I give up - Reversal w/ Dr. Marks scheduled for 11/29


24 hours post-reversal now.

I can certainly echo the thoughts of others on here when I say that ICVR is absolutely first rate. Not sure how they could have possibly made me or my wife more comfortable or confident.

The procedure itself was painless. Prick in the hand for the IV, and then lights out until it was over.

Dr. Marks said my left side (worse side) was full of fluid and oozed and oozed and when he thought it was done and went to reconnect it, it oozed some more. He also said the vas was too low on that side, and he was pretty sure congestion was my problem on that side. The right side had less fluid, but had a good sized granuloma that he thought might have been leaking. He gave me good pictures of the big globs of tissue he removed and he put me on prednisone right away because the tissue in there looked so inflamed.

Drove back from Tucson to Phoenix right after (after stopping for In-N-Out on the way home).

Spent the rest of the day playing xbox and icing.

Woke up this morning feeling ok, but then I went to get in the shower and I actually passed out cold on the floor, which is a first for me. Wife called Dr. Marks and his first question was, “Did he look at it?” Ha. So he wasn’t too concerned.

Pain is nothing I’m not used to at this point, just achy and sore and bruised from surgery. All the ice makes it hard to tell if it feels different or not, but there is definitely a sensation of lightness down there that I imagine is from losing all that built up fluid.

I’ll get the pics uploaded soon for posterity.



Wow, those granulomas look positively nasty.

Those are centimeters I’m assuming.


That’s an impressive amount of scar tissue. Did you ever feel around your scrotum and notice these lumps? Were they noticeable otherwise?

Also, those vas to vas connections look great. Very clean. You’re off to a good start to getting to 100%


I could feel the hard lumps at the vas sites on both sides, and I could definitely tell the whole vas had increased in thickness.


@Tempe5, thanks for posting all of your post op pictures man, I really appreciate that.

The picture of the granulomas, and scarring are friggin nasty. Vasectomy is a stone age, archaic, backwoods form of birth control if you ask me. Pretty unbelievable this is what a multitude of men are running around with in their scrotums.

Don’t look at the drain tube, lol. Eventually you will have to remove it :confused:

You definitely picked the right guy, and/or the right place to do your reversal. ICVR is top notch all the way around far as their reversals go.

Best of luck with your recovery.


how are you doing now @Tempe5?


Almost two weeks out now. Recovery has been pretty uneventful. Basically didn’t get off my back for the first week, icing around the clock, etc. I’m still taking it easy, and icing as much as I can. Finished the prednisone, and am now on celebrex for 60 days.

It’s probably too early to say anything about whether I’m better, but I’m certainly not any worse at this point, and I’m in a better place mentally.

Mostly have had a lot of minor “kicked ball” feeling that migrates between the sides. Had some nausea here and there my first couple days back at work while standing, but now I think that was actually the prednisone, as it hasn’t returned yesterday or today.

I’ll be “clearing the pipes” for the first time tomorrow, so that will be interesting.


Question for anyone who had a reversal with Marks (was going to ask the nurse when she calls tomorrow, but I’ll try here):

When my scrotum warms up and relaxes, it looks like the incision is “attached” to something inside the scrotum, if that makes sense. So everything hangs but that area, which remains kind of cinched up like it’s been sutured to something inside. Is that normal? Will it release when the sutures finish dissolving? It doesn’t hurt or anything; was just curious if that was standard practice.


Mine didn’t look or feel that way, but I think everyone is different. FWIW i’m 3 months post reversal and my incision hasn’t changed much at all. Still hasn’t turned “inside out” like I thought it would. Its sore, but only if touched.


@Tempe5, I didn’t experience anything quite like you are describing, but it does take a long time for the incision to heal to the point where it’s soft, and normal again. I’m talking like 6+ months, or better.

Your so early, I’d like to say what you are experiencing is normal, but idk. When in doubt…


John I saw your post today on another topic and wanted to come back here and say that the elimination of the burning pain is/was a huge unexpected thing that happened to me too. The prostate like symptoms vanished and the burning kind of disappeared. Unfortunately for me at 5 years out I’m at work right now typing this with a lot of burning on the left. It’s not as bad as what I had prior to reversal but the burning pain is the worst. It is amazing to me that you can have an almost complete elimination of prostate type symptoms with a reversal but it happens. I think it’s neuromas or neuropathy around the scar tissue and it’s possible it can come back. I’m hoping in your case it does not. I think guys like me and @raising4girls are they type of guys that were okay and then the area gets traumatized again and the nerves all light up again.


I’ve found a few other things as well following my reversal that may have been a part of the burning in my case. I’ll update my original post tonight or tomorrow detailing what has happened after reversal. It is now undeniably clear (through XRay) that I had a pelvic muscular/skeletal issue pre-vas and the vas trauma triggered it, causing a cascade of problems. Basically, I was doomed to a life of pelvic pain that probably would of started in the next 10-15 years. At that time there wouldn’t of been many treatment options to reverse the damage. I just got the party started a little early with the vas but by catching it early I may have prevented an even bigger mess.

Sitting still causes a little prostate burning feeling but so minimal it doesn’t bother me.


I am curious to hear what you have learned. I too was a vasectomy pain disaster waiting to happen.

Unlike you, my vas urologist should’ve known better than to recommend, and/or say I was a good candidate for vasectomy.

He shouldn’t have expected me to know any better. I didn’t know squat about this stuff back then.


@John1 I’m curious too. I think that I may have had symptoms of pelvic floor tightness that I didn’t recognize. Curious as to what was found on the XRays. Thanks


Pretty interesting to see that Marks is officially out of the PVPS business. Not surprising to me at all, as they were steering me to Dr. Burrows a couple months ago.

Maybe he’s just tired of profiting off of his industries dirty little secret? Maybe he can’t take the guilt anymore?

By the way, Marks told my wife that 99.9% of men have no problems from vasectomy… so, yeah, he’s playing the same game the others are for sure.

I got what I needed from Marks, and I feel like his experience and process were the best available, especially since he was so close. But I in no way feel like he’s running a charity, or that he has any sort of special ability to “fix” us. He has no clear idea of what causes PVPS either.


Question for reversal veterans: How long did you ice regularly?

Dr. Marks recommends icing religiously for 3 days, then twice daily for “months”.

A lot of other reversal surgeons recommend stopping the ice to promote bloodflow after the acute period.

I’ve been following the Marks recommended method and icing as much as possible, partially because the numbness and tightness feel better.


I kept up with Dr Marks recommendation for quite a while. Perhaps several months anyway.

I stuck with it through the acute phase as you are saying, but tapered off for the exact reasons you are talking about far as blood flow, better healing, etc.

After the acute phase, I would ice only when having issues. My thinking was, it would help keep the inflammation down. Seems I stopped icing by month 2-3~.

I stayed on celebrex for a long time post redo reversal with Marks. As long as 9-12+ months.

Keep in mind I had another corrective procedure 6 months post redo. In hindsight, that was a huge mistake.


Did Marks recommend the Celebrex because of SA numbers, or just for continued pain relief?


Just an update on my recovery after almost 3 weeks:

This is strange, and something I hadn’t really noticed/expected, but my erections are stronger (sorry if TMI, but I didn’t expect this or notice they had decreased). Also, urination is stronger/better. Urination wasn’t exactly painful, but the whole area felt inflamed and I think it was literally cutting off my “flow” lol. I had some bouts with slight burning that would come and go, and that’s stopped. Almost like I had a prostate problem or something that’s now resolved. Weird. Or this could all be from the prednisone/celebrex.

Overall pain is right in line with my average prior to reversal, so that’s a relief at this point. I was pretty worried about the possibility of getting worse. My mental state is astronomically better as well.