Got another nerve block locally - doctor did not see a hernia


When I went in to get the diverticulitis all clear for my hernia surgery the gastro doctor again suggested I cut the inguinal nerve during an open hernia repair. I had been doing some research into inguinal hernia repair, something I did not do at all for vasectomy and stumbled upon a website of a local guy that helped out some men with horrible post hernia pain and one guy that had a horrible vasectomy experience. He had given these guys there lives back and I wanted to do a consult with him just to get some more feedback. I ended up going in for an inguinal nerve block way up toward my hip bone and he did another spermatic chord block. I had a little relief but not a complete loss of a sensation of pain or that I was sitting on something.

I mentioned to this local doctor, Eric Williams, that I had seen some research papers where post hernia pain patients had benefited from removal of vasal segments being rubbed by/entrapped in mesh and that the doctor performing the surgery had done some microscopic analysis of the outer layer of the vas and see a “foreign body” reaction in the cells of the perivasal sheath. This made sense to me as it’s part of the trifecta of nerves that Doctor P and B target with their targeted denervation procedure and jibed with the nerve degeneration they see in pain patients.

I had suggested on another thread I feel as if I have vasitis or it seemed to my pain is coming from within the chord and from the vas itself.

The spermatic chord block I got was around the spermatic chord and not directly into it. I was awake and conscious and it did not really hurt that bad, possibly because of the inguinal nerve block. Both blocks were guided by ultrasound.

I got the block because I wanted to know what it would feel like if that nerve was divided. I’ll be honest. I did not have that much numbness. I had a small patch around my groin but none on my inner thigh or at the base of my penis which is the area I expected to feel a lot based on what I had read.

For me the pain seems deep and high up in the chord. My vasectomy was higher up in the chord on that side and I think it’s possible that to free up the vas for reconnection that’s probably where a little “digging” was done to do that. It would make sense to me that scarring in that area due to the dynamic nature of the vas itself (I can make it retract into my abdomen by flexing muscles in my pelvic/lower abdominal region).

So as the topic states. I asked this doctor to look for signs of a hernia and asked if I could stand while he did it. He obliged me. On the left side where I have more pain the ring is looser and when I bore down there was more movement on the computer screen as but no protrusions coming through that he could see. He strongly advised me against getting hernia surgery which of course is another contradictory opinion.

The original ultrasound used words like “possible” piece of fat in “possible” inguinal hernia and was done by a lab tech while I was lying down.

I don’t have a big looping piece of intestine or anything like that.

So I have a deep stabbing pain that seems to originate where my vas/ spermatic chord plunge into my inguinal canal. It’s a burning pain. It feels like I’m being stuck with a needle and I’m not sure how to move forward. When it hurts sitting is very difficult. I’ve got to do something. After my reversal I got to a point where sitting was not too bad. My right side is okay. Bearable. I would do anything at this point if I knew it would help. I just don’t know what to do. I have no testicular pain at all on the left. Just stabbing and burning in the groin region.

Dr. Williams is a nerve removal guy. That’s what he does. He does not do spermatic chord denervation.

I’ve got to do something.


Hey guys, sorry if I’m using this thread as “think out loud/journaling” of what’s going on with me but I find it helpful to share this information and get it on paper. After I posted the above message I was lying on my right side. My daughter had just absolutely nailed it as Dorothy in the local production of “The Wiz” and I had capped a lot of sitting.

I’ve done this before, kind of gently exploring my pelvic floor scrotal area to find pain sources/triggers, and I was on my right side doing the same. I have felt this before but way up behind my scrotum in the area of the pelvic floor where it feels like the structures of the scrotum and chord meet the body I am able to identify a ridge or know that seems to be the source of the stabbing, needle like pain I feel. The structure is roundish and about a centimeter or 2 long, it feels like it could be either a ridge of scar tissue or a thrombosed, inflamed blood vessel. I can get my finger right on it and I feel the irritation.

I don’t have testicular pain. Sometimes the chord stings a little at the anastomosis but this pain, high up almost on my seat, right where my ass meets the chair, I can feel “something”. No clue what it is or how I would get it taken care of but it feels like a nodule or ridge and it is angry. I bet if I could shoot some numbing agent right into it It would do a lot to relieve the pain.

I posted above that I saw a local guy and probably would not have done so if I had finished the “wormhole” I am building in my garage to get me to South Lake Hospital in the blink of an eye ;). I have the utmost respect for all my providers that have helped me. I always tell my doctors that I appreciate their candor especially when they are honest enough to say I can’t promise you anything “but we’ll try to get you fixed”. That is the most beautiful thing a physician can say. I want you to be better, I want to fix you, I won’t give up on you but I can’t promise you anything but I will keep trying.

So I’ll probably call Doctor P again for Pow Wow. I am very hesitant to get hernia surgery if there is not an obvious hernia. It seems reckless considering the complications it could introduce. I think what I’m dealing with is a neuroma/nerve irritation high in the chord or an inflamed ridge of tissue, possibly a vein or artery on the back of my chord up near my pelvic floor.

As I was laying there last night I was thinking, If I could keep my finger on this thing and inject it I bet it would fix me up.

The only other possibility is a strangulated piece of fat or nerve up in there that is very tiny.

How do you get those nerves?

Be well guys. Lot’s going on here on the board and in my home life. I intend to read up on everyone but things are crazy right now with kid/life activities.


Sorry to reopen these posts but these issues are just like hubby’s. The reason he thought he had a hernia (and the doctors obviously) was because there’s a spot up near his hip bone that he can feel (like a bump or whatever) and it feels better when he rubs it and massage it out. He also has a stabbing and burning pain, compares it to a phone sticking in his side. I know you’ve talked about it before but I’m wondering if this eventually just declined on it’s own. From what I have read, this issue started after reversal?


@Worriedwife1 have your husband search for a pelvic pain Physical Therapist. If there is a palpable mass or knot, that has been determined not to be a hernia, he may be experiencing pelvic floor spasms. If you dont have access to one, there’s a lot of books/information that could help him to relax the pelvis and depressurize the nerves. Heal Pelvic Pain by Amy Stein is often mentioned. I’ve read a few and this was a good one.