Groin nerve pain


I am looking for some theories as to my latest developments.

Vasectomy was three months this saturday, diagnosed with leakage after two weeks, causing scar tissue/granuloma on vas site on both sides.

Pain at vas sites and dull ache in groin for first couple of months.
(between 1 and 4)

The pain has now practically gone in testicles, scrotum and at vas site (albeit uncomfortable at times and I can still feel it, but no pain).

But what has developed in the last three weeks is an upsurge in pain in my groin, mainly on the left, I am assuming up the spermatic cord (but am no expert).

The pain comes and goes but is between a 1 and 6 and last night I had a light pain in the area when I urinated, but this has not happened since, so am not to concerned.

I have no pain when standing, lying down, it seems to be when I am behind my desk, driving or wearing jeans or trousers (fine in joggers).

I have seen the original surgeon and a useless urologist who advised that the scar tissue/granuloma would continue to decrease in size and I be left with no pain.

What I am struggling to understand is why after all pain seems to have gone at the vas site, why has it spiked higher up?

Is this just another stage to the hoped for healing? or something else?

I have switched from briefs to boxer briefs as I thought having my balls bunched up all day may be pressing on a nerve.

My wife is started to push me for a reversal but
a) i am not sure this would help as i don’t have congestive pain
b) it may help to cut out/clean up the scar tissue
c) it will cost in the region of £3000 as there is no way I am going back to the NHS to sort it out.

Any advice/theories/information would be of much help to this troubled mind


It sounds like your nerve is getting pinched somehow. Is there any Dr. willing to talk about nerve pain issues? I have heard some who got a drug for nerves - @Hotubsrock was one who is in the UK.

This also sounds like what happens to guys who get cycling pain. If you’re sitting and jiggling things around, does that help?


With it being referred pain it’s difficult to pinpoint but today whilst wearing looser underwear I have discovered that the main pain is actually where my pelvis meets my hip on my left hand side and very slightly on my right.

Maybe this has been brought on by anxiety and clenching my muscles down there and pinching something


Is it inner or outer part of your thigh?


No pain in the thigh either outer or inner


Don’t even think about a reversal until you’re at one year or you are disabled with pain. You will probably get better. Your pain sounds identical to mine. High up left groin pain where the leg meets the body and scrotum. I would be leery if I was you of getting a reversal if your pain is mild. Your wife wants a reversal for you? I’m assuming it was your idea to get the vasectomy then. I had no idea what was wrong with me after mine and not knowing I got a lot of grief for always making it about me for the first few years it was going on. That would make me very angry if I let it. It’s good she is on board with considering it as an option though.

You are only 3 months in. Give it a little time.

Btw, what kind of procedure did you have? Where were your incisions and what were the approximate locations?


Hi Mike

Yes my idea to get the vas as my wife is suffering constant bleeding with the implant.

The pain is in the last fleshy bit where the pelvis meets the hip.

If you thing if the area as a triangle, penis , balls at the bottom and pelvis area at the top.

Then the pain is in the two points at the top.

I have no pain in my balls or scrotum, now, by there is a slight nerve sensation where I was cut and cauterised.

This pain started circa week ten as all the pain in balls started to subside.

I only get it when sitting with poor posture.

I saw a sports therapist last week, who said I had pretty poor posture and he discovered one of my metatarsals was dislocated, probably for years, so this may have some boding on it.

He also thinks it could be because when my vas area was inflamed this has created a bit of s chain reaction to surrounding nerves.

It’s a puzzler because if this pain wasn’t there I would be pretty much okay.

As when I am walking I have no pain at all


You are still so early in. You’ll probably be fine.

I think my issues are because on the left side the incision was really high up. The doctor came at my vas high on the left. I know he dropped an instrument clamed onto my vas deferens there. There was a yank and a sensation that I could feel something like a pair of piers or something pulling after a drop/yank. He just let something hang. Well actually he let it drop and hang. I suspect that is part of how he extracts and isolates the vas so he could excise a chunk and suture it up.

Anyway, my scars were asymetrical. The right side was lower in my scrotum and I don’t really have issues there but on the left it was higher up. That area tends to get pinched pulled/pressed on as it’s closer to the body and where the vas passes the base of the penis and plunges into the body. If you get scar tissue or inflammation there sitting can cause pressue and so can getting an erection.

These are my opinons and my theories based on feeling my scar, where I have pain, where the other structures of my body are.

I had a traditional scalpel with cautery and a 1 cm air gap created in addition to a shitload of sutures. I know this because I have pictures from my reversal doctor of what was removed. The doctor that did my reversal told me at the time that when you see a lot of sutures like that in addition to cautery it can cause the section of vas that is encircled to die completely and the entire thing can break off.

I’m telling you, just getting the sutures and scarred ends out helped me tremendously.

How were you accessed and what was done to you? Where are your scars/where were you accessed?


I had the traditional vas, went though my right ball and then snipped and cauterized.

I have been feeling a lot better over the last 4/5 days and most of the pain has gone.

Just need to stop being so anxious over it as I can feel my nerves tingling, mainly in my legs, fingers and surprisingly tip of penis (everything calms down when i stop thinking about it).

I am assuming that the granuloma must still be slightly pressing on a nerve to give me the little tingles every now and then

I have got myself so worked up over all of this and need to chill out now as I am getting better.


Wow! Your pain pattern sounds identical to mine. My worst pains were in what I’d call the inguinal regions, especially left side. To describe, if you stand with your legs closed next to each other, the gap between the legs is the base of a “Y” shape and creases form the two “arms” of the Y, sort of that border with the abdominal region.

If we’re talking the same region, that’s where the worst of my pain was, not in the sack as much.

Oddly enough, my PVPS uro wasn’t too concerned about the pain pattern. When I didn’t respond to strong pain meds or nerve blocks, he concluded more by deduction that the granulomas were the cause of my pain. He offered to remove them and sew me back up (but said they’d probably grow back) or remove them and reverse (which he recommended). I opted for the latter and have been pain-free ever since (will be 10 years this June).


When you say that you had a lot of pain from your granuloma’s, how would you rate the pain on the pain scale. Also, was your granuloma at the vas site itself, or did you have a blow out which caused the sperm granuloma?

Additionally, did the granulomas hurt when you touched them?

I’m asking these questions, because I think that Woody and I are in similar situations, which may be the same as you. I’m looking at possibly going to another Urologist to get another opinion on my condition. There are many times that I am pain free (I’ve had a couple different times where I went few weeks in a row where there was no pain), but there are other times that I have a dull ache in my groin/abdomen.

Also, what do you mean by the pain pattern? And also, what is involved with a nerve block? Was that really painful to have done?

I appreciate any answers you can provide.


The groin pain was severe. It was the #1 problem that made me miserable.

Yes, the granulomas were painful to the touch. They were at the vas tips where, during the reversal surgery, the uro discovered I was “actively leaking” in his terms. My PVP came 8 months after the vasectomy after normal healing. The reversal came 9 months after PVP onset after trying noninvasive therapies.

By pain pattern, I just meant that my pain was more outside the scrotum than inside it, though the granulomas did hurt. They all felt it was referred pain

The nerve block was a steroidal and analgesic injection (I believe) in the groin to block the pain sensory in one of the two main nerves going into the scrotum. One time they did the genitofemoral and one time they did the ilioinguinal. These injections weren’t pleasant, but not horrible. I’d put it on par with having a root canal.

They are also used as a diagnostic. Failure to respond leads them to think reversal may be necessary.


Hey Raising.

Can you elaborate on what you mean by outside the scrotum?

I have burning kind of high up on the left behind the scrotum. It’s worse when I sit, in fact thats when it’s the most unpleasant. My vas and subsequent reversal were high up on the left. Getting the scar tissue and sutures out helped me tremendously but some burning came back on the left and I am not happy where I’m at now.


Good to hear you’re feeling better Woody - does sound very similar to me… keep relaxing!


I saw the sports therapist again today and after standing on a golf ball every night for three weeks, my metatarsal is back in place.

He also pushed on pressure points in my groin and base of pelvis and said they were inflamed and used release techniques in them.

This brought relief and he advised how I am to do it every night.

He thinks the vas and groin pain are unrelated and the groin pain was underlying and the inflammation from the vas set off a chain reaction so to speak.

Tremendously interesting and he was very knowledgeable.

We shall see


Woody, I’d be interested to hear what he has you doing. My groin and inner thighs are also really tight and painful (I assume from clenching).


Okay, I will try and explain.

Think of a triangle with the point being at the base of your penis and then the sides going out to where your groin meets your hip.

Push your thumb into the fleshy bit where hip and pelvis meet and you should hopefully feel a lump. Press down and massage this point for 60 seconds.

Then moving back along the groin to the penis, push down again in the last fleshy part you find and massage again.

Lastly feel above the base of your penis to the top of your pelvis and push down on here.

It’s really difficult to explain via words on here.

He is having me going it for 60 secs every night to see how I go.

He also released tension in my neck and shoulders and attributed this to the anxiety from the fucking vas.

Good luck dude

Pain between the thigh and groin

How long was your recovery time after the reversal? How long until 90% pain free?


Same answer, about 4-5 months after the reversal. I had the reversal in June and remember being pretty sore on a trip in August but better than pre-surgery. By Christmas, I was doing great.


I am 11 weeks out from reversal and am experiencing the rollercoaster of recovery. Left side is doing very well compared to before. It was the worst side. Right side has a hot spot and ironically, I was having symptom free periods each day for the past 2 weeks and even saw doc for follow up and reported this improvement.

Then, had a busy weekend including ejaculation multiple times in 2 days. This sent me back into a tail spin on both sides. Tender, sore, aching and itching sensation. Almost like underwear is bunched up.

Now, 4 days later, I am almost calmed down on left but right is still fired up. Pretty clear cause and effect. Back on the anti-immflamatories and ice.

Still much less true pain then prior to reversal. Can’t wait for more time to pass and hopefully recover. Nervous as we have a house move coming up and I am not one to sit back and watch.