear Robert! I also had a reversal about 3 months ago and it has been a success for the most part. I only waited 4 months after my vasectomy because the pain was making life unbearable and I needed to try something.

I went to Toronto to see Dr Kirk Lo and he was very sympathetic and is known to be one of the best for reversals. It really hurt for the first month and it was hard to function, but with time it has gradually gotten almost completely better. I am in a bit of a relapse now because I pushed myself a little too much physically. However, I am sure it will pass. The last couple of weeks have been really incredible because I feel like myself again. Not surprisingly not having any pain is something that helps your mental health after so many months.

I think a reversal does not always work but it definitely works for a good portion of us. Dr. Lo said he has a 70 percent success rate with pain. Worth a try if you are ready for it.


All, after reversal are orgasms better? same? pre-ejaculate normal? hard erections? no difference?


Well reversal done, very painful and bruised nearly like KDJ’s pics. They found granulomas , and leaking sperm open ended, scar tissue ,which all got cleaned up. Also due to the severe pain i was in he decided to pop out both testicles to check them out. Am resting doing nothing and icing and on endone pain relief. Its way to early to know of any change. Surgeon said give it at least 3 months which sounds correct because lots here take up to 6 months. Anyway time will tell.


Glad its all done… and they found potential causes… rest up buddy


Hopeful, after my reversal it took close to 5 or six weeks before I could attempt anything, but then when I started to feel better there is a much better release. No problems with erections and the orgasms were better because of a better sensation of release. More volume too I think. It did increase a dull pain post sex for a day or two initially but that has subsided. Now after 3 months I am almost 100% and I still have to be careful but my sex life with my wife is getting back to normal. I wish the same for everyone that goes through this nightmare. It has been a 8 month journey for me, and I am sure it will be a year before I am totally normal.


That’s great news. I’ve got my reversal scheduled with Dr. Jarvi for September and I’m scared to death.

It seems as though there are A LOT of success stories with Jarvi, Lo and his associates.

It’s been about 10 months for me and I need a change.


Yep the guys going in for reversal just remember there is nothing to lose, after 10 months of hell i was never going to get better, i dont know whats around the corner but need to stay positive. I had lost all hope before at least i know from this forum to give this heaps of time and not panic because reversal people have got better.


Good luck Loz. I realize you’re probably all drugged up, but how’s the abdominal pain and stuff like that?

Any improvement so far?

Probably too early to tell, but here’s hoping.


Dr P told me he hasn’t had a patient get new pain from the procedure, but is caring for some patients who had new reversal pain from other doctors. He estimated the overall incidence at 1-2% new reversal pain.

I have my second SA tomorrow, and consult in a week or so.

The good news is I am 90-95% better and have been able to get on with life without thinking about my balls all the time. I still need support from briefs, and my pain is now just minor niggles and no longer a nuisance. I just feel better all around. I have not had the “tap in nuts” or “defecate from scrotum” feelings since reversal.

Ejac is back to normal, but I can tell the scrotum is still healing and I have a harder scar area that should soften over time. I will still sometimes get a minor ache a little bit after ejac on my right side - I suspect that side is still blocked and is the only source of pain for me.

I felt while I was vasectomized I was a bit smaller while flaccid. My theory is that the blood flow to the area was disturbed for a while, but since I have healed post reversal, the blood flow is closer to normal as the vas deferens now is back to being a blood supply itself on its outer wall…


Interesting that you mention a possible lack of bloodflow.

Dr. Jarvi mentioned a lack or restriction of bloodflow being a component of pain in PVPS. I suppose it’s possible.