Has anyone's congestion gotten better over time?


After Vasectomy I was fine for a few months but that is when I started getting pain from congestion. Did the normal visits back to the doctor and was given antibiotics which did not help. For the most part in my daily activity I am not in pain and I can live with the pain I have but it will probably also take a toll on my relationship.

I went from having sex often to just not having sex anymore. I went for the vasectomy because I already had 3 kids and I am 44 and at this stage in my life the pull out method was getting too risky so since others I know had them with no issues it seemed like a no brainer to put myself and my wife at ease and figured it would take away some of the stress we had during sex and at first it did just that before the pain started months later.

In any case now we have no sex and when we try its painful and after ejaculation I have pain afterwards and for a few days.

I read the stories of several that got reversals and some got better and some got even worse. I am also self employed and I cant be out of work for weeks which seems to be the recovery period.

Has anyone that had congestion get relief over time on its own? Has anyone converted to a open ended to allow the sperm to flow and did that help?

Just hoping there is hope without surgery.


Your case sounds congestive. Some have tried papaya seed and some have tried testosterone therapy. Both reduce sperm production. Might be worth a try.


Testosterone supplementation would help with congestion as well. You’re old enough that your wife is nearing menopause. At that point, being fertile again via reversal is a mute point. Vasectomy is really only useful from 25-45 years of age considering you’re only sleeping with your spouse. After that, Mother Nature takes fertility out of the picture for you.


Wouldn’t Testosterone Supplementation increase sperm production? I figured at this point the opposite is needed. I tried taking hot baths daily and that seems to help somewhat but I have eczema so the hot baths dry out my skin too much and cause me to itch all day. Boy getting old sucks.


Testosterone supplements shut off sperm production. In fact, I’ve spoken to some doctors who tout it as a birth control alternative. One of the biggest “side effects” of taking T is infertility, which in our case, isn’t exactly a problem. If you have been to Kevin Hauber’s site, he got most of his relief by taking testosterone.


I would avoid the open-ended conversion. I had an open ended vasectomy to start and still had issues (plus it can seal up on it’s own - which happened on one of my sides).

My second urologist also noted to me that the open ended vasectomy can actually make things worse. The body has a strong inflammatory reaction to sperm and if you have it leaking into your spermatic cord it can cause nerve inflammation. Further, the open ended can and likely will result in a granuloma, which I developed. That caused a lot of nerve pain for me and is still causing discomfort despite having a reversal and having it cut out.


I agree. My reversal doc stated virtually the same thing. He said that his opinion was that men get one shot at vasectomy. Most are OK, but those that aren’t should consider reversal in lieu of re-do vasectomy, open or closed.


i think i’ve read from some people who had congestion issues that eventually resolved over time. I can’t necessarily prove that however, but I don’t think its impossible.