I lost the max in my climax


Very bummed to hear about your pain and wife situation. As for your pain issue, I’m no lawyer but that sounds like medical malpractice to me. I realize $$$ wont directly help your pain, but maybe help you find relief. It would serve to flag your Uro too, to warn others. I got vasected after learning that I have a genetic kidney disease (PKD). I didn’t want to risk accidentally passing it on… I was blessed with two sons, before learning about it. They have a 50% chance of not having it.


Hey man i am not the only one on here like this there is plenty more in my shoes its tough getting through days.


I can tell you that my orgasms post V were dramatically reduced 70-80%. Fuck all the bullshit out there saying that there is no medical evidence suggesting that vasectomy has any effect on the intensity or duration of a man’s orgasm. I used to have big powerful orgasms like shaking a pop can and releasing the cap, knee buckling type. I initially thought OK maybe its in my head (although I knew it wasn’t) and hoping that it might come back later. I also felt as thought my balls were no longer part of the sensation and it just got from bad to worse (i.e. ED and almost no cum, dribble, loosing orgasm sensation gradually over time). Well fast-forward 4 years later and I decided to get a reversal. Holy shit! I felt it right away after the surgery, the urge to release and my ED problems improved immediately. I would say that it took a good 4 months for the orgasm feeling to be back at 90% and 6-7 months to get it at 100%. For me the VR has given me back my sex life. No question vasectomies fuck a man’s system, I mean I literally feel like a man again and I am back to having a great sex life. Just wanted to share with you brothers who are in the same boat and sitting on the fence regarding a VR. Vasectomies are cruel and I still can’t understand why I went ahead with one but reversals have the ability to repair and provide the necessary fixes to ED/orgasm/climax issues post V.


Agree 100 percent there machoman.


“I scream when I masturbate” But serious now. It isn’t as much fun as before and it makes things even hurt more. The fluid looks ok but the the sensation sucks. And I already had issues to climax but now it seems to take ages, for my wife it starts to burn so I have to stop sometimes even without having a chance to climax.


Give your wife some lube. You have chronic pain now. She should be able to accommodate you for the sacrifice you made.


I will say I noticed a huge difference too. The color was white whereas before it was clearer and more yellow. After I had some pain return I now am back to not quite as white, not as much and some dribbling. I know I have sperm in my ejaculate so I am speculating I am half open.

I could probably live with the reduced amound if I did not have the god awful pinching sensation.


Can you give a little more instruction on how you do that?


Ben, my email is jsalabarria22@gmail. If you want further info, please hit
me up there. (i am not a bot…)


HA!!! My wife, she doesn’t give a shit. She’s perfectly fine taking care of herself and does all the time. Me, I haven’t been touched in years. As well as she doesn’t even talk about things. Never brings it up. If I do bring it up and throw it at her how my body/life is now f-ed up thanks to getting this done, she doesn’t say anything and walks away.