Groin pain that isn’t going away


Yeah I’m getting a referral today. My husband is getting worse day by day. I don’t know what to do. He is experiencing burning across his whole groin now. Says it’s on fire and stabbing


@Worriedwife1, You definitely need to get him in there. The sooner, the better.

I’m glad I seen a specialist in my early days. I have documented evidence if leaking sperm (sperm granuloma), etc that I would’ve regretted not having on hand down the road. It’s hard to start connecting dots down the road with zero to go on.

This is why I tell people to get as much documented evidence, and finding through the course of their pvps.

Theres no point in assuming, and/or looking backwards and not having any answers for any of it when that kind of stuff is preventable.


@RingoStar Talked to the doctor. Trying to find hope. Of course she has never seen an issue like my husband’s. She is honest saying his burning pain could definitely be nerve related. She is pretty sure he has a hernia but agreed that hernias don’t give burning pains. She ordered another ultrasound on his pelvis for the hernia and a Urine test to rule out infection. I have asked her to put through a referral for dr. Jarvi. I figure by the time he can get an appointment he will be past the 3 month PVPS stage. He’s at 6 weeks now.
I really need some positive thoughts coming our way.


@RingoStar @raising4girls @Choohooo @Tempe5 @MikeO
With your burning pain, did it slowly get worse? Husband said his burning pain is speeding across his groin and pain meds that he was given are doing nothing. I’m at a loss


I can’t say I’ve ever had this symptom (burning) but we all use adjectives differently, and I think we all feel sensations from the same nerve(s) differently. Unlike so many, I was fine after the vasectomy, developed pain, then it went way for 2 years, then came back, then went away for 7 years, now is back for 1-1/2 years.

Knowing what I know now, I’d suggest getting into Jarvi ASAP or take a trip to Florida to the PUR Clinic. Dr. Parekatill offers a spermatic cord block with both anesthetics and steroids. The anesthetics calm pain for the short term (if the pain is coming from the cord) which, right or wrong, gives them diagnostics to “know” if SCD will work. The steroids can provide longer-term pain relief.


@Worriedwife1, I was a complete wreck from month 1-3~. I had my first reversal at month 4~.

My burning pains didn’t begin until approximately 3 weeks into things. I remember them getting worse, and worse. My burning was at the ends of my vas’s.

I blew out on my left side (leaked sperm) at approximately 30 days. I had pain spread everywhere approximately one foot above, and below my waist line. I was leaking bilaterally by month 2.

The pain was running down both my hamstrings, behind my left knee, and down my left calf. I had pains in my bladder, my organs hurt, specifically my liver, and kidneys area. I was glitching with pains all over the region’s I’m describing.

What I’m describing was back in 2010. The good news is, I’m not anything comparable to what I was back then. Things aren’t perfect, but I don’t experience this stuff on a level that’s anything comparable to what I experienced in my beginning’s.

I didn’t get any good meds till after my first reversal. I was on OTC stuff prior to it, and it didn’t help much. I was maxing out on Aleve, and Tylenol daily.

OTC NSAID’s tear my GI up. I don’t do well with Bayer “back and body” at all. It literally rips my GI a new one.

The best meds I found for my system are celebrex, and tramadol. Both work very well for me, with minimal side effects. Tramadol bothers my GI less than celebrex, and celebrex doesn’t tear my GI up like OTC NSAID’s. Everyone is different.


Mine burned, still does a little. I definitely improved with time. That said, I’m coming up on 3 years and I still have pain. It’s not nearly as intense as it was those first few months. For me, it started at the pubic bone on the right side (basically the cord), went up into the inguinal canal, then I’d have an ache in my abdominal muscles or flank on that side. Overtime I developed pudenal neuralgia, hip pain, low back pain, and knee pain, all on the right side. After three years, I’m confident in saying I am pretty good at just dealing with the pain. What I have struggled with is the loss of muscle tone on that side. I think that is what’s at the heart of all my peripheral symptoms (back, hip, knee, etc). Nerves are sensory and/or motor. They transmit pain signal but they also tell muscles to move. There are some very important muscles that get input from these nerves. My body certainly doesn’t move like it used to. Even my gait/stride is different.

I think any doctor NOT fluent in PVPS will just tell him to “give it time.” While it isn’t bad advice, a lot of this stems from a lack of knowledge concerning the issue. Typically, the body heals on it’s own. Unfortunately, PVPS is one of those things with a history of becoming chronic. Medicine doesn’t really know how to deal with these issues. At least a well versed PVPS doctor will take him seriously. As obvious at that may sound, the typical PVPS patient is ignored by most doctors for whatever reason. I blame ignorance.


@Choohooo did you ever get a reversal? I don’t know if this would help or hinder. My husband is looking for the fast track outta this but I know from reading everything, there isn’t one.


I haven’t done any additional surgery since my vasectomy.


Burning pain is/was the worst of what I went through. The only thing that relieved that pain was getting the scar tissue excised via reversal. The burning I had got progressively worse. I would wake up in probably the worst pain imaginable in the middle of the night every time I got an erection in my sleep. Fucking awful. I don’t think I could devise a worse torture or quicker way to kill a guy/make him insane than what I went through, lol. I don’t think you should fool around with that woman/doctor and go right to a PVPS guy that’s seen it and treated it. No offense to her. I would keep her apprised via her patient portal so she has a clue in the future and does not just send guys off to get vasectomies oblivious of this outcome. It can be a learning experience for her.


just want to say @Worriedwife1 you sound like a good wife and he’s lucky to have you. You remind me of my wife who is such a rock for our family and I don’t know what i’d do without her.


+1, bump, ditto, agree.


Thanks. I apprecIate the compliments. I’m just frustrated. @MikeO your pain sounds a lot like my husband’s. I thought that from day one. The one thing that is different is that (knock on wood) he doesn’t have an issue with pain when he has an erection. He isn’t have issues with sex either. I don’t think at this point he has congestion issues.

As for the doctor I agree. I like her for me but she’s not great for my husband. My husband told me this morning that he doesn’t like her. I put in a referral to Dr. Jarvi but I have a feeling it will be a bit. Do you think I should get a second referral in the meantime to a male urologist that’s closer to home and see if we can get in to him sooner?!?


@Choohooo is there a reason you never tried that to see if it would relieve your issues?!


Unfortunately yes. I’m the crazy neurological guy. 5 days after the vasectomy I woke up spinning. I got out of bed and went completely blind for a few minutes. Didn’t pass out, just lost my vision. I’ve been blurry and dizzy ever since. It took almost two years but they finally figured out that I have severe intracranial hypertension. No one will link the vasectomy but the timing is suspect, at least it is to me. I’ve also been diagnosed with a few other neurological issues since then (fibromyalgia, chronic multifactorial fatigue syndrome, and central sensitization). I get periodic spinal taps and have one scheduled this Friday. Depending on those results, I’m looking at a brain shunt in the spring, probably at Johns Hopkins.

Long story short, cord pain has been the least of my issues.



@Choohooo I’m so sorry to hear you have been going through all of that! That all sounds so horrible. It’s insane how one thing that is sold as being minimally invasive causes a chain reaction of so many other things. I hope you find relief soon.
I’ve proposed a reversal to my husband. I know he is early but I don’t know what else to do at this point. As soon as he got it done, I just had this horrible feeling something was going to go wrong. I don’t know why i didn’t feel it before. Maybe I did but I was under the impression there wouldn’t be side effects and was happy that he was biting the bullet so to speak. Instincts are there for a reason. I wish i listened and I wish he did too.


It’s not your fault. It’s the way in which vasectomy is marketed and presented to the general public. I personally know 4 people that have chronic issues following vasectomy and each of them have been suffering for about 10 years. Think they said anything when I was getting ready for mine? Nope. Fortunately, people are speaking up and speaking out. Hopefully in 10 years there will be more awareness about this procedure. It’s not the quick fix that it’s marketed as that’s for sure.


To @Choohoo’s point, the very existence of this forum now causes some of the downsides of vasectomy to show up in search engines when searching vasectomy. All of our clicks and activities will cause search engines to better educate people.


@raising4girls the sad thing is that I wish I found this first.


Yep, I had nothing in 2005. Thankfully, I’ve had more good periods than bad since then. I feel badly for you. My wife has been pretty supportive, too. When we met Dr. Thomas in 2006, he put his arm around my wife and said “OK, let’s get to work and get your husband back.” I still tear up from the wonderful treatment he and the Cleveland Clinic provided me through reversale in 2006.