If you have congestion pain, could this help?


So everyone seems to think I have congestion pain. Is there a way to insert a needle into the vas def and remove fluid there that is causing pain and the congestion???

I mean, they do it for a ton of other things like blood in the lungs, why couldn’t they do this?

And if they did, and there was relief, it would narrow things down to almost 100% that it’s congestion.

I have been thinking about this since my last dr appt. I mean, in theory it makes all the sense in the world.
Has anyone ever had this done?
Has anyone ever asked about it being done?
And if yes, what were the results and the answers from the doctors.
How much relief did it give you?

I’m quite serious about this. Cause I am really getting tired of the pain and not being able to do stuff. Walking my kid to school and walking home has become so painful. And that’s only a 1/2 mile total!

What do you guys think?


I wonder what the consistency of that fluid is and what gauge of NEEDLE it would take.
Also maybe this could also irritate things.
Great question though, curious what the more knowledgeable’s on here have to say.


How painful? Maybe it’s the movement of the walk moving the boys that aggravates the testies and the incision sites?

I guess potential they could do that. But I seem to remember someone on her talk about getting reverse, and his docs said it was like paste. So his system left alot behind when it was trying to break down all his swimmers.

Maybe if you could do that early on. But it seems production would out pace extraction.


Have you tried converting to an open-ended vasectomy? That seems to have worked for some on this forum, here’s an example…


I’m in pain all the time. Even if I am not moving.

I’m just curious if anyone has tried it. I view it like a cord block. If you try that and it doesn’t work it’s another thing to tick off the list.

The specialists I have seen don’t want to do that. they want to just do a reversal. less chance of pain and more scarring. And the more you get opened up the more chance of long term issues.

Yeah, i’m not sure. I would assume it would have to be a big ol needle gauge. It would probably irritate things but if you think about it removing the back up it would help and should relieve the pain. I view it like a nerve block. pin point accuracy of something.


Open ended worked wonders for me…still pain free years later…plus I didn’t want to go back to being fertile


so the sperm just goes where? Into the bottom of the scrotum?


I got an open ended conversion that solved little to none and ended up with neuroma on both sides. They removed it on one side but it starts to hurt again after a couple of months, the other side hurts all the time. But open ended conversion can be a quick fix, but make sure they check for neuromi and maybe try an infiltration first. Which will make your balls numb and can be good to see if it is indeed pressure that is causing the pain.


I’ve wondered this same thing cartman. I know that it is the consistency of toothpaste (which is what was told me when i asked this question), but if they could inject some solution that could make it more water like, and then take it out with a needle…it seems feesable to me. I hope someone is working on this solution. But probably not. Because from my perspective noone really seems to care about us very much. Let me know if you hear that this does exist. Thanks & good luck


It’s pointless. Sure, you could in theory drain the sperm out of the epididymis, but your body will just produce more sperm and fill it up again.

Then you’re right back to square one.

Maybe they could put in a permanent drain and give you a bag to wear all the time, kinda like a colostomy bag. Wouldn’t that be something? Lol


At this point i might consider a testicular colostomy bag.! Lol


“Is that you sperm bag fairy?”