Has anyone here tried CBD oil?


Cannabis oil or CBD oil is supposed to be amazing for pain and inflammation, just wondering if anyone here lives where it is legal or has tried it…


@JB32 if you do a search in the past threads, there are quite a lot of users who describe their experiences with cannabis and CBD oil.


Use the search engine on this forum to find all the posts that have the word CBD, or CBD oil in them. Many have tried it with mixed results.

I’ve actually wrote a bit about CBD, THC, etc on here before as well, and you might find those posts too. Keep in mind that hemp oil, which is legal in all the states isn’t to be confused with a product that you could buy in a med legal state, or country. Those products are far superior because they contain other cannabinoids, etc, etc. Theres a lot of science to this cbd oil stuff.


Yea I’m very familiar with each, I just wasn’t sure if anyone had tried it for PVPS. I’ll do a search. Thanks!