I'll take what's behind door #2....going for reversal


I still feel like it was the right move for me. I had nuisance level pain, often made worse by ejac, often no reason.

I had the doubts up until the last minute, it’s only natural. I would say you’ve given it enough time by now. I was 14 months between the two, I said I’d give it a year. I don’t think it’s too soon at all.

My mind can thing of other things now which is great. I was like a combo of senior citizen and high school senior. I was thinking about medical problems and my balls all the time.

I do know someone who resolved at 18 months IRL, and there are others here who time has healed.

I had a good experience with PUR and I think their pain focus is ideal for PVPS sufferers.


You waited the perfect amount of time if you ask me. You need to give it a year unless you are in excruciating crippling pain to see where you end up. You need to reach a steady state. At 1 year you are where you are going to be for good. There is no sense waiting beyond that and in fact it’s probably worse the older you get, the longer you are in pain/experiencing pain and the longer the inflammation and possible long term changes to the tissues down there.


I am in the same boat as you. I’d my Vasectomy in November 2015 and have the same problem post-ejaculation. I have curtailed my ejaculations to once every 6 days to lessen the pain, but even then I’m suffering from low grade pain within 24 - 48 hours and it lasts a few days.
It’s really wearing me down psychologically at this stage. I recently took Cialis for 3 months in an attempt to cure the epi swelling, but it had no effect on me.
I’m dreading the surgical option in case it worsens the pain.


Getting worse from reversal, while it does happen, is generally rare. Dr P estimated this risk at 1-2%. However, for Dr P, he has not had anyone develop new pain from reversal (certainly reversal has not stopped the pain for a number). I think some of Dr P’s success is the high amount of general and local anesthesia he uses, and the addition of pain management techniques.

The pain for me had been livable, but was wearing me down psychologically. I’m in a better place now, and hopefully that stays the case.


Quick question for both irishguy and Robert. If you wouldn’t mind sharing the type of vasectomy procedure that you had. Open/ closed? Any segment of vas removed? I am sorry if you already posted it in the past.
Thank you


2 scalpel incisions, segment removed, cautery, facial interposition, then clipped. Overkill, which may have contributed to my discomfort.

Others on here have had open-ended. Open-ended can cause issues with inflammation and it eventually closes up with a granuloma and may not be any better.


I had an open vas. Not sure what you mean by segment of vas removed?


Segment removal is when they cut/ remove a piece of vas itself to prevent the ends from attaching together.


Robert do you feel an increase in your energy level at all after reversal?


I feel about the same energy level. I feel much better overall due to not suffering from nuisance pain all day.


I had my first SA - 6 weeks out, not great numbers. I had 2.3cc, 2M total sperm, 0% motility. At least one side is partially open. If I was shooting for fertility, I guess I would start getting a hormone cocktail now, but since I was a pain patient, I’ll take a different track.

Given the right side had no fluid, I suspect that one was blocked early on post vas in the epi. That was my worse side all the way through. The left side had clear fluid so that side also had some sort of blockage, but that blockage is not enough to completely close it off.

I generally feel pretty good. I have had zero pain on my left side, and some twinges on my right side, but substantially better. So far I am still happy with the improvement.

I’m still waiting for the wound to close. I am going to migrate to taking a steriod pack and some sort of cialis blend for a bit now. My next SA is in August so we’ll see how things progress.


Hi Robert,
Thanks for sharing your story. I am going for a reversal in a couple of days and I am encouraged by your story.
I am only 4 months out of my vas but it has been unbearable, so I have decided to take the plunge. I am convinced that this is the only way to get through this. Mentally it has been very tough.
Glad to see even if you are not fully recovered that you are in a better head space. That is where I am hoping to be in a month or two. Although I am a big cyclist and I am sure I will not be doing that this summer. That is hard to deal with. Have you been able to return to exercising regularly?


I have not exercised yet, in part since I have a cough or bit of bronchitis at the moment, plus with the open wound, I am hesitant to hit the gym shower. Otherwise I have spent a couple days walking all day and on my feet, and I did get a slight ache that was immediately relieved by sitting.

Four months is relatively early. Have you exhausted conservative treatments yet? Steroids, NSAIDs, gabapentin or lyrica, ice?

Reversal is a bigger deal to go through and recover from, and the typical recovery period is at least a few months. Time may still be on your side. I can also recommend talking to Dr P at the PUR clinic.

From everyone I have spoken to, the common theme is to not push yourself after reversal. Give yourself a lot of healing time afterwards.


Takes a while for things to go full bore again. You might want to try a week of prednisone. My numbers exploded at about month 5. My SA’s then were like I never had a vasectomy.


Any thought to the inflammation causing swellling in the tubes making it be blocked, or do they think the blockage is farther down closer to or inside your epy?


Dr P suspected a deeper blockage in the epi. It could be inflammed, it could be a blowout. I think that relates to no fluid found on one side during surgery, and no sperm found on the other.


That was something I was wondering if you have a blow out. Does that hurt your chancing after being hooked backup, and all your swimmers going back up the vas def and not out the blowout hole created.



You are probably better off that he did not dig to much just to get clear fluid. I think on my right side they had to go down toward the convoluted portion of the vas to get clear fluid. You don’t want your nuts to hand up in your abdomen. Less tissue disruption and clearing the scar tissue out is probably better than a “by any means necessary” type of reversal which could make you worse than when you went in.


I think the blowout is more like a collapsed tunnel than a leaking balloon. There was minimal space that continued to build pressure.

Maybe there is a small gap now that lets seminal fluid escape through the vas, thereby reducing testicular pressure. Just a guess on my part.


Yes, very true. It’s likely better to disrupt things as little as possible. It’s no holds barred when people are trying to restore fertility, but that’s not my primary objective.

Hopefully things “unplug” over the next few months and the blockage clears. It would be surprising not to get a good result considering it was only 14 mos.