I'll take what's behind door #2....going for reversal


Thanks Mike. As @raising4girls said, some of us dont really take to surgical sterilization and I am one of them.

Lots of good stories from reversals, there is just a cost and loss of benefit that is the hurdle to many.

I am looking forward to tomorrow and taking things easy will be the hard part!


Good luck tomorrow. I am 3 months post reversal with Dr P and don’t regret it at all. Take it easy for as along as possible.


I just got back to the hotel.

I feel a bit rough from the general anesthetic - nausea, woozy. Just a yucky feeling.

What is interesting is there was no fluid on my right side, and clear fluid on the left, no sperm. I am only 14 months since vas so that surprising…

Staff was nice and the day flew by.


@Robert Glad to hear it went well. That’s interesting about the fluid tests. Any explanation from the doctor? Hard to believe things shut down like that given you’re less than 2 years. Just goes to show that so many things are unpredictable. Looking forward to hear about your progress. I’m up in 8 days for mine.


Yes, given the circumstances I am still feeling comfotable. Dr P does a cord block, so i may still be feeling that benefit.

I figure I will ask about the findings next call in 4-6 weeks. My right side is my worse side, and I am pretty sure I was inflammed most of the time post vas. I wonder if it could have been shut by inflammation, who knows.

Just as long as I can feel like myself again, and I am very optimistic that will happen.


Glad to hear it went well, all the best in your recovery and I hope this does the trick !


All the best my friend- I’ve been on that same trip. Make sure to stay off your feet as much as possible and get the wheelchair through the airport for sure. Best wishes for recovery!


Thanks Jason. I had it last Monday. I’d say I felt like a weenie having my senoir citizen mom pushing me through the orlando airport.

This is my last day of bed rest. So far, this has been much more comfortable than the original vas. I feel some minor aching on one side, but different from my pre-vas pain and more like healing pain from vas.

Everyone at South Lake hospital was very nice. What is interesting is I had a different Dr perform one side for me - I forget her name but she had a Carribean accent. I am a bit dissapointed since you want the master surgeon to do everything. Hopefully the robot is a good technique equalizer so my result is still good.

The wound is very small, about an inch across the bottom of the scrotum. Interestingly, they shaved me when I was out so I woke up with a total pornstar shave.

I’m still surprised that my findings were clear fluid/no fluid at 14 mos post-vas. I wonder if inflammation quickly blocked up the epi for me and gave me congestion quickly. Then the steroid opened it up for relief in the fall when I took it.

Laying around doing nothing is not my personality, so it is tough! I feel like it’s been the right move so far for me.


I hear you. Laying around for me sucks so much. But you gotta do what you gotta do to heal I guess :confused:
how’s it feeling pain wise? you mentioned a bit of pain but “different” than the original vas pain.
A lot less severe pain? Similar? How would you describe the pain that you think is the healing? (I hope it’s healing pain, im just curious)


It is less severe pain, but seems like surgical pain as it is associated with moving or moving the scrotal support. It is similar to the type of pain I had immediately post vas but about a quarter as severe. Things are mildly swollen and the scrotum has some mild bruising on each side.

I have not felt around much, but my penis is very squished in from the jock and tight underwear.

It has been a week so it is back to work for me tomorrow. I feel ready enough.


Your reversal recovery seems to be going more like my second one. Major difference between the two.

Good luck at work tomorrow. That should be your second challenge. The first one was getting yourself home from Orlando :frowning:


Check and check. Now I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of day 14!

I have been continuing with ice religiously. Thankfully i can close my office door…


Sounds like its progressing well for you i couldnt get off the couch for a month after my vasectomy let alone reversal. All the best with it.


Second one? You’ve had more than one surgery post vas?


This could be just me, but has anyone else noticed this post vas?
I notice that when I do more walking, or other physical activity, with the exception of my workouts(which sometimes hurts a bit) that the pain is almost non-existent or not even there.
But then when I’m sitting around doing nothing, It hurts more. :thinking:


How does someone have 2 reversals?.. lol


That reminds me of this person who messaged me a while back suggesting I look into Dr John Sarno. He claims that the pain is all mental…


“Dr John Sarno. He claims that the pain is all mental…”

He’s the guy I would love us all to kidnap, tie to a gurney and then get out our hemostats, cautery pens and the like and when he pisses his pants tell him not to worry because the pain is mental.

Sounds like a complete dick.


Well he’s got books and everything talking about this and he’s a doctor who specializes in this field. Not just for PVPS, but all types of pain…and I wouldn’t wish this type of pain on anyone.


And are you at least in complete relief from both of these reversals and the other procedure?