I give up - Reversal w/ Dr. Marks scheduled for 11/29


There is another quote on here where he recently told another member “nobody has ever gotten worse”.

This was actually quoted in a long thread you posted in prior to your reversal, and I called BS on the quote that nobody has gotten worse trying to warn you guy’s, or anyone that reads that thread in the future.

I totally agree with your thoughts @jsh, but I don’t want you to loose hope far as never getting better.


I havn’t yet. But I do agree there should be caution against the idea that a reversal is a cureall. Clearly it is surgery just like other procedures and really there are tons of different outcomes.


jsh, that sucks so much, man, and obviously is my worst case scenario. I’m gonna read up on your story.

Getting worse, or even paying all that money for no change, is the reason I’ve gone back and forth for so long. In retrospect I was ready about a year ago.

As Ringo says, there are a lot of reversal stories on here where guys were worse for a long time before they finally got better. I think the odds are still in your favor.

I’ve already paid my money, and I’m committed now, but I’d be lying if I said your post and experience (as well as the other guy on here recently who never had any pain before a Marks reversal) aren’t terrifying to me.


Another thing I wonder about is whether my mentality going into this is a good one or not. I’ve been telling my wife all along that this probably isn’t going to work, and I’ve been trying to prepare myself for failure as much as possible. And I’ve told her that if it somehow does work, it will take six at least months. The power of negative thinking!


So sorry to read this. Are you taking any meds?


I know man, it really is not my intent to freak you out.


Yeah aleve, tizanidine, cymbalta, and every supplement under the sun.


It’s not just a “Marks reversal” that people should be concerned about making them worse either. There are stories from guys that went to Marks, P, Werthman, and other reversal surgeons that ended up worse off.

I feel pretty confident saying that many of these guys made progress over time, but not all of them.

We have stories about guys that were told “nobody has ever got worse” from other top tier pvps reversal surgeons to.

Like I’ve always said, just because someone says nobody has ever gotten worse, doesn’t mean you won’t be the first.

Lots of supposed “you are the first, or nobody has ever been made worse” quotes on here from vasectimists, reversal surgeons, de-nervation surgeons, and so on. I don’t believe them.


Hi mate

I’ve not been on for a bit and just seen your post.

I think you definitely have the same low level pain I had and am sure you will be 100% in a couple of months.

I’ve been100% for 12 months time.

Keep the faith dude, happy times are ahead.

All the best of British for your op

Kind regards



Woody, glad to hear you’re still doing well, and I really appreciate the positive comments.


@Tempe5, I apologize if some of my posts aren’t exactly all positive, I just try and shoot everyone that reads this forum as straight as I can far as knowledge, and advice goes.

I certainly didn’t appreciate my vas doc shooting me as crooked as it gets with all the positive stuff, and none of the negative stuff in my verbal consultation (I’m certain many others didn’t as well). I certainly wouldn’t do that to anyone.

I’m definitely well suited to post in reversal threads as I’ve had two of them. I’ve been there, done that, and know a lot about it in general.

I think you are going into this well advised, and odds are in your favor. I wish you the best of luck brother.


No apology needed, Ringo. I consider your advice to me and others on this forum to be invaluable. I’m fully aware of the real outcomes and I have you and others here to thank for that.


Three days to go. Anyone take any supplements post surgery for healing/scar tissue?


@Tempe5 i am not on here much anymore. I am 4 months post reversal and i am worse. Still remains of hematoma lumps and hydoceles my nuts are a mess. Also i have all the nerve pain everywhere, nuts, cords, abdominal/groin area. I am still hopeing i may get better up to 12 months. But no sadly i am not better. I dont want to scare you and yes we have to do reversal because if you dont have a go you dont know. All the best mate.


@Tempe5 I was at ICVR just a few weeks ago myself. Additional surgery is always a small gamble but I just want to say I was overwhelmingly pleased with the folks at the clinic and my outcome so far is looking great, much better then I expected honestly. You’re probably going to have some ups and downs after - don’t get discouraged and stay positive.

Like you, right after I committed to the surgery I had some of my best pain days and wondered if I had made a mistake.

Following the surgery my prostate/perineum burning pains have almost vanished over the course of about 2 weeks. Abdominal pain on my bad side is almost all gone as well. These are two things I did NOT expect to get better following the reversal.

If I had to do it again I would return to ICVR, no doubt about it. I hope your outcome is as good as mine, if not better. Best of luck my friend.

Btw they’re going to steer you away from places like this, for good reason.


@Tempe5. Clear any supplement with Marks first because some of them can increase your bleeding risk. However, I would focus on a really clean diet with lots of dark leafy greens, berries, vegetables, etc. I would probably take Turmeric, fish oil, vitamin d, vitamin e, vitamin c, ALA and magnesium. All are pretty anti-inflammatory with strong antioxidant properties and the magnesium will help keep the muscles relaxed.

I know he’s going to tell you to stay off this website, which is a good idea, but definitely keep us posted as best you can. Good luck man.


hope it goes well @Tempe5


Thanks all! On the way back from ICVR. Things went as well as can be
expected. I’m gonna upload the pics of my insides and give a more in depth
update at that time.


Excited for you! Penciled in for Marks once their schedules are solid. Looking at end of Feb. I’m excited to have this fixed.


I got mine with Marks about 5 years ago this month exactly. I was 12/10/2017. I got the nice slide show of the gnarly shit removed from my spermatic cords as well. I should create a Christmas Card and send that to the “1 in 3000” fuckwit urologist that gave me my vasectomy every year.

You sound like you’re in good shape. Hard part is taking it easy for a week. It gets boring but guard that part of your body now like it’s nitro-glycerin. Ice Ice baby…