I give up - Reversal w/ Dr. Marks scheduled for 11/29


how are you feeling?


@crotalus97 its my opion and the old timers know better. Blocks are not very invasive and diagnosing tool for pain location. Sometimes if they hit a vein even blocks go wrong but not often. So yeah go for it. I more so meant dont get hacked open again till you give your body plenty time at least the 12 months.


Not bad. I definitely feel different. I can tell I’m still healing from the
surgery, but I’m definitely no worse off than before. Some things are
clearly better: erections, ejaculations, urination.


I have a feeling you are going to do pretty well. You sound positive, and things seem to be trending well considering you are only 5~ weeks out.


7 weeks out, and I’ve had some improvement the last week or so. Almost no “pain” to speak of. Just intermittent “kicked ball” sensations, and the sort of hot swollen feeling here and there. My incision is pretty much completely healed, so I take that as an indication that the vas tissue is likely similar.

Also, started lifting weights again this morning. Felt fine. Will be good for me mentally to get back in shape.

Staying positive, and still feeling good about my decision.

Second SA is this Friday.


Dr Marks told me that it takes 18 months to completely heal on the inside.

Great to hear you are still trending on the positive side of things.


Wow, that’s interesting. I’ll keep that in mind.


Quick update (as I’m intentionally trying to stay away for now):

Had two more SA’s (after the first one), one lower than the first (was put on 5mg/day prednisone), and then another one higher than the second but lower than the first. Still on low dose prednisone until my numbers “stabilize”.

Pain wise, I can definitively say that I’m now better than pre-reversal. It’s not extreme, but it’s real. At 3.5 months out from reversal, I take that as a positive and am hopeful for more improvement.

I’m still icing twice a day and wearing support (per instructions).


so what are your pain levels currently?


My overall pain was never more than the 1-3 level. But if my previous average was 10, my level now is probably 7.5. Also I’ve had some other benefits with urination, etc.


Fourth SA results:

68.4 million sperm

61% motility

They are taking me off the low dose prednisone and putting me back on NSAIDS (meloxicam). No new pain reductions to report.


Fifth SA results:

5.5 million sperm

Looks like my numbers cratered after going off the prednisone. Back on prednisone! Yay!

It’s funny because the last couple weeks have actually been a little better. Felt like I was starting to make some real headway. A little disheartening that my sperm counts are not really tied to my pain levels, but not totally surprising. I never did think I had “congestion” pain primarily.


Big difference there, but, honestly, I exhibited a similar span back in 2008-09 during my first post-reversal relapse. I had one at 7MM and another a few weeks later at 49MM. I think sperm counts depend A LOT on recent ejaculations, temperatures, etc. I think our individual counts vary widely and you almost need 30 samples in order to assume statistical accuracy.


I had a similar thought. Dr. Marks was asking if I felt ok, if I’d been sick, etc., so I think he was thinking along the same lines.

Whatever though, I think low dose prednisone is easier on my system than NSAIDS anyway.


Hows things with you been lately mate? I was reading your progress with optimism.


Not much change to report. I’m about 25% better pain-wise than pre-reversal I’d say. I’m 5 months out, so you’d think the “real improvement” would have started by now.

The most noticeable thing the reversal did is improve my “prostatitis” like symptoms. I definitely still have some pelvic floor or postural or nerve stuff going on that I have to stay on top of. I feel like that’s permanent.


Six months out from reversal now, and the latest semen analysis showed 0 sperm. So looking like I’m out $10k and still in pain. Not great. I did get some improvement from reversal that is unfortunately still subtle. The good news, I suppose, is that I’ve had a pretty decent couple of weeks.

Trying to wrap my brain around living the rest of my life like this.


@Tempe5 Sorry to hear that but reading other stories it seems guys still get a lot of pain relief even if reverals is closed. Hopefully you will continue to see results as you continue to heal. Keep us posted on your journey.


Dr. Marks wants me to do steroids for another month. At this point, I’m not sure I even want to. I’m thinking I may go back to papaya now that I’m closed up. Best case scenario is that my remaining pain is all congestion now, and that would clear it up.


Is there a chance the steroid could help open you back up? That’s a difficult decision