Help. 10 Days out-and huge pain before ejaculating


I hope to god someone has this problem, or did and can tell me what to do! Had the vasectomy 10 days ago, recovered fine and feel almost perfect (haven’t worked out yet though). Tried to have sex twice now and both time got extreme pain in the right testicle/penis area and stopped sex immediately. I did not ejaculate and have not- the pain is too bad prior. The pain goes away as soon as things calm down, down there and I’m right back to normal. Usually 10 minutes or so and I feel ok again. What in the world could this be??? Please please please help!!


You are 10 days out so try not to panic.

You need to let your doctor know this is happening and work with him.

Do you have any unusual swelling or discoloration still?

Is the pain with erections in general or just with sex?

Please keep us posted as to how you progress.


Hi there, yes I called my doc and he advised to not do anything for another two weeks and try again-but I really don’t think that pain is normal given I could find NOTHING about it anywhere-and stating that, I don’t think anything will change as a result.

There’s no swelling and nothing is appearin out of normal. It’s slightly tender, but not bad at all, maybe a 1-2 out of 10, which is probably to be expected 10 days after the procedure.

I hope someone on here has had the same experience!

Thank you for the reply


Sorry. Also, there was no pain with the erection-it all started just prior to ejaculation. And for what its worth, I was down for the count. It was not minor by any means!


I can relate to what your going through, although mine began around 30~ days post vas. I won’t tell you my story as it will just scare the crap out of you. I had dormant (asymptomatic) problems pre vas, so I’m hesitant to believe your story and mine are truly comparable.

Given where your at in your recovery timeline, odds are definitely in your favor that you will get better over weeks, and/or months to come.

Give us a shout and post an update in this thread someday.

All the best.


Well that’s scary! I appreciate all the good and the bad anyone can give. I just want to know what the heck my deal is given it doesn’t sound like anything I’ve read about in here.


I gave you my honest opinion brother. Assuming that you received a pre vasectomy verbal consultation, and paperwork, you should’ve been warned to some vague extent about congestion, epididymis, sperm granuloma, infection, and a few other things that are common risks involved with vasectomy.

Perhaps you have some nerve pain, perhaps some congestion pain, perhaps some of both. If you did, that would be quite common where your at in your timeline.

Theres been lots of new guys show up on here that were totally freaking out where your at now that got better in less than one month, or over a period of several months. Please remember that. You can find their posts if you don’t believe me.

If you scan through titles of threads, you will see the word anxiety in many of them. Best thing you can do at this point is just what many others have said over time. You got to try and remain calm, you got to accept the fact that you just had a vasectomy, and now your paying the price. Odds are definitely in your favor that you will get better in time.

Being straight up with men beforehand in regard to post vasectomy pain and then some is not that common. Pain, horrifying stories and such don’t sell vasectomys. If we go by data that’s out there to be read, which I believe has ‘some truth to it’, odds are you won’t regret it a year or two down the road. Some vasectomys are non event, some are like yours, and some have a much worse story to tell.

Keep your chin up. What your going through is quite common, but apparently you, like the mass majority, were never properly warned beforehand, or got the wrong warning period.


And obviously, if things are going completely haywire, go see your vasectomist ASAP. Dr Google’s is only good for so much.