Hormonal Changes Post Vasectomy


I had an interesting conversation with a surgeon who performs Tubal Ligation reversals. I have known him for awhile and he saw me when i was at my worse. As such, he knows my PVPS situation. He started talking about Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome. In a nutshell, he said that most of the issues women experience aren’t necessarily pain but are often hormone induced. Usually when they are in pain, it is a very obvious issue with the way the tubal was done, so the pain is easy to address. The real problem they experience is more emotionally driven related to hormone imbalances. Symptoms often include anxiety, depression, severe mood swings, irritability, etc He said, like most of the uros we deal with, that it’s still questionable whether the disorder actually exists. I told him that there was clear evidence/research supporting PVPS, and he stated that similar thorough research is lacking for their disorder.

It was an interesting conversation and got me thinking. Although the pain is obviously our main focus, I can’t help but wonder about the hormonal changes men go through following a vasectomy. We often get caught up on our T levels, but there are so many hormones that can affect our mental stability that i wonder if we don’t experience similar hormonal changes. I know i have had injuries and pain before, but I have never responded so bad mentally to the pain like I did post vasectomy. It seems like I am not alone with the severe anxiety and depression I have gone through the last 8 months. Sadly, unless someone starts research, we may never have an appropriate response about hormonal changes outside of testosterone. Just some thoughts.


I think it has to be a big part of the puzzle. You are literally cutting off a connection to one of your bodies main hormone producing organs. I’d be shocked if it had zero effect. I just think it’s below the level of noticeable for a lot of men.

I’ve never had a more capricious pain/problem than this in my life. It definitely responds to changes in my mood, and over the last year my moods have been ridiculously turbulent. I’m a stoic guy, and this thing has made me feel like a teenage girl.

And now that I’m two weeks out from reversal my pain is suddenly at the lowest level its ever been. At first that was frustrating for me, because it feels like I’m wasting money, but now I see it differently. I take it as further confirmation that I’m doing the right thing.


This is an interesting post. I definitely think there’s something to what your saying. I went through it myself (big time).

When I had my second reversal which was a success far as fertility, I felt excellent far as hormonally, and energy.

I didn’t even realize how bad I was feeling prior to being fertile again. When that reversal failed, I didn’t notice an instantaneous change in how I felt, and to be honest, I still don’t feel all crappy all the time.

After much time gone by, I do feel like I have fell back to a not as energetic state of mind/being. It happened a lot slower than it did when I got vasectomized.

I try and not pay this stuff to much mind anymore. It will mess with your head just thinking about it.

I don’t see Dr’s regularly anymore to have my testosterone, and hormone levels checked either. I hate getting my mind all twisted around this stuff anymore. I have a hard enough time coping with my new reality as it is.

Could very well be even more than hormones going on here to. Sucks.


The night after I had my vas, I had horrific night sweats and did for about a week afterwards. It was in October, so it’s not like it was hot out or anything, but I was waking up literally drenched in sweat.

It was very strange.


Chicken or the egg. Is it the hormones causing the problems or the problems causing the hormones to go haywire.

What I don’t like is there is research on both sides of the fence concerning post vas hormonal change. Some show a change but most don’t. Every paper that shows a change was written pre 1990, which bothers me.

Chronic pain alone is enough to tank the hormones. What I find interesting is stories on here of guys rebounding in testosterone post reversal. That’s pretty amazing.


I’m definitely going to get my T checked post reversal. I just had it checked a month or so ago (was “normal”), so I’m really curious to see.


What was your number @Tempe5 ? I really wish I knew what my pre vas number was but I never had any reason to suspect it was low.

Fibro and other chronic pain conditions are known to cause hormonal issues as well. It certainly doesn’t help our cause. It’s like fuel to the fire.


This was 8/16, so right around 18 months post vas.

Testosterone, Free - 88.7
Testosterone, Total, LC/MS/MS - 547

I’ll probably get re-tested around 6 weeks or so post reversal just to give things time to normalize if they’re going to.