I still wish I was sterile


Hey guys hope you are doing better. I had to come back here to remember why I could never take this risk but I gotta admit how jealous I am of the guys who had a successful VAS with no side effects. Club freedom I call it. I’m with new ladies often and sucks so much to have to pull out (and remember to) and don’t get me started on condoms. The risks are not worth it though, all it took was reading a couple new stories to remind me. I wish science was working on something better for us !!


So you came here to brag about not being in pain and how much action you are getting?? I think all of us are jealous of the guys who had no side effects too.


@ConsideringVAS This is an odd post. If your only reason for wanting a vasectomy is so you can have condom free sex with random strangers, then your worrying about the wrong thing. Even if you get the vasectomy, you should still wear codoms unless, like most of us, you are in a monogamous committed relationship. You should be far more concerned about STDs than an accidental pregnancy. HIV, herpes, hepatitis, and other viruses are incurable. Syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia and other bacteria are treatable for the most part but can leave you with permanent issues not to mention that there are antibiotic resistant strains starting to appear that could kill you. All of these are far more common than PVPS. I’m not sure why you think a vasectomy is so scary when you are putting yourself at far more risk by not wearing a condom.


Well said @Kyvas, excellent points as well.


Even in my 20’s, 20+ years ago, I remember going to get STD tested and requesting the same of the women I was dating so we could have sex, condom free, with no worries. The idea of having condom free sex with a random person in a pickup situation is chill inducing. It’s like playing russian roulette with you life as well. The funny thing to note here is having that level of awareness over life ruining possibilities of unsafe sex and being responsible enough to get tested with every new relationship yet getting totally blindsided by life altering (potentially ruining) chronic groin pain due to vasectomy. The answer as to how it happened is clear. It’s awareness. As a society we did a good job in the wake of the AIDS epidemic drilling that into young people, the perils of unsafe sex. Everyone was onboard.

The irony of this thread is not lost on me. It would also be interesting to see a show of hands of how many guys would be on this site if they had never gotten a vasectomy in the first place.


I’m going to play devil’s advocate here for a minute.

Since @ConsideringVAS is already rolling the dice with his junk (unprotected sex), then if he really wants to take the risk of getting a vas and ending up with severe life altering pain (1 in 50) or troublesome pain (1 in 10ish) then I say go for it. Just know, that once you’re here, you’ll probably never be the same again.

I wish I was sterile too. I had a reversal 4 weeks ago. I am still in pain, and actually about 10% worse for the wear. At this point, I’m starting to accept that this is most likely going to be how the rest of my life will be. I always held onto hope that a reversal would fix me or improve my situation, but that hope is pretty much entirely gone now.

As far as the whole STD thing goes, I’d much rather have Hep C, HIV or herpes than PVPS. At least doctors could do something for you.

Fun fact, I know a guy who has HIV. He caught it early, took the anti-virals for quite some time, and now his blood tests come back as HIV negative. Although it’s still possible it could come back in the future, he can basically be considered cured and he lives a totally normal life.

I also have a friend that has Hep C. A new treatment for Hep C emerged a few years back, which he did. He is now free of Hep C. Essentially cured. Even herpes can be pretty effectively managed.

If only we had such successes with treating PVPS.


I can bet that the main reason there is no treatment is because the number of guys that come out and say they have this pain is far to small to interest doctors and big pharma for lack of profitability.