Groin pain that isn’t going away


@raising4girls I think what’s partly freaking me out right now is 2 doctors have said he has a hernia and now he’s going for an ultrasound tonight to confirm. I don’t want him to go through a surgery like hernia repair if it’s not the issue and it’s the vasectomy pain that he’s still experiencing. The hernia surgery will make things worse.

His pain is getting worse though. Everyday is worse than the next so I don’t know what route to take. It’s scary at this point and he’s really worried right now. He’s really set on it being a hernia and he wants it fixed.


Are they saying it’s a hernia because they can see a hernia? Or because he has pain?


@MikeO Both docs can feel it. He can feel it too and said right from the beginning he could put his hand in the hole and it felt better applying pressure to it. He is getting an ultrasound as we speak to confirm it. Our GP said it’s big enough. I don’t know.


If he truly has a hernia and he has pain then the DX and approach are pretty clear. Many times hernias don’t cause any problems/pain and are just an unsightly nuisance. In fact, if they don’t cause pain sometimes it’s better to leave them alone. They will not however get better on their own and can only get worse without treatment. Having an actual visible hernia and pain is a straightforward problem. Did he have it before the vasectomy? If he has a hernia then you probably want to get it fixed and hope that fixes him. I find it strange that chronic pain in men as a result of hernia surgery is very well accepted yet pain from vasectomy is not. Many times the mechanism of pain is when the hernia mesh gets entangled in the spermatic cord. In a vasectomy you actually having someone dig into your scrotum at an arbitrary place, yank your vas deferens out through the side of your spermatic cord and sever it with a hot pen, clip/tie the ends after burning them some more and stuffing the entire mess back in the hole in the scrotum. WHAT CAN GO WRONG? YOU HAVE PAIN? HOW COULD THAT POSSIBLY BE? COULDN’T BE THE WHOLE YANKING AND BURNING YOUR VAS OUT THROUGH A HOLE IN YOUR SCROTUM THING, NO THAT’S NOT IT…


@MikeO no, he never had a hernia before. I find this all strange too. Two doctors have felt it though and he can put his fingers in it and push inwards. He says once the pressure is applied, it feels better. It still doesn’t explain the burning that’s radiating across his groin. I’m afraid he’s jumping into a surgery too soon if that’s the route they have to go. Hopefully this ultrasound can answer some questions about if it is a hernia or not. The other thing is, he went back to work too early and I think he did something lifting. Maybe he did it then?!? I don’t know. I have 2 referrals in for 2 urologists. One local and one is Dr. Jarvi. I’m assuming Jarvi will have a long wait. If his pain was the same everyday and not getting worse, I wouldn’t be so freaked out.


If two docs who have seen him say he has a hernia, I think that’s worth respecting. Certainly, you want to confirm and it’s suspicious now to get a hernia right after a vasectomy, but who am I (are we) to question sitting here at a keyboard as non-MDs? If you trust your docs, that’s worth more than anything we can say.


@raising4girls. You’re right. I just hope the ultrasound shows it. I just don’t want him to jump into a surgery that might not be the root cause of the problem. He probably does have one but I just find it easy for the doctors who have no idea about post vasectomy pain blame it all on this issue. Thanks for putting up with my annoying posts guys! I truly appreciate it. I’m just trying to wrap my head around everything.


@Worriedwife1 A hernia sounds like feet news. I wish I had a hernia. At least there’s a clear diagnosis and a way out. I wouldn’t be upset about that. I peed blood for weeks after my vas. One uro suspected a kidney stone. I’ve never prayed more for a kidney stone in my life. It’s the unknown that’s the most frustrating


Not a hernia according to the ultrasound. Next is Jarvi on the 28th. This was really upsetting to my husband as he was convinced this was his issue. I’m trying to stay positive.


Jarvi is a good next step. Just know that you guys aren’t alone. It can be overwhelming. I had another spinal tap yesterday. The response I get everytime i say it started with a vasectomy is always the same. Hopefully we can change the benign attitude towards such a malignant procedure. Good luck with Jarvi and certainly keep us posted on how it goes.


@Worriedwife1 your husband is in good hands with Dr. Jarvi. Don’t be disappointed if he doesn’t have answers. No one really does. He’ll probably prescribe nortriptyline, celebrex and maybe an antibiotic, just in case. That’s what I was given during my first visit there, and although they didn’t work, it was worth a shot.

It’s true that some nerve pains can get better or settle down with time.

@Hotubsrock had horrific nerve pains after his vasectomy and eventually got quite a bit better. I hope he’s still doing well.

Is your husband still able to work at this point?


@vasregret yes, he is still working. He said it is more sitting down pain that’s bothering him. I know my husband will hate the sound of being on more medication. He didn’t even want the Naproxen.
I just don’t want to mess around with a local urologist. I don’t know if I’m jumping the gun going to the big guy about this but no one around here can even take the situation seriously.


Yeah, forget the local urologist and go straight to Dr. Jarvi.

99% of urologists will say they’ve never seen it before, or give it a year, or if your testicles hurt we’ll remove them! Crap like that. Seeing a non-pvps aware doc isn’t even worth the cost of putting gas in your car to go see them.

Naproxen tore up my gut too because my vasectomist told me to take 1000mg’s per day. That’s way too much. Maybe see if extended release tylenol helps in the meantime? It’s not gonna mess up your stomach and it helps me more than NSAID’s do.


My husband was put on that dose too. Way to high for him and tore up his stomach as well. He isn’t taking anything right now and just putting up with the pain. I bought him some Tylenol though but he doesn’t even want that. I just want him better. He is 6.5 weeks past surgery and I still can’t believe this has even happened. 2 to 3 days - ughh. I still can’t wrap my head around it. I know 5 guys that have gotten it done and not one with problems.


@Worriedwife1 one of the ways to figure out if it’s pure nerve pain, could be to take those a good old anti-depressant that contains active ingredient amitriptyline. It has the side effect to stop some of the nerve neurotransmitters to be absorbed by the brain and you don’t feel nerve pain so well with them. Have you tried something similar already? It should take of the edge on your husbands nerve pain when he’s walking around, if it’s nerve pain.


@kdejaeger I read your earlier posts about burning cord pain back from 2015. Did this pain ever subside for you


Has your husband tried an antidepressant that is prescribed for neuropathic pain or an anticonvulsant like Lyrica or Gabapentin?

If either one of those things help then he has likely a nerve problem.


I got a bit better, kinda doable now, but unfortunately it’s still there, especially when biking for instance. The antidepressant helped me in the period in which it was very painful, very spiky. Docs said it can take up to 2 years for tissues to stabilize, though I didn’t see any improvement in the second year.