HUGE hematoma and post surgical drain


Ok. I’ve never created an account to blog in my life, but feel compelled to share this story. I am 48 hours post vesectomy. This was quite a trip.

Had my appointment at 11 am on Thursday in Springfield Mo. Left side went smooth, but a lot of pain during the right side portion. Doc aside my vas deferens on that side was “burried”. My wife drive me home, which is 1 1/2 hours away. When I got home I noticed some severe swelling and discoloration. Within 6 hours at was at a local emergency room and my entire scrotum had swollen to the size on a small cantaloupe. Not kidding. The ER doc came in and I explained symptoms. He said very common and to let him see. I pulled down my pants and his jaw hit the floor. He asked name of my doctor and said he would call him immediately. It’s now about 7 pm. Doc comes back in and says he’s sending me by ambulance back to Springfield (where the initial procedure was performed) and my doctor would meet me there. I was transported and immediately sent in to have emergency surgery performed. By 1130 pm I was in the recovery room and met with my doctor. He said I had internal bleeding from the vasectomy, but it had stopped by the time he made a 3 inch incision into my scrotum. He said he could not get all of the blood out so he was leaving a drain port in.

I was released from the hospital the next day. The port is still in and draining and my entire groin is black, including my penis, inner thighs, buttocks, and up to my belly button. Today, 48 hours post vesectomy, I still have the port in. There is still blood draining out and my scrotum is about the size of small grapefruit. The pain is fairy bad, especially with movement.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had experienced this and what their recovery time was like. Thank you and I hope all is well.


Dang buddy - hang in there- nothing to say from me- my vasectomy had a small hematoma about the size of a large grape but nothing like yours.


there is someone on here who had the same issue. I can think of one for sure, maybe two or three. And sadly this is common to have major swelling. Yours, obviously WAY over the top. But this is what happens when you have a doctor who only cares about getting you in and out as fast as possible so he can do the same for the next 6 or 7 that day.

Vasectomies are like a fast food lane.

heal up brother. And sadly welcome to the club.


Ok. Thx for the response. Haven’t found slot online referencing one quite like this. Again, thx.


Look for posts by @Dudley1. His horror story sounds like yours.


Never mind, I found it. First post - wanted to share my horror story (don't read if weak stomach)


Also the one by Rover’s former whatever. It was in a post you copied to. There are others out there. I hate to say it, but pick something you think couldn’t possibly happen to you after a vasectomy, and it’ll happen. Even if it isn’t something anyones ever seen before. Guaranteed someone out there has had it. the docs don’t want to admit to it is the problem. cause they’d be out of business!


Thank you. I just read his. Wow! This is all hard to believe. 30 min outpatient?? What he heck


So it’s Tuesday and surgery (3 inch incision post vasectomy) was late last Thursday. The swelling is down significantly. The pain on the other hand is so intense when I stand, it’s hard to breath. I mean, I have taught stand up and ground fighting for years and am no stranger to pain, but when gravity hits these bad boys…it’s like being kicked and stabbed in he nuts at the same time. I won’t even get up when others are around, due to how I react.

I’m a 6’4", 260 lb guy and the doctor prescribes me 5 my oxycodone (in a very limited number) for the pain. ARE YOU SERIOIS!!! When I was in hospital they were shooting me up with fentynal and morphine, cause they don’t want to deal with a guy in pain there. So the second they release me did they think from that exact moment in I wouldn’t experience high levels of pain. I’m not wanting to overkill the pain meds, but I just want to get thru this shit without feeling like I’m gonna pass out every time I gotta piss.

Sorry for venting. Not even sure why I’m posting this, I just KNOW no one else could even try to understand; therefore, somehow it helps. Thx


I would think doctors would be able to use discretion and know that a guy with a black penis and distended purple and black ball sack is not a junky looking for a fix.

Don’t worry about the venting. You have earned that right and you are in an acute situation right now.


oh i agree with MikeO. You have every right to vent. We all do. And yeah, about the drugs. But whats funny is is they just hand them out to me like candy! Thats odd but a what ever.


Update: my wife removed the drain port today, which was inserted and stitched in the bottom of my scrotum. It had about an inch hanging out that drained the excess blood and clots. The following three things surprised me:

  1. They had my wife perform this at home.
  2. The tube was eight inches long and about the circufurance of my pinky.
  3. It did not hurt coming out, which was the biggest shocker of all. I thought that bastard was make me spontaneously combust.

Anyway, I stood for about 15 min today and the pain settled to bearable. The worst is standing up and the five minutes that follow. During that time it’s very intense and I am angry. At least there are some positives in this post.

Take care fellas and thx for all your replies.


Sincere hopes that you’re done and things settle down.


WOW!! I mean, that’s some craziness. Hopefully it will start to heal up and you can get some relief. I can’t believe they didn’t pull the port at the office. I mean, talk about a major infection chance.

Anyways, hopefully things start looking up.



Even after everything you have gone through it’s likely you will be okay. If you are not you can always come back here for support.

Thanks for sharing your story with us. It’s important to document this kind of event so guys thinking about the procedure can fully understand that despite what doctors say to reassure us, it is possible to have a really bad post surgical issues. Even if they are acute side effects and they subside men are not made fully aware of these types of incidents which are a lot more common than any doctor will ever admit.

I think if doctors knew their names would be in a registry of bad vasectomy outcomes on the web they might think twice about downplaying the risks almost to the point of being fraudulent about their likelihood.

Hope your back to feeling normal here soon.


Mike…as I said at the beginning of all this, I’ve never blogged. This has helped me tremendously during this. I am now committed to keeping up with this sight in an effort to help others as you all have helped me. I agree, the risks were definitely breezed over at best.

The reality and severity of this has set in and now it’s just time to deal with it and get thru it. I always tell my son, being tough is a decision. Gotta practice what I preach and forge ahead.

If anyone out there ever has question, don’t hesitate to ask. This is a good site that carries support in an area that’s difficult to find “true” information about regarding post vasectomy issues.


I had a bad hematoma post op and ended up developing bilateral nerve pain. One doc believes the hematoma compressed the nerves. I couldn’t walk more than 5 min for a week. I went back to work pushing and pulling on patients a week later because the Ito said I couldn’t do any damage. i am sure that this was a contributing factor. I’d recommend to not lift anything more Than 5 pounds for 6 weeks. Id also ice and heat ice to reduce the swelling, but to break the clotted blood up you need heat. It can take 6 months or more for the blood to absorb. I’d do nothing at all physical for a long time to ensure the best possible outcome. What’s taking it easy for 6 months vs a lifetime of chronic pain


Hi steriledarlie,
Exactly same thing as happened to myself im now on 7 days after massive heamotoma surgery at home and still having decent amount of blood coming from the womb or the whole it leaves . Im in soo much pain and discomfort mate its unreal i was sent home with pain killers and a bit of onsomorph and pads etc to clean myself up.
Just after bit of advice mate should i still be bleeding ? Also how have u got on after it? . This pain us like no other its un imaginable. Ive gad broken arms broken leg etc with no pain i have a high pain tolerance but this is unreal. Please reply as would be really useful mate. Thank you.


Hi guys, want to share my experience.
The operation went smooth. They used some method to punch a small hole in the skin to use as an entry.
Operation was done at 14:00 hours.
Everything was fine until 21:00 hours. A sharp pain in my left testicle and it started to swell. Seeing your left side swell to an absurd size with the accompanied pain was awfull.
I was told to call in only if I got a fever or the ballsack would get red and warm. So I didn’t call in. 8 days later the stitches desolved and the wound tore open due to the immense tension of my swollen sack.
Called the doc and they had me come in for a check 10 days after the surgery.
They concluded that I had a hematoma and the blood that was oosing out was old blood.
They advised to keep it clean 3x a day and place new compresses on the wound. A warm shower and spraying the wound with warm water would also help they said.
There was so much blood coming out of the wound that I needed to change underwear 3-4 x a day.
Today, while cleaning the wound again suddenly a large mass of red/black Jello came out of the wound and it turned my stomach. So much came out I didn’t have enought compresses at hand. Called the hospital and they explained that these were old bloodcloths from the hematoma.
Took a shower and bandaged the wound.
Tonight I cleaned the wound and more bloodclothe come out. So much that I had to stand over the toilet to let it fall in.
The positive side to this situation is that by letting/squeezing the cloths out, the pressure and thus the pain reduced tremendously.

Thank you all for sharing your stories. Wish I looked up/ found this board earlier.

Sidenote: I was taking large amounts of Ibuprofen for the pain. 2400mg per day.
The doc told me that it had a blood thinning effect and advised me to take paracetamol instead. Done that and these also do the trick.
I also got antibiotics to keep infection risk to a minimum.


Hey, Wayno13

Sorry I haven’t responded yet, but I’m more sorry you’re going through this. I searched all over and couldn’t find one as bad as mine as far as swelling and all. I’m convinced they cut an artery, not a blood vessel. The blood drainage lasted for a good four weeksi think. Less and less as time went on. Then I would just notice my underwear kinda stuck after I finally stopped wearing the gauze pads. I went back to work after about 7 weeks but I still had an egg sized blood clot on the right side. Now eight months later, I’m pretty well back to normal. Hope this helps man, and let me know if you have more questions.