HUGE hematoma and post surgical drain


Maybe a good tip for the bleeders among us. I’ve changed from gauze pads to the pads that have plastic backing and contain clothing agent. The same stuf used in diapers and female pads.
Works a lot cleaner.

Also I wear suspenders clipped to my underwear. That helps keeping things in place while walking. A double T-shirt hides this from the outside world :wink:


Thanks guys,

 I think myself and your experience steriledarlie are very similar mate. I'm still bleeding now over 5 weeks on but is slowing down everyday. I wish all this on no other man lol.  The right side of my scrotum feels really hard and still more swollen. I'm seeing my surgeon tomorrow so hopefully all going well. Cheers


I’m now 5 weeks+ and the wound has closed yesterday. Seen the doctor just now.
Told him that I still have radiating pain from my groin into my left leg, abdomen and lower back.
Left testicle is still 70% swollen and very sensitive.

He gave me a second antibiotic prescription and advised me to stop using bandages so the wound could heal better.
For the pain just keep swallowing paracetamol he said.

Asked him why my left testicle is still so swollen, and he just said that it was irritated after the operation and bleeding.
Had a feeling he wanted to avoid talking about the operation at any cost.


Hey, man. Just checking to see how the appointment went. Are things getting any better?


Of course the guy didn’t want to talk about it. He messed you up. I’m sure though if some other guy comes in he will never mention you.

Do youself and us a favor and please list your prescribers name. Just be objective about what he has said and done and he should be okay. Who knows, if he sees his name here maybe he will change his pitch and informed consent to include bad outcomes.


Mike, at this point I’m only posting my experiences here. I’m considering what possible legal steps to do depending on my recovery process.
I’ve already had some substantial extra expenses and delays in my work schedule due to the complications.
My grief is that during the pre-op (group)-instructions, only the sunny side and worst case scenario’s where mentioned, not the possibilities that are in between. That leaves patients wandering what to do. They needed to be more fully briefed on the consequences of these operations.


Alright mate . Went to surgeon fri he thinks goin in right direction wound scars should be closed in 2 week and load big solid tissue still tther on right side but he expected it. Im on bout 6 week after op now still of work and will be for another few week . Still lot of discomfort like but got get on with it havent we lol. I go on hol in 11 days so at least il be ok go in pool now on plus side. Cheers pal


The 6th week post op was great. No more pain.
Testicle almost back to normal.
Only a big bulge under the other testicle.
Last night I woke up from pain in my left side and back.
Testicle swollen again. Back on Paracetamol.


I just had mine done about two weeks ago (Aug '17). They say you can walk normally, even upstairs after. Normally, it takes local anastestisa a little bit (or a lot of local) to affect me. I had three shots in each thigh and could still feel it a little. He seemed to have a little trouble on the left side, but got it ok, then right side was a little faster. I felt a little nauseous during, but muscled through it. My wife and I went for a quick dinner after. Toward the end, I was starting to feel pain. Walking back to the car, I stepped over a parking bump and felt the stitch on the left side pull. The next day I was the size of a softball with some pain. Day after I started bruising. Dr said this is all normal (even though they said 3 days with minor swelling is what most people have). Real pain started around day 5 for a day or two. Earlier this week, the swelling started to go down, but now I have baseball size solid lump on my left testicule. They just keep saying to wait…but for how long!


Not normal. Giant hematomas are not normal after vasectomies. Hematoma around your balls are no fun. I have to say going for a quick dinner should not have been an issue after your vas but immediately icing would have been your best move. All that said you will likely be fine. It takes a while for hematoma to break up and dissolve. I would bet you will start seeing improvement around weeks 3 to 4. You are not even 2 weeks out and you have a giant hematoma so you should not expect to feel okay just yet. Hematomas put pressure on everything so they cause pain.


@StLouisGuy thats correct you must wait it out. I am going through it as we speak. Its no fun and the weight and hitting it on everything hurts. Your not alone lots of people on this forum have had one. Welcome to the world of easy vasectomy. Keep positive mate your early days you will be ok. When you come good run as fast as you can from this forum. Lol


If the whole thing is not medical malpractice, I don’t know what the heck that is.

Getting you hurt like this and then sending you home with instructions to your wife on how to take a drain out of your balls. That’s insane!

Heal up and sue the bastard who did this to you right away!


My stiches also burst. Did they sew you back up? Every time I get sewed back up, a week or so later they seem to pop open again and my incision is having difficulty healing because of a hematoma directly behind it. Adding pressure also. I am currently using butterfly bandages and sterile strips to keep the incision together . I went to see the surgeon a couple of weeks ago and he actually squished a hematoma out of the incision and said I would begin to heal, but shortly there after, another one formed right behind the incision. Although I’m not in pain it is still sore as hell it’s 30 days post op and I feel my incision has not healed at all .


@SterileDarile - Man… I am sitting here 8 days post hematoma surgery and am AMAZED that our stories are so similar! Thank you for being so transparent. Quick rundown - 4 hrs after outpatient vasect, i noticed a bulge in my abdomen about the size of a toddlers fist. Went back to the dr and he said go straight to the hospital, he’ll meet me there for surgery. I caught it early enough, but I still have a 3-4 inch scar across my scrotum that I didn’t bargain for. I, too, was in complete shock at the size of the drain once he pulled it out! Right now, my issue is the testicle and spermatic cord (i think) is very hard. It goes into my lower abdomen and makes long term sitting or standing very difficult and painful. I don’t like taking pain meds so I’m doing my best. Questions: Did you ice/heat? Did either work? How long before things returned to normal? When were you able to have intercourse? Did you take any recourse against your doctor?


How much you want to bet your doctor “never saw anything” like that before. Or u were the first complication, the 1 in 2000 blah blah. Please let us know his name and what he told u.


Yes! I got “In over 16,000 vasectomies, I’ve seen this maybe 5 times” My
wife and I are looking into legal action so I don’t want to give his name
at the moment. I don’t feel like I should have to pay for a surgery and
hospital stay. I’m not trying to sue his pants off. Just he covers the
surgery, hospital stay and lost of wages and I’ll be good!


I was just looking up to see if anyone has had the nightmare vasectomy I had. Looks a bit more common than I was told by my dr. Just like Mike O said. Thi Dr said he’s never seen that before. I was about 4 hrs out of vasectomy surgery. Everyone made this such an easy procedure and I happen to be one that’s had 2 broken backs, 27 surgeries for things like crushed hand with a forklift, shot, stabbed face rebuilt with baseball bat. I carry my own stitches and set my own bones if it’s not too bad of a break. What I’m saying is I can take pain. My whole groin area was swelling fast. I was starting to notice my thighs swelling, had to unbutton my pants as I couldn’t take the sensitive pain anymore. I’m a single dad raising 2 young daughters but they are used to me and injuries. I called the DR to tell him I think something was wrong. After explaining he told me to get myself to the hospital emergency and he would be waiting for me there. Not exactly the quick hospital service I’ve grown accustomed to. I knew this was something fairly dangerous from the sound of his panic. I called my secretary to meet me at the hospital to get my girls. I happen to be at a dentist appointment with them. I told Dentists office I needed to rush out with the girls. I drove my big F-450 to the emergency and sure enough outside was my Dr. , a gurney, 2 other people. We just had eaten 2 hrs prior although I was uncomfortable I just assume eat this is normal stop being a p@@@y. Not exactly what the anesthesiologist wants to hear. I didn’t get but a few words out they had me laying down rolling to the ER putting in the IV while rolling. I felt like I was in a movie. Thank god my secretary got there perfect time to get my girls 9 and 8 at the time. On the other side of that anesthesia my body was a dark purple from my knees to my belly button. I’ve never really bruised before. Not even with a shattered nose and hematoma in the head from a few guys playing baseball in my face as a younger adult i had no bruising with that. It took many months to get my color back. The Dr said he’s never seen that before. he said he cut me open and I was just oozing blood were his exact words. I never even thought about anything malpractice but come to think of it that was my first hospital emergency ever that I didn’t receive tons of annoying bills. They usually never end but after reading some of these stories I think that Dr. paid all my bills to keep me away. It was definitely an experience. I had been tested for prostate cancer a year prior. I think I was still more traumatized from recuperation . They literally cut 14 different samples of my prostate while awake. Of course the nurse happened to be beautiful to make it even more humiliating. If anyone’s ever had that done knows that bleeding stays with you for 4 or 5 weeks. glad everyone here was ok.


That sounds reasonable. Once it’s all over you need to send a letter to the state board and work with your attorney to call him out on the informed consent. There are guidelines from the AUA about the risks of chronic pain complications. it’s 1-2 percent or 1 in 50. Get it on record somehow and when it’s all over come back here and let us know who he is. The next guy that it happens to will be able to see he had a bad outcome. I don’t blame the doctors for the bad outcomes btw. They happen. No one is perfect. It’s statistics and all anatomy and all surgeries are not exactly the same. What I do blame them for is failure to convey risk adequately to men. I may have gone forward with my vasectomy if I was told the odds were 1 in 50 for chronic pain but then again I may not have. They do it out of pure greed. Greed is actually not the best word for it but when they have a consult they are selling a service. There is no incentive for them to say anything that would cause a guy to say “no thanks”. That has to change.



Thanks for sharing your story. What happened to you has a low probability statistically but I’m sure not as low as they tell guys. 1 in 50 according to the AUA will have chronic pain or complications requiring additional action. It’s all about informed consent. Motivated guys will still pull the trigger even with those odds but men have a right to know what they are getting into.

Thanks for sharing.


I see several of these stories about the chronic pain. It seems you have a pretty good grip on this. I have pain throughout my body as part of my daily living . I have some more then others. I’ve broken my back twice and now starting to line up a 6 level fusion that will require breaking the previous 4 levels and set the curvature on my back correctly hoping to even the pressure on the rest of my disks instead of only the back side while trying to stand up straight. I am not complaining about pain since I have outlived the human body with pure determination. I lived it doing every sport I liked and still in a rough business. When you are active with a body in pain the worst thing you can do is give in and stop being active. The pain you talk about? Is there a way you can describe the feeling? Ever since my vasectomy I have had a hard time ejaculating. I end up stopping out of frustration or when my girl say no more you animal. When I do end up Ejaculating sometimes it hurts like needles going through the back of my scrotum or even makes you think about your prostate. The build up of not being able to ejaculate for something like a week ends up being so intense that it hurts. After that one it’s almost like a blockage was cleared out and I seem to be able to ejaculate after quite some time but at least I do . after a week or 2 I’m right back to cannot ejaculate for some time again. None of that sound normal to me. Other then the painful part I try to convince myself it’s mental, stress and medications we end up with. I happen to be 49 but up until about this vasectomy surgery now that I think of it I always mentally felt young and unstoppable. Would that description sound like anything you have dealt or learned about.