Four years out-no change in pain


So, we’re officially four years out from the original vas, 3 years out from the reversal. NO CHANGE. None.

Has anyone tried anything recently that seemed to help? Right now hubby’s list of things that haven’t worked is pretty long:
Scrambled Nerve Technology
Antidepressants (2)
Cannabis (3 methods)
Physical therapy

We’re so tired of this. Can anyone share anything they think might be remotely helpful? Researching this stuff makes my head spin because it’s such a…vague, if you will, with endless variants to how pvps manifests. I don’t know which direction to start looking!

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What is Scrambled Nerve Technology?


@ImTheMissus Jenn, a lot of guys have talked about papaya seed powder for congestion. I’m pretty sure your husband’s issues are beyind just congestion but maybe it will help with some pain.
I’ve been researching the TENS units. I’m not sure if something like that would help. Hugs to you.


This actually worked for a little while, but it was $3300/session, the clinic was an hour away, and it only provided relief as long as he did the treatment every day.

The idea is to interrupt the “defunct” nerve that is firing the pain signal and retrain it to behave normally.


I think I am in the wrong line of work.


Right?? :rofl::rofl: The doc was actually really nice and knocked the price down to $150 after the first two weeks.