Have you taken DOXYCYCLINE?

  • I have taken Doxycycline
  • I have NOT taken Doxycycline
  • I benefited from taking Doxycycline
  • I did NOT benefit from taken Doxycycline

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@Choohooo curious what you’re looking for here?



Chronic infection leading to pain via epididymitis. I recently tested positive for two nasty bugs that are known to target the epididymis specifically. Both respond to doxycycline. Hence the question. PM if you want more details as I’m not sure my specifics are necessarily relevant at this point.


how did they find the bugs as i’m convinced i need these type of medicine.



Bloodwork and urine tests


Bloods are fine …Docs wont give me any antibiotics .


My bloodwork has been fine for 3.5 years. They probably don’t know where to look


If i had epididymitis after vasectomy can it resurface later as i was trouble free for months post reversal then problems restarted again.
Hope to have a SA this week and then an ultrasound soon. Nothing is helping for now though .


@Choohooo thanks for the response. That’s crazy that it took this long to find the bugs. I’m guessing it wasn’t routine bloodwork and urine tests that finally located them. How long are they recommending you to take the Doxy? Good luck. Hopefully it helps


Three months then reevaluate.


Keep us updated @Choohooo. I’m praying this helps with some of your systematic issues. You have been researching and looking for answers for several years. I admire your approach and patience.


I take it when I have flare up styes on my eyes. They are chronic, something I started battling before the V, but now have appeared even more frequently since. It’s a type of staph for me is what they think hopefully it’s strong enough to work for you.