Have you developed trust issues with doctors?


Since my vasectomy I had developed serious trust issues with doctors.

Prior to the surgery I had consulted with various doctors. Not only to gather information on the procedure but also because, at least once a year, I used to have a complete checkup.

I talked to different urologists and seen different GPs. None of them said anything about scarring issues or post-vasectomy pain or anything at all. Also, none of them alerted me about possible risks related to elective surgeries.

After the procedure I started seeing a psychologist mostly for issues I had been dealing in the past, not all related to the vasectomy, and taking medication that would allegedly help me.

I quit the medication for a few months now and neither I nor anybody close to me has noticed any difference, if so only for the best.

I know we’re not supposed to absolutely distrust doctors. But I don’t see myself going for another yearly checkup.

What about you?


Right now it’s a catch 22 for me. Since I’m still in pvp hell the people who did this to me are the only people who can potentially get me out of it so I have to play nice so to speak cause I may need future operations, meds, advise, etc. But if I ever get out of this hell im never stepping foot inside a doctors office again. I’d probably deal with PTSD stepping foot inside an office after this ordeal considering how traumatic this season has been. But I’m fairly young with no other medical conditions so who knows what the future will hold. One my greatest lessons I’m gonna give my kids is 1) don’t do drugs 2) eat healthy 3) NEVER go to a doctor unless it’s a medical EMERGENCY! Lol


I’m not sure its trust issues, per se, but i do believe I’m going to be very persistent in finding physicians who are honest and that i feel aren’t giving me the run around. Tis will take a lot of effort on my part in regards to looking up information, recommendations and research into the procedures and treatments suggested to me. I do that in most aspects of my life anyway, but just got led astray in regards to the vasectomy for multiple reasons, many of which were my own mistakes.

I’ll say this though. I will probably not have elective surgery ever again. I was going to get Lasik done, but fear I’d be the small percentage of people that goes blind. My dentist keeps telling me i need my wisdom teeth out, so they don’t cause issues later in my senior years, but knowing my luck, I would end up with some facial nerve damage. I am going to hold off and wait until they have to be removed.

However, i wouldn’t recommend never visiting a doctor because I’ve seen too many people who have a fear of doctors that get diagnosed with a disease that would have been curable if caught earlier. I just had a cousin die of colon cancer at 55 because he didn’t follow his doctors recommendation for a repeat colonoscopy 3 years after his original one. He didn’t like the experience so never went back and by the time his pain started it was to late for treatment.


Yes I am. I know there are some good doctors but anything they do to me medically could mess me up and I have lost a huge amount of trust in them. I just had each doctor say something different: variococele, hernia, prostate, nerves, in you head, congestion, time will heal you,see a pain management doctor, get psychological help, blah blah blah. It made me think that the majority don’t know what the hell they are talking about.


Trust is not as accurate a description as disappointment and disillusionment. I still have a good deal of respect for most of my providers. Some are excellent and good people and recognize they don’t always have the answers. They are human and are not perfect and have their own foibles.

I have gotten a lot better at spotting what I consider goid qualities in doctors and am picky at who I will let do anything to me or whose advice to take.

It is a more mature and realistic view that comes with experience and carries the extra burden that ultimately a lot of your health is dependent on you doing your homework and due diligence. Bad outcomes happen. Doctors don’t have all the answers and are not perfect. They never were.


I just want to kill those urologists who mess with statistics to make you look like a very rare case and in the mean time try to fuck with your head by telling you it’s all in your head. Just so they don’t have to admit that they fuck up quiet a lot of people’s life by misinforming them and when they end up with PVPS calling them insane.


I agree 100 percent with you there. That’s part of it. The marketing of vasectomy, which is elective, as a 1 in 1000 bad outcome operation is wrong. I don’t know why there is so much denial and outright lies tolerated on that. I’ve had discussions with providers about risks in other procedures and get good answers but it’s almost as if doctors feel it is acceptable to oversell vasectomy to compensate for men’s natural aversion to vasectomy. It’s like society gives them.permission to market as it as simple, safe and benign. There is a taboo on discussiing pain and discomfort in a realistic way. I really wish someone would do a research paper on this phenomenon and blow the lid off of it. Again thoug there is a scientific and societal/political taboo here in the West that would make that difficult. It’s part of the liberal minded sickness here in the West that makes certain topics off limits. Im reminded of the way we cover terrorism and crime in the papers here and the aversion to mention religion and race for fear of offending people. It’s political correctness mixed with greed. There is a dynamic that insurance companies are quick to cover a procedure that will basically eliminate one of their largest expenses: pregnancy and birth/babies/miscarriage in a member for a year. It’s insane that reversals for pain are not covered 100%. I should have threatened to sue blue cross for regusingbto cover mine.

Lastly there is no punishment or fear of repercussions of any kind by providers for bad outcomes. It’s nearly impossible to sue and many men slink away like me, never really even holdingbtheir doctors feat to the fire at all. I swear my practce pawned me off on another junior member once I started making noise. Ive seen this happen twice to me. I had an eye doctor do that to me after a minor issue with lasik surgery. It’s part of compartmentalizing/sweeping bad outcomes under the rug.

The best advice I can give is any doctor that says he has never had a bad outcome you need to run in the opposite direction from and not look back.


“The marketing of vasectomy”

Yes! That’s one of the biggest problems, if not the biggest one.

I have a colleague who visited an urologist in one week and the next had his junk operated.
I asked him if he was informed about any possible complication, or if he was requested any pre-op examination. And the answer was a big fat no. Maybe specially because he was very confident about the surgery and was seen as an easy sell.

He told me he didn’t have any problem, except for mild pain for about 5 months, which then subsided.

In my situation, I specifically asked the doctor about the possibility of developing granulomas, since I had heard about it somewhere else. And he immediately dismissed it. He even reassured me by saying he was a vasectomized man and that there was nothing I should be afraid of.

If they dropped numbers such as, every year, around 800~1k men have serious issues after vasectomy (which roughly correspond to the alleged 1% in the US alone), maybe many of us would have backed off.


Yep, I totally agree.

@mdib, I absolutely developed trust issues w doctors after this ordeal. I’ve personally experienced, seen, and heard to much. I have been “red pilled”.


American doctors are basically the kid that got held back a couple years in high school, they never turn out right unless they went to one of the best schools. every procedure we have is either outdated or the risks outweigh the benefits. like I’m sure none of you know that 90% of the world still have their foreskin whereas here in America we are taught that it’s dirty when in truth the female orifice is 3x more likely than men to contract an stds,Utis and Hiv. like many of you have had pain with your vasectomy, I have had pain after my circumcision. both my brother and I have this pain and he was cut as a 12 year old and I’m sure he has it worse because he’s highly autistic and doesn’t understand why he’s in pain. I have never,in my almost 20 years of life, had any form of sex. I also don’t masturbate because between the pains I get in my penis I’m also having where my left testicle used to be. I am going to college to become a urologist and will not only become one I plan on being the best and setting new regulations for this type of thing- no surgery will be done without the patient knowing the full ramifications of what’s going to happen.


The lesson I learned was to not trust any doctor implicitly. Listen to them, but then do your own research. It’s your body, and you have to be the ultimate manager of your health. I’m also not having any more elective surgery for any reason. It has to be done to preserve health. Odd that I’ve had a colon resection, three hernia surgeries. All went well. Just the stupid vasectomy that went bad. Now I know why.


I learned that the doctor who performed my surgery is treating for lung cancer that was in remission. His colleague doctor said he never smoked in his life (he’s in his early 50s).

Well… Am I a bad person for not feeling sorry?


Most people don’t realize that lung cancer would be in the top 10 of killer diseases even if we excluded smokers. It’s a greatly under-funded disease because of the stigma that it effects only smokers and they knew the risks.


@mdib Dont feel sorry. If my vasectomy doctor died tomorrow i would go to funeral just to watch with a big smile on my face.


I now that a lot of us think of suicide, and it’s something you should not do. But if you go that way, you can take the urologist with you. It would make the world a better place :’)


Since vas i have vowed not to go drs ever again.
Meditate, listen to your body not some big parma funded douchebag.


Well, I haven’t gone quite that far…I still visit my GP every six
months, and an eye dr. once a year. I’m VERY suspicious of urologists and
won’t go unless I’m in some life threatening situation…even then, I’ll
research what he recommends. I had a real scare…my GP found a hydrocele
in my right testicle. It apparently is benign, not growing, and causes me
no pain. But the thought of visiting a urologist… I can’t understand
why there are so many of them willing to do the vas when they know about
the risks. Seems to me a violation of the hippocratic oath that they are
supposed to take.


I have DEFINITELY developed trust issues with doctors and by being a member of multiple forum sites i see that there are a lot of people saying this! with the way they are working and treating us, it is no wonder why!


I’ve definitely come to see myself as a victim of my own trust in the medical system. I did a lot of reading about vasectomy but it was all from the doctor’s perspective and it all said that I had nothing to worry about. Now that I see that no two doctors can agree on what to do and what your chances are once you’re having problems, I realize how little is really known. This is a very quick and lucrative procedure, and I’m sure no one wants to find the data that might change that.

The scariest thing is that reversal is touted the same way: It’s super-effective with only a slight decrease with older vasectomies. Yet, I’ve heard that it cures 70% of all PVP cases and I’ve also heard it rarely makes any difference. I’ve heard you’re home free if you stay open for the first year and I’ve heard they all close up after 10 years. If I’m letting someone in with a knife again, I want more than anecdotal guesswork.

So yeah, I’m a little cynical now.