I'll take what's behind door #2....going for reversal


Dude you hijacked the thread - it makes the forum hard to follow.


sorry about that. not my intention


Robert, A gentle reminder is all it takes to get things back on track. I agree proper etiquette dictates we stay on topic but most of us are so wrapped up in our own misery we tend to hijack every thread and make it about ourselves in some way, LOL. “I’m sorry to hear about your pain… MY PAIN blah blah blah…” I catch myself doing it all the time, especially when I’m having a bad day…

You sound like you are in a good frame of mind and I have high hopes you will achieve full remission and achieve escape velocity and like me after my reversal flee this place like we are the village of the damned (which we are to some extent). I think you made the right call and I want to reiterate that you need to take it easy. I would work from home if your job allows and lay in bed and continue to ice and work remotely if you can. I got reversed right before Christmas and felt like I needed to Christmas shop, fuck with the lights around the house etc… DUMB! I was out at Sams on day 9 and got a call from a guy I was doing side work for who needed me to FTP him something I had been working on. I rushed home (again, this was 9 days after my reversal) jumped in bed with my laptop tray and bucked my hips up to reposition myself and slammed my right vas reconnection site against the corner of the really sharp hardwood laptop tray I was using. I gave myself a hematoma and was all kinds of fucked up for about a month. I thought I had ripped my stiches. The hematoma was the size of a giant grape and the pressure from the swelling was horrific. Fortunately, I eventually had huge Sperm counts so the damage was not permanent but man respect what you just had. MICROSURGERY. Those are delicate tissues. Take it easy man.

The first day I could jack off was Christmas day btw and I think my first post on the Yahoo pain forum was “I YANK YANK YANK YANK YANKED MY HANK ON CHRISTMAS DAY IN THE MORNING!!!” Even thought it hurt some with the hematoma it felt good.

Keep us posted. Take it easy. Watch anything and anyone that goes near your junk area. In a rush to get back to normal life and prove you are tough you can fuck up BAD. Let me repeat this to you. YOU LIKE ALL MEN THINK YOU ARE A BADASS AND YOU WILL BE TEMPTED TO PROVE TO EVERYONE YOU ARE A TOUGH GUY… FUCK THAT!!!

You only get one chance to heal right Make the most of it.



Thanks @MikeO - I definitely am trying to take the opposite of my high school football coach’s mentality.

I was trying for the gentle nudge on hijacking. I want to keep posting on this thread on my recovery so people can follow. For every active poster, there are probably five guys who are inactive posters but reading, and another 20 who haven’t joined yet, but are in the initial bewildered stage of “holy shit I didn’t think I’d have pain from this vas and it hasn’t gone away yet!” or “What the hell why am I suddenly getting pain X months/years from the vas?”

There are two big parts to healing for people on this board. First is the pain itself - there are a bunch of different paths and treatment to try. The second is psychological. If the pain is wrecking one’s life, clearly one’s going to try to get rid of the pain first, but there’s also a lot of effort to dealing with any anger and regret issues since the pain stems from a voluntary or “voluntary” decision. (The quotes refers to the folks who made a voluntary decision under pressure from the wife or others)

I’m clearly not out of the woods with pain. I feel as though I’ve traded pressure and general aches for mild surgical pain when things down there shift. The key difference is that my current pain feels like the type of pain that will heal. Given that I had no sperm and clear fluid/no fluid, even at 14 months, I would seem have a high chance the reversal would fail for fertility. We’ll see.

My most likely source of injury will be pressure to do more housework or one of my kids banging my nuts. I have three girls, so not as crazy as boys, but still able to just jab you somehow when you’re sitting or standing too close. Wife is also in a shitty mood after I had a week of bed rest and I now can’t lift anything. I bite my tongue but I really want to mention that we arranged 5-6 months of maternity leave for her for each kid. I don’t say anything since any commenting would be a losing proposition.


I have 3 girls as well. I will say I think your wife being in a shitty mood is a bad sign. I look back at how bad my pain was and the hell I went through. My wife should have been apologizing every day for what I went through. Women have been having babies forever. Really, they are engineered to do this, that’s what they evolved to do. It’s not like our wives are crawling out in a field and pushing out these babies by themselves. There are drugs and nurses and doctors and anesthesia and hospitals… I have come to the conclusion that this quid pro quo idea that men need to surgically alter their testicles because they don’t have wombs is evil and wrong. We don’t have wombs, we can’t help with the babies. So when I hear you say your wife is in a shitty mood my feeling is F*** HER. Just my two cents.

You are right, there is a psychological component to healing as well but you can’t move onto and through that part of it if your pain levels never get to an acceptable level. That’s where I am.

Good luck to you. The board needs success stores, complete success stories and I hope you are one of them.


I fully agree about the two parts to healing. The pain keeps bringing the mental issues back in. It’s a bad cycle.


Wouldn’t that be a good thing if the reversal healed your pain and failed to make you fertile?


Glad to hear you are hopeful! I really appreciate the updates. I’ve had a bit of a setback this week and am suddenly considering getting on Dr. Mark’s schedule again.


Yes, Day 11 now and the swelling has gone down a bit. I didn’t have too much swelling overall.

I have been having morning erections but I was told that is not a problem.

Still some mild aches that feel surgical, especially as things shift down there. The aching is primarily on my right side which was my worse side before VR and the side that had no vasal fluid at reversal.

I feel quite good overall and have been wearing tight support since day 3. I’ve continued to ice when I can, and thankfully I have an office at work where I can close the door. I’ve been taking it easy but I did walk a half mile to and from lunch yesterday with no trouble.


I’ve passed the two week mark now and still feel pretty good. I haven’t had my congestion/kick in the balls feeling. I have had some continued surgical aches if things shift around.

Ejac for the first time - it still seems like before so there may or may not be sperm present. But it was nice to ejac without feeling like I got kicked in the balls 20 minutes - 1 hour later. The incision site bled a bit from the skin getting moved around and I was sore due to that, but I just used gauze and neosporin and it feels fine now.

I’m still on the meloxicam/gabapentin so hopefully that’s keeping things steady.


That’s great news Robert. Hopefully this is the end of your PVPS journey.

I’ll be going for a reversal in the next few months as well, just waiting on a date. I’m not sure if it will fix me however, as my pain is congestive and neuropathic, but I have to try something, and reversal is a logical first step.

It’s like there’s a World Vasectomy-Reversal Day going on here!


@Vasregret. I wish you luck man and if you believe in God, may his blessings be with you.


Hey Robert, any update now that we’re even another two weeks out?


So far so good. Recovery has had pretty minimal discomfort. I am on gabapentin and meloxicam still. Just a twinge of ache on my previously worse side, but all in all, a good result so far. No regrets on the VR.

The wound is still bleeding a bit from time to time, unfortunately triggered when things get moved around down there from ejac. I still haven’t exercised but I can move around without issue.

I have my followup in a couple weeks with Dr P via phone, and I have to setup a SA a week before that.


Good to hear @Robert


All the best- stay positive. I built reversal up to be something bigger than it was-yes I was swollen and yes I took it real easy for 6 weeks or so but it made me feel like there was a chance for recovery-all the best.


I don’t think all reversal recoveries are made equal just as vasectomy recoveries are not equal, however my vasectomy was a non-event compared to reversal.

You have to respect the reversal recover because if you are not careful it is very easy to give yourself a hematoma when recovering from a reversal. Also you have to understand that you just had microsurgery and when that is healing you can’t do anything to put stress on the tissues that were joined while they knit. I was 9 days post reversal and I bumped myself and gave myself a hematoma the size of a large grape on one side. It was very unpleasant and make you think you just flushed several thousand dollars down the toilet, so you just have to respect that window afterwards and take it easy.


Hello Robert. How are you progressing with your recent reversal with Dr. P?


I’m doing well, thanks. It’s been 6 weeks and I have had minimal discomfort since the reversal and I am very happy with the improvement. I go through the day without feeling like I need to take a crap from my scrotum or that someone tapped me in the nuts earlier in the day.

However, the scrotum has not healed fully and I am left with a “hole” about 2mm wide in the middle. I guess I could use it to take another look at my epi or testicle, lol. I have to keep applying neosporin and wait it out to heal.

I’m continuing to wear a jockstrap at all times. I have my first SA on Thursday then my follow-up next Tues.

My reversal recovery to date has been quite smooth, in contrast to my vas recovery where the initial surgical pain lasted 2.5 months.


Thanks for the update. I am so glad it is going well for you! I keep on reading about others with unsuccessful procedures. I am scheduled for reversal with PUR soon, but second guessing if it’s the right thing or too soon. Discomfort comes 24-48 hours after ejaculation. Stays about 1 or 2 on scale of 1 to 10. The. Original Vas was done in December 2015. My mind is constantly thinking about it and on high alert. Anyone have any advice for a new member to the site?