Hematoma size of a grapefruit 7 Days Post Vas


I wish I found this site before I had the surgery. I had a vas and a hydrocele at the same time. My left side, the hydrocele is fine, the Vas side the right is black and the size of a grapefruit. I have bruising all over my groin including the crease by my legs and running onto my upper thighs. The procedure was done 7 days ago. I saw the doctor the next day to get the drain tube removed(which actually fell out that morning, but was attached to a string holding it into my sac) That morning my sac was swollen and starting to bruise. Dr. said that was normal and to Ice and rest and come back in 3 weeks. The next morning I woke up to bruising on my penis and all sorts of different bruises. Well Dr. said there were be swelling and pain so I sucked it up. I called the office 4 days later on Saturday because the pain was intense, I got the Dr. told him about above and he said to call back and make an appointment for Monday. I did, when I saw him on Monday he lifted the gown and said WOW, that was a lot of bleeding! He never said the word Hematoma but that is exactly what I have a huge pool of blood that is hardening below my right testicle. He said that there was some yellow around my groin which he stated is a good sign that the blood is breaking down so he doesn’t think I’m still bleeding. He said nothing he could do, it will go away over time and to take Tylenol and he’ll see me in 3 weeks.

He said I would have pain and swelling, but when I saw him the next I thought I was pretty swollen, I’m three times bigger that that now. It hurts like hell when I try to stand, pain radiates down the right groin, feels like a burn or a chafe that won’t go away. I am going on Short term disability because I am on my back all day. My stress level is at an all time high and I am a mellow dude.

Seems like from all the posts, hot baths and Tylenol/advil are the way to cope. If anyone else has a recommendation please contact me. Sucks that we all share in this pain and yet never heard about one going wrong until it was me.

Thanks for the vent session. I’ll try to update as things hopefully get better. But sounds like I’m in for months of this stuff

2 weeks post op now. I’ve been bleeding from the Vas site for two days, have an apt with Dr. today to see what is up, bruising has subsided but still have a orange under my right nut. I wear Jock strap every day, been out of work for two week and probably at least another week coming up.

I want to say that the bleeding, a dark red almost crimson has relieved some pressure in my sac, but I know two weeks out that I have to get this checked out. It just drips from two little holes, almost like a snake bite. Keep you all posted.

8-8 One month post Vas. Saw Dr. said weeping out site was good, blood needs somewhere to go and took the path of least resistance. I have seen him just about every week with a new issue. Still weeping from one of the suture sites, again “it will heal with time”. Then I had a 3cm “blister” he called it, that weeps blood, he thinks it’s just topical and will pop soon. Last night I ended up with another one that is not as round but kinda oval. The sac skin looks so thin and the hard hematoma under some sections is so hard. Heading back in tomorrow to see what he says about this new weeping blood skin. I am back to wearing a jock strap everyday, the size of hema has gone down to maybe a plum. I’m just flying through the fruit family. Can’t wait for this all to end and heal correctly.


I had haematoma too, takes some time to re-absorb. Mine took 3 months. I feel your pain, I have been there. Put your feet up, plenty of rest and relaxation. Ice as often as you can in the first few days and then use heat therapy. Find creams with arnica and devils claw, they are anti inflammatory and good for bruises. Take care mate


Ok, so I saw Dr, as usual this is all normal ( if it’s normal why not let me know this “might happen”. Basically the sac was so full of blood and the sutures dissolved that the pooled blood, dark red had to escape so is coming out the vas site. Good news is sac has diminished in size from a grapefruit to orange. Not as much pain in my groin because it’s not holding all the weight of the blood in my sac. Hopefully this continues then stops at some point and I can be on the road to recovery. Heading back to work next week, been out for 3 weeks. Still wear a jock strap all day. I’ve been taking devil’s claw and arnica pills and cream that really seems to help. I was also taking a hot tub once a day until sutures opened.


Hey Binks. Sorry to hear about your misfortune. I disagree with your provider that what happened to you is “normal”. I think they just have to say things like that in that moment. Guys probably more scared than you, lol.

I’ve had scrotal hematomas and they are not fun. Here’s the good news. The side I had the hematoma on is fine for the most part. Even with your horrible immediate outcome the odds are you will be fine in a month or so.

Thanks for sharing this with us here. It’s good for men going through similar situations to see this and know it does happen occasionally and that people recover from it. I’m hoping and expecting you will be fine.


About a month ago I had a vas plus a spermacile. Immediately after surgery I began to turn black and Blue on my scrotum and penis. Got home and bled through clothes and couch. Pain that followed for the next week was insane. Percocet made no impact on the pain at all. Contacted Doc due to pain and results of a ultrasound should a very large hematoma. They rushed me into surgery to remove it and clean for potentially other concerns. Two days after that I was doing a lot better and could stop the pain pills which resulted in withdrawals, which I have never gone through before,

Doing better as long I do not sit straight or move the wrong way. If I fail very sharp pain shoots through my right testicle. On the recovery train, is this normal?


I don’t think what happened to you is normal.

If it is then there is a terrible disconnect.

Think about how vasectomy is marketed as a quick, safe, simple procedure. Based on that and what you were told does what happened to you seem normal? If it is normal than what does that say about the operation and your provider, vasectomy providers in general and all the articles in women’s and men’s magazines about how wonderful vasectomy is?

I think what happened to you guys happens a lot more than urologists will ever admit. In that sense it is normal. If they told men this though they would be more likely to miss out on the sterilization dollars. If you had to choose between 2 providers, one who said you have a 10% chance of significant bruising and swelling and a 5% chance (1 in 20) of your balls swelling to the size of a grapefruit and an ER visit and a 1 in 50 chance of life altering chronic pain… and one provider who said he has never had a complication 1 in 1000 blah blah who would you choose?

Their is absolutely no accountability in what providers say to market the operation vs the outcomes. None. So why not say whatever to get a guy to move forward with you as opposed to some other guy?

It’s my hope guys will mention their providers names here in an objective way so there is at least some record.

Just “I got an operation with X, my scrotum swelled up to a grapefruit size and I had to go to the ER, he told me it was Y (normal for him, not normal, never seen it…). It has been x months and I have issues Z)”.

That’s it. No more. No mind reading or slandering. Just facts. It will help men to make informed decisions and it may force them to change their informed consent behavior. You have to stick with facts.


It’s not normal. I am 15 days post vas. Left side normal. Right side was grapefruit at ER visit day of vas, but now large lemon size. Thursday was first day I could move and go out without pain. Taking 3 ibuprofen once a day. Soak in tub once a day. Miracle bruise cream has Arnica, vitamin k etc in it and I use that twice a day. Never had bleeding. Much better than a week ago but still more healing to be normal. Have not tried to release yet to see how that works. Hopefully no other issues.


Hows it going now? I wish they would of drained the Hematoma. For some reason he just said leave it and it will reabsorbed. Since I have had the site open up and still weaping blood. He said that is good that the blood needs somewhere to go. I now have what he calls two blisters on my right sac. they weep blood too. I think there was just so much pressure that it’s coming through the skin now. I’m a month out of surgery and keep having set backs. SO frustrating.