Going insane.. mind over body not working


Just about 8 months post vas and I’m having the most painful day since the first days since first days of the actual procedure…

I have posted on a few different chains, but I’m having considerable discomfort teetering on pain since a steroid injection 10 days ago that was obviously intended to relieve some discomfort. The culmination being this morning with the most pain and now the middle top part of my skin near by testacles are black and blue. It really at the spot of my discomfort, but this cannot be normal or good. I have a appt on Friday, but thinking I should insist on going tomorrow…

This happened to anyone else?


Sounds like you have a haematoma, look into arnica gels and pills. Mine took around 3 months to dissapear.


You poor bugger mate, sorry to hear that, been there and done that, by having a vasectomy its shifts one problem and creates a hole lot of others. get well and let us know what the problem was.


That’s how it is with nerve blocks. Relief then sometimes when the anesthesia wears off more pain then that is usually followed by less pain. That’s the idea anyway. Bruising on the scrotum is normal. Don’t worry about that at all. Sounds like you are still healing from the injection. Steroids can make you edgy too so if you’ve had heightened anxiety in the days following the injection that is normal. Stay calm. You’ll be okay.


@Jdubb64321 I had the same thing happen to me when I was talked into a spermatic cord block during office visit to urologist. He told me it was painless and a good indication if a reversal would work. I had minimal testicle pain prior to the spermatic cord block but after my pain went up and I had a black and blue spot and top of testicle. It took 3-4 weeks for this to reside and get back to baseline. I have had good results with blocks hire up in inguinal region. Hopefully with time this will reside. What kind of block did you have?


Thx for the perspective gents!

Ben- I’m embarrassed to say I do not know exactly what type of block I had.

I will find out when I head back to doc this Friday.


Pain can come roaring back after nerve blocks. Many of us have experienced the same.

As for your timeline, my post-vasectomy pain started 8 months after the procedure and (what I thought was) a normal recovery. Had my vas on 3/5/2005 and was doing normal things by 4/1/2005. Pain onset didn’t occur until October of same year. In talking with others here and with several urologists and Pain Mgt. specialists since, it’s not uncommon at all for post-surgical pain to manifest a year or two later.