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How many on long term Lyrica or Neurontin?


I am curious because I take on average 300 mg of Neurontin/Gabapentin a night. Some nights I take none.

I am concerned about the effects it has on brain health.

300mg is not a lot of Neurontin compared to what some people take. I am dealing with some cognitive issues and some neuromuscular issues and wanted to start eliminating any non-necessary PVPS medications to see if I will feel better overall if I can stop them.


I am up to 1800mg gabapentin a day. along with 60mg duloxetine a day. no issues so far.


I’ve been on Lyrica (which is a much smaller capsule, considerably more powerful and expensive than the generic) for 12yrs—and I don’t even know if it works! Because of dizziness that 150mgs creates, I only take it at night. Going off it, even reducing its dose, creates mind twisting side effects, horror sleep, and that will persist, who knows for how long—hence I won’t go off it just to avoid this hellish withdrawal. It does lower sensitivity sexually, as it puts the pelvic floor to,sleep to some extent, so now it’s harder to climax, so it must do something!..only that’s not what I want!
Be careful, Lyrica is a long term commitment of questionable efficacy.


I was on 3600mgs of neurontin years ago for about a year and it really didn’t help me much. I had a friend who couldn’t afford it and this was a miracle drug for her. It helped her anxiety, and about 5-6 other problems, a couple were women problems she told me. I’ve never seen her as happy as when she was on this medication. I’m on 900 mg a day and I really can’t tell any difference in anything.


I was taking Neurontin for one month. 100mg three times daily, then increased to 200 mg three times daily. I couldn’t tolerate the cognitive slowing/foginess as it impaired my work (I am a physician)