I give up - Reversal w/ Dr. Marks scheduled for 11/29


Celebrex helps me a lot.

In short, it was my recommendation to stay on celebrex a long time.

Despite what anyone else thinks, including reversal surgeons, I do believe staying on a powerful NSAID is a good idea post reversal for quite a while to help keep the inflammation down.

Some of us have a lot of systemic inflammation by default, and perhaps even more so post vas, let alone post reversal. Reversals are no joke, and as you already know, they are in no way comparable to a vasectomy.


I would echo a lot of what you are experiencing post reversal far as the improvement of a lot of things. I could definitely tell the difference between vasectomized, and reversed. Totally different experiences all around.

Even on a failed reversal, I still have many of these benefits.


I can also echo @RingoStar. I had better erections ever since my now failed reversal as well. It felt as though the blood flow was better.

I also have not experienced any premature ejac issues like I had post-vas.


@Tempe5 I iced religiously for the first 2 months. I mean I iced anytime I was at home almost constantly (30 min on, 10 off). Eventually I backed off a bit because I felt like I wasn’t getting much benefit out of it. Currently 3+ months out i’m at basically 30 min in the morning and 30 at night per the continued instructions of Dr. Marks.


This is a very good point. I am not sure if the celebrex and prednisone were responsible or being put back together was what did it but any prostatitis like issues I had vanished after my reversal. I have often wondered this same thing.


4 week mark here. Still icing as much as I can and doing very little walking, no lifting, nothing strenuous at all.

I am absolutely dying to start lifting weights and exercising again, especially as the holiday treats continue to pack on the pounds.

Pain levels seem to be subtly improving day by day, and nothing new to report. I’d say my previous bad side is still slightly worse. My incision is still not fully healed, so I can’t imagine my vas connections are either. My first SA is in a couple days, so that will be interesting to see. Sitting is the worst for me. Standing and laying down are fine for the most part.

Mentally in a good place still, and feeling like I made the right decision. Even kind of wish I had reversed earlier.


@Tempe5 Hey - just read through this thread. Thanks for the posts and I’m impressed with the report you received for the reversal. I had one last March and have no regrets. Things are back to normal but are much better. Good luck with the continued recovery.


First SA results:

86.8 million sperm
42% motility

So basically back to “average” fertility. At least I know the reversal “worked” and hasn’t scarred over at this early juncture.



My name is Jason and another victim of the vasectomy.
I had reversal 10 months ago. Right side had horrible nerve pain for first two months. Then for 3 months reversal appeared to be a success. Unfortunately, starting month 5 right side got worse, and then month 8 the left got worse too. Now at month 10 it’s apparent that getting the reversal was a BIG mistake.

What am I to do? I was told by Pain Dr to first try GenitoFemoral nerve block.


@crotalus97 Hi buddy. Some keep improving after a year. I to have had a reversal 5 months ago sadly i am no better either but while i can walk around and am not bed ridden i will leave it be for at least 12 months or more. Do not fall victim of operation after operation its to much, unless of coarse if you are crippled by pain. Just want to say after my reversal my erections have never got back to before vas life and neither has all my protate and peeing issues, i nowdays pee like a 80 year old man dribble dribble. Also i still have massive hydocele on left side and still at 5 months remainder of hematoma size of a marble hard as a hydocele will get drained in next month with needle nothing to invasive. I totally agree with @RingoStar celebrex helps with inflamation and pain but have come off it after few months now because its not safe to keep taking it. The guys reversal has worked for you good on you because we can only try and its a shity life like this…



Thank you so much for your reply. Should I then wait the 12 months before trying a nerve block? If I do try nerve block I was given option to first try spermatic cord or to try Genitofemoral. pain dr. is recommending I try Genitofemoral block first.


Those are not bad numbers for a first SA. I don’t know how long your were sterile but for me the first SA was really small then at month 4 things opened wide up and I had great numbers, as high as pre-vas. What is your concentration like?


I was sterile for 22 months.

Concentration was 14 mil/mL, at 6.2mL total volume.


how long did you abstain?


IT will get better. Those are similar to my numbers in the same time period. If you try a short course of prednisone I bet your numbers will pop.


Your numbers are good, and as mentioned already, they will likely get better over the next few months at minimum.

Your motility is “a bit” on the lower end, but it’s still good. I’m not thinking there is any reason to get on a steroid such as prednisone, and I doubt ICVR would recommend it at this point either.

Stick with the celebrex for a couple more months if you have no reason (such as medical reasons) to get off it now. Anyone that is unaware of the risks of a powerful NSAID such as celebrex, a simple Google search will tell all.

I know of some guys that got off the celebrex in a matter of 4-8~ weeks, and switched over to an all natural NSAID regiment for several months post reversal, and did very well pain wise, and patency wise.

Good luck man.


The motility will go up the longer he is open until it stabilizes. I think I got up to the high 60’s an maybe the 70’s but I would have to look up my old numbers.

I think Marks said at one point that when motility goes down that can be an early indication you are closing off or are restricted in some way.


It was like 2.5-3 days.


I suppose anything is possible.

@Tempe5 SA numbers are a bit higher than my first SA on my redo reversal. My motility might have been a bit higher, but I’d have to check to be certain.

My SA numbers peaked by 6 months (over 150 million motile), and my motility was generally around 80%~.

@Tempe5, I feel I have gave you my best on this. Ultimately, you should, and I know you will, do what Dr Marks, and/or ICVR thinks you should do for a while, and/or indefinitely~.


Yeah, I’m doing exactly what they (ICVR) tell me to do. Thanks.